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Thursday, 28 June 2018

The last weekend of June at Dreadnoughtrock Club - The Place that Rocks EVERY Weekend.

Well that's another month just about done and dusted at Dreadnoughtrock - the place that Rocks EVERY Weekend.

I would normally give a quick recap of what you missed from some top bands last weekend but it seems to be getting like a stuck record and I'm not honestly sure if it would convince those who weren't there to catch them the next time anyway.
I'm just saying it how it seems these days and fully appreciate it might not have been everyone's cup of green tea....I prefer coffee masel...

All that matters is those who caught Saints of Arcadia, Stoneface and Bryan McAdams had a ball and enjoyed their night out to the max as did the very talented musicians who travelled hundreds of miles to play at Scotlands Longest Running Rock Club. Pity folk couldn't travel a mile or two to catch them but ach there's always next time, or the time after that........or that.......

SOME NEWS to get into and an important one for VIP CARD HOLDERS. 
After this weekend ALL bar 2 cards EXPIRE on 1 July.
You might have seen that but most probably didn't notice the expiry date looming printed on the front. Happens every year.

MORE NEWS - New Gigs announced for Luke La Volpe, StormBreakers, Simple Minded and Deacon Blues plus a few more.

EVEN MORE NEWSWe are accepting Card, Contactless, Apple and Google Pay at the Dreadnoughtrock PAYBOOTH for ADVANCE TICKET PURCHASES for FORTHCOMING Ticketed shows. 
There's NO additional charge for this service.
Please Note : This is for ADVANCE Ticket Purchases ONLY. This Service IS NOT available to Pay on the Night for ANY GIG or NIGHTCLUB ENTRY !!!

So to the last weekend of June and it's going to be a scorcher....and no I'm not talking about the weather BTW. I'm talking about the live action downstairs and club action upstairs from 7pm till 3am FRIDAY and SATURDAY NIGHT.

OH BTW - We have PLENTY Co2 Gas so plenty Beers and Ciders to go thro just in case anyone was panicking.

We get the weekend rolling with some classic rock and blues from DIRTY BETTY on Friday 29th June. 
It's a Simple £3 at the door - Free to ALL Vip Card holders or anyone who drags their butts along before 8.30pm

Saturday 30th June and a special night for a certain young lady who is a major part of ROCKFIEND SCOTLAND who produce some top reviews of live shows and albums as well as allowing you to re-live some top nights thro photo. A brilliant part of the music scene in Scotland and beyond so it's an honour to host Suzy's 50th...sssshhhh Birthday Bash with live music from JASON SWEENEY and VICE from Manchester. It's £5 online to guarantee your entry or simply rock up on the night. Free To Gold Vip Card holders and Discounted for Silver on the night.

Next Weekend July kicks off with some epic Gigs and Rock Club action. Get Clicking and check it out online, on mobile, on tablet....hell if I could I would send you a pigeon with details strapped to it's leg. 

Full details available 24/7 online via our MOBILE APP , WEBSITE, FACEBOOK PAGE, TWITTER PAGE, INSTAGRAM PAGE even GOOGLE knows where we are and how we ROCK every FRIDAY and SATURDAY - EVERY WEEKEND for the last 46 years !

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