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Thursday, 28 June 2018


SOME NEWS to get into and an important one for VIP CARD HOLDERS. 

After this weekend (29 and 30 June 2018) ALL bar 2 cards EXPIRE on 1 July.
The two that don't expire were produced just last week for new Vip's joining the ranks.
You might have seen that but most probably didn't notice the expiry date looming printed on the front. Happens every year.

In years gone past there was a long period of time when renewals took place and we were all pretty relaxed about it, hell some people took three or four sometimes 6 months before they got round to it but 2018 is going to be a wee bit different. That's not happening this year.
We switched to a bar code and scan system just short of 2 years ago so from 1 July 2017 to 1 July 2018 - a complete full year it's been alot easier to to check attendance of card holders.

It's always been a simple - You don't use it - You lose it - approach from us especially when people are champing at the bit to have their probationary status approved and join the limited amount of VIP Card Holder Ranks.  There always has been a maximum amount of cards made available to keep costs in check, as believe it or not it actually costs the business to let you get in free or get discounted gig tickets each year but most importantly it keeps the membership exclusive and sought after. Something you most definitely don't get anywhere else I may add. Those facts sometimes gets lost with some, where others cherish it more that anything else in their wallet or purse. Hell all you have to do is show upto the times stated on your card and you get in free or discounted. It's not rocket science.

However over the years it's been made clear there is a minimum expectation on attendance to keep a hold of your VIP STATUS - A relatively easily obtainable 6 visits A YEAR upto now which I think is more than generous to cope with. Seeing the vast majority of card holders frequent the club regularly enough or should, that should be a breeze.
Sadly however and I do appreciate circumstances can change for some people they don't achieve that level of attendance or simply don't bother to log in. Two of many things that are not in our control I'm afraid before there's any falling out about it. Anyone in the past that has privately came to me and told me what's been going on in their life etc that has had an impact on attending a place they love to be in all have been treated fairly and sympathetically with new passes issued in most cases, but there has been a few cases where the pass isn't picked up for another 6 months or not at all.
I'm fair but there's a limit.

SO now you are possibly in a state of panic what happens next ! 

Normally I would get wee slips made up and have you request and you hand them back, then pick up your card and everyone does the Hokey Cokey and a new card is issued - That was fine when I needed time to count attendance or tally things up and check anything but it was a complete pain for everyone but mainly me. I don't need to anymore. I can get a full report in seconds on how many times anyone attended and when if there is any need.
So with all that info available I've went thro ALL the reports carefully and ALREADY made up all the new VIP CARDS for those who have attended regularly enough from 1 July 2017 to 28 June 2018.
Those who were right on the bubble were given the benefit of the doubt again and renewed as they most likely will be in this weekend and squeeze in enough visits to maintain their VIP Status with us. Those who didn't make enough visits already or likely to this weekend I may add your card is now expired and NO NEW CARD has been produced for 1 July 2018-2019.

SO IN THE MONTH of JULY ALL VIP CARD HOLDERS are Requested to check in. 
If the computer checks you in then there is a new card available at the PAYBOOTH for you. 
Your OLD CARD will be swapped. 
If your card still shows as EXPIRED then I'm afraid you haven't attended enough in the last year as detailed above and a new card won't be there. There may be a slim chance I've screwed up and will check it out but will still need you to surrender your card at the paybooth so I can look into and get in touch. 

IF YOU DON'T ATTEND in JULY then come start of August I'll give you a final reminder to pop in then I'm afraid I'll have to expire the card.

Moving forward from 1st July 2018 to 2019 cards will now be monitored three monthly or Quarterly if you are old school as the attendance level set at once every two months / 6 times a year will be shifted to attending twice in a three month period / EIGHT Times a year.
Considering a probationary card has to attend 6 times in three months to gain a Silver Vip Card I think that's still more than fair and not much to ask of existing card holders 95% of which are all above that.
Cards with NO attendance in any three month period will have a warning applied to their card and if there is little or No attendance at 6 months the card especially those in the 5% or just scraped by last year I'm afraid to say your card will be expired automatically.
As I said - if you don't use it - you'll lose it and someone else will take your VIP STATUS.
Sorry to seem like it's all rules etc but I have to be clear on a few things as some have extended my good nature a little too much in last year. Like I said tho this will have no bearing on the vast majority who attend anything in the region of one a month to one a weekend.

To finish with I have to make special mention to VIP card holder Mr B Parker esq who according to the logs didn't miss a single night of being open in last 12 months.
A truly awesome achievement and that is why you are a platinum card holder good sir.

Twice a year we like also to reward regular attending SILVER CARD HOLDERS for their loyalty by bumping them upto GOLD CARD Status like many of you before hand.
It was great to see two of the old guard get to the top of the and two of the young pups who incidentally topped the silver card attendance figures that would put all but the top quarter of Gold Card attendee's to shame.
So congrats to Micky and Henry Cooper along with Charlie Douglas and Emma McAuliffe - Your Gold Cards await you at the Paybooth.

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