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Wednesday, 1 August 2018


July is done and dusted as is the period advertised and stated to pop in and see about your VIP Card as they ALL Expired on 1st July.
The Bulk of Vippers have been and done that however as expected....sigh, there are a few stragglers who haven't been in and the inevitable one or two who have been in that didn't check in - thus having their card swiped and or asking to get their new card. Double sigh !
Sadly quite a few didn't make the 6 visits in the last year so once again we are sorry to say your card won't be renewed but you are welcome to pick up a probationary card at the paybooth anytime.
I'll be running over who is still to get theirs this week and reminding them via social media for the last time.

Please Note tho after THIS weekend the 3rd and 4th of August - One month after your card expired you might be chapping - old domino expression there but sure if you google it you'll get the point.

So if you haven't already been in during July it's now LAST CHANCE SALOON to get in and swap cards please.

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