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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

September News at Dreadnoughtrock

Apologies getting the September News update out a few days late but my own and Dreadnoughtrock's involvement in the yearly Party in the Park takes its toll on time available in the run up, on the day and afterwards as well as keeping things rocking at the Club every weekend. Yeah I know I'm getting Auld.

August seems to have sped by for me and will say it was tough month if I'm honest getting bums on seats downstairs and up. Although we had a great start to the month with a sold out show from THE KING LOT it was hard work dragging ye off the couches for the rest of the month, competing again with the Edinburgh festival and Party in the Palace for sure despite another wide and varied selection of original, covers and tributes at a place that rocks every weekend. Something I know you won't and don't get anywhere else in the Lothians every single weekend for less than the train fare East or West.
Incidentally we've done ok just to quash a few rumours, not as good as it should have been based on the level of entertainment on offer for less than a tenner in most cases but we are most definitely still rocking. When you hear of many and I do mean many other places and big wholesalers all mentioning how poor a month it's been gives us no consolation but makes us proud all the hardwork was worthwhile in a perverse way that we have done ok in a difficult trading period for local businesses.

In the News :

  • We received a Parliamentary Motion in Holyrood in the run up to NR ROCKS 2018 which was another superb bit of recognition for the club and the charity which raised £900 on the night with three superb bands playing to those who made the effort to be there. Nights like this and many others are very unique never to be repeated so if you miss out then you might never get the chance again. I know many did. 

  • Printed Ticket sales have fallen quite alot in the last 6 months at all outlets - especially at the club paybooth where there are no booking fee/card fee's, despite getting a credit/debit card machine in place sometime ago to make it more convienient to buy them when you are at the club if short on cash. Even the Vip's haven't been getting their discounted tickets for forthcoming events either. At the time of writing this only three - yes three different card holders have bought a discounted tickets excluding a couple of events no discount is available on upto December. It worries me, hence a wee facebook post asking if printed tickets have had their day to which the vast majority have been saying yes to and prefer to buy online. 
I've been noticing this trend for a lot longer and despite cutting back the amount of tickets being produced there still is a lot that go in the bin after the vast majority of events. That can't continue. So either people go and get them and support what they have always asked for or tickets become solely available online to save costs, time and cut waste.

So to the month ahead - Over a dozen original bands, a couple of covers bands and the Mighty Maiden Scotland are still to come.
A superb array of musicians right on your doorstep to come some of which will be really busy.
Most are TICKET ONLY events which means you will need a ticket - its that simple.
For a few of the gigs many of you have done just that.
Many thanks people - you are in for some great shows.
Not to keep banging on about it but, I still get numerous messages asking if you can pay on the night. I know it can be hard for some people to commit but the honest answer is I don't know for sure till show day. It's like asking Tesco three weeks before Christmas if there will be plenty Turkey and Brussel Sprouts left to buy. Who knows ?
I also know loads of folk are opting for the easy option of paying on the night where they always made the effort in advance despite it costing more on the night, without realising the consequence that is actually putting more and more pressure of gigs not going ahead if advance sales are too low. It's happening up and down the country btw not just at the Dread. I've seen loads of events cancelled in the last 3 months due to lack of advance sales only to read many saying we were going to go to that and just going to pay on the night.
Wait....I can read your mind via the app...wait I can see's coming.......nope sorry I can do many things but I'm defo not a mind reader so as the venue and promoter for nearly all the gigs if we don't see enough ticket sales coming in advance we have to gamble to go ahead or not and believe me neither the band or the club can afford to take a financial loss or gamble any longer.
I would love to say no ticket - no entry, not to be difficult, vindictive or anything like that but it makes it very clear cut how many will be coming to adjust for staff, advise the bands on projected turnout etc and many other factors to put on a great show but would be commercial folly to do that ? For now so it's back to the finger in the wind decision making. Mibby if anyone has some Jedi powers you could advise or help me out. Love you long time.

A FULL LISTING ON THE EVENTS are as ever on the website, facebook pages, Mobile App etc but please open the event descriptions for all details. They are there, I know -  I typed them.

Hope to see you soon. Al