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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

A look ahead to 2019

Apologies the News Blog has been discarded to the side of the road since last year but there's been so much going on and little time to do it in, that it's been difficult to spare a bit time to letting the world know outside the social media bubble what's happening at Dreadnoughtrock.

So lets get into the headline news and a few changes proposed for this year.

Main one is the lower bar and live music area is getting a make over.
Plans are now well advanced and work will commence soon on moving the bar to the picture area of the lower level.
It will make the serving even more efficient for our staff, will be easier to see one of the best stocked bars for any live music and nightclub around, but the main gain will be an enhanced area in front of the stage across the width of the venue for viewing the live events.
We'll be tweaking a few other things in the months ahead once the main works have been completed as well to add to the Dreadnought experience.
So in a time where there is uncertainty around just about everything we are rolling up our sleeves and getting on with it to make the live experience coupled with the longest running Rock Club in Scotland the place to come and enjoy a night.
Something you just don't or won't get anywhere else in West Lothian nowadays.

I'm hard at work on a new Live Music VIP card scheme that will be open in the months ahead to ALL who attend the club regularly for the live music side of things including those who use our online ticket service Skiddle and not just the current regular vips who purchase now and again from the paybooth.
Again and as far as I'm aware something that's not available elsewhere in the Lothian's to go along with our current Vip scheme that saves hundreds of pounds each year for the card holders on entry to the club. There will be some changes to the current VIP scheme as it stands in the months ahead upto the normal July renewal where Gold and Silver status will come to an end replaced by a nightclub only Vip Card. Full details will come out when everything is in place and how the changes will come into effect. There is a definite split in what and when people are entering the club. Some only come to the Live sessions - some purely to the Nightclub. Our current log in system records the times as well as how many times so that should be easy enough to see where best to place the existing card holders. In the meantime please continue to log in when you are at the club as the minimum entry for the year still applies to maintain your membership to a great loyalty club that saves you entry cost every night you enter.

We have live music on EVERY Friday and Saturday night, again not to blow our own trumpet but I think we should more often as a wee reminder that I'm certain we are the only live music venue in the Lothian's that offer full band experiences every weekend of the year to cater for an ever expanding music taste. From Ska and Pop Rock to Metal with everything in between featuring some of the best tributes in the land to some of the best up and coming original bands set for big things in the future BUT only if you come and show your support for them and a club that takes the chance every weekend to put on some top shows for you !

I'll leave this for now as I have to go and rip up some floorboards in the club for investigation where some important pipeworks will run and to find 50p that Jim Wark dropped at the weekend. If I find it I'm keeping it BTW

All the forthcoming events are listed on our mobile app, website, facebook events, skiddle powered events guide and even on the blog pages.