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Thursday, 6 June 2019

June 2019 News


In the past few months we have been hard at it upgrading the lower level to further enhance the live experience for those who attend our live shows on a regular basis.
In a time where the live music industry and venues are in the decline we are showing our commitment for the future by investing a great deal of time, money and passion into the upgrades which we are hoping will not only bring in bigger names to Bathgate also to make the club a choice venue for many acts in the future that appreciate what we do and how we look after them as well along with all who love Live Music in the area and further afield.

During those very busy months we've had some excellent feedback from regular gig attendee's even those who make just a couple of trips a year as they stay a bit further away can't believe what we do on a weekly basis and would love a club like this in their home town.
It's certainly great to hear and see all the positive feedback. We welcome it after that challenges that had to be overcome with all the blood, sweat and beer that's been poured in.
Many thanks to all the tradesmen and Tennents who helped two lunatics take over the asylum.

So I would say if you've not already been in recently why not pay us a visit and show us your commitment to Live music at DreadnoughtLIVE.

After much deliberation I have decided to end the silver and gold card VIP scheme that has been in operation for a good part of 8 years at the club when all cards expire this JULY 2019. 
Set up to reward the loyalty of those who attend the most, it seems to have run its course as the potential savings made over the year (approx £500 in some cases) that isn't offered at any other Live Music or Nightclub in Scotland as far as I'm aware, isn't enough to maintain support to the club and make it the first or only place to come to. 
Out of over 300 cards issued over the years we only have a hardcore of 30 odds that still use the card as intended and support the club with their loyalty. Bravo to all of you. 

Unfortunately there has also been a massive drop off in Vip's buying gig tickets, many with a few quid discount from the  price in advance for Live events in the last few years. It was very sad to see along with the attitude of some when they were asked to pay to get in outwith the times stated on their card even to the point of refusing to come in or back. Very disappointing indeed even tho all they had to do was simply come in before the expiry time on the card. 

Despite many lists, online ticket discount trials and reminders in the past that takes a fair bit of time to produce the uptake faded. 
So I'm afraid to say there is a limit of how long and how much I will spend on things that no one is supporting anymore. 

I appreciate there also has been a lot of changes in the structure of how bands are paid at the club in the last year which has had a small bearing on when cards can be used too but that's well after the horse had bolted so to speak. 

As the club actually was the one subsiding the vip entry to the live music element it was unfair to ask the bands to allow that subsidy as well - hence NO vip discounts being offered for certain events in last few months and future gigs coming up.

So despite much encouragement to be a vip over the years the time has come to wrap it up. 

After a review some existing Card holders will be offered the chance to have one of the NEWLY proposed reward cards for EITHER the LIVE MUSIC element of the night or THE NIGHTCLUB element. 
Both will be based on future loyalty/attendance to the club also monitored more closely. 
Simply meaning if you don't attend enough you won't enjoy the benefits and savings of being in the rewards saving program. 


We were honoured to once again for the second year in succession to be nominated as one of the finalists for the awards ceremony against some top venues and clubs in the land. 
Many thanks who took the time to vote for us and the Scottish Hospitality Awards team to recognise all that we do. 
Unfortunately it wasn't to be this year either but we ain't going anywhere so there's always next year. 

Unlike many many other live music venues and nightclubs we have a dedicated App for your phone sponsored by none other than Jack Daniels. If you haven't downloaded and used the app why not give it a try and save you time and effort looking thro facebook for all the info that is right at the tips of your fingers and thumb. 
Click over to for our Ad free and hassle free mobile app. 

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