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Thursday, 13 June 2019


After much deliberation I have decided to end the silver and gold card VIP scheme that has been in operation for a good part of 9 years at the club when all cards expire this JULY 2019.
Set up to reward the loyalty of those who attend the most, it seems to have run its course as even the potential savings made over the years not paying to get in that isn't offered at any other Live Music venues or Nightclubs in Scotland as far as I'm aware, seems like it isn't enough to maintain some peoples interest or support to keep it going with one, two or three visits in a year. There are many other reasons but simply the time has come to wrap it up in it's current form.
Out of nearly 300 cards issued over the years we only have a hardcore of 40 odds that still use the card as intended, regular enough and support the club as hoped.
Bravo to all of you.
I was going to wrap it all up completely however, out of a bit loyalty to the hardcore who always use their cards and support the club, I've had a good think going forward what would work best for both the current card holders and the club. So after looking thro all the attendances and times of entry it was very clear the vast majority of those who still use their cards show a definite split on times between the live element and nightclub entry.
So from July either a Nightclub only loyalty card or Live Music Loyalty Card will be issued for those who have attended the minimum amount of times in the year as always asked for. Those who are 50/50 on what time they have been coming in will get the choice of card as opposed to me deciding but looking thro the data the vast majority have already sorted what would be best based on the times they've been checking in for the last year.
One wee heads up in the meantime as the NIGHTCLUB only cards won't receive any Live Music Ticket discounts or offers after July - If you were planning on going to the likes of Foreigners Journey, Motorheadache, Volts and a few others vip discount is available on tickets at the paybooth in advance I would kinda sort that out in the next couple of weeks if you can.
As ever if you have any questions just ask but the website vip section will be getting revised soon to explain things in detail and what card does what. Alan

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