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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

July 2019

Well into another July we go.
Please note this blog carries a fair bit of sarcasm so if you struggle to understand that please turn away now.

A month of unknown for any live music venue or nightclub as many head off to festivals, holidays and such like....or sit out the back hoping for a glimpse of the orange orb in the sky.
The trusty old club that everyone couldn't do without thro the early part of year gets dumped and has no pals to play with.......or many think that is the case as they stay in scanning facebook frantically to see if anyone if going out to play.
Gone are the days you got up and actually just went out to see who was out enjoying themselves and join in.
Well in actual fact we don't dwell on that - We roll up our sleeves and get on with it in July, as I'm not sure I've mentioned this before....WE ROCK EVERY WEEKEND. Have done for the last 47 years.

Granted at this time of year many have plans, waines rattling about the house all day and things to do, but for me it just adds to a very frustrating period after June that can be just as variable as many hit the Galadays or recover from the likes of Download for a few weeks after skint and exhausted.

I still have to decide, just like playing Russian roulette every week and trying to plan and build shows on quicksand  - what could work ? who will come ? what else is on ? who's washing their hair that night ? .....the list is becoming longer and longer to the point even a Champions League final featuring two teams that play each other numerous times during the year threw the biggest spanner in the works I've ever seen. It was a shite game from what I watched the following day on the amazing invention called catch up tv. A marvellous concept where you can go out,do and see things that are never recorded or repeated like live music then go home and watch what was on the telly while you were doing all that fun stuff. Amazing what those wee computer things can do now.
But Hey ho..... that's show business sometimes.
Take it like a man as they say till you hear "but whens the bands coming back that we heard were awesome and we missed" from the could have's but didney bothers........ ............................................................................that gap was me biting my tongue.
In the past I have been very diplomatic and said I'll have to wait and see etc etc.
Ach one of those things....mibbey next time......aye the rain was a bit heavy to go out in just a T-Shirt right could have got your trainers wet in the rain, then that would have been a disaster..........
I possibly should be a little more blunt now, like a sledgehammer in the coupon.....that's face for those needing a hand with the local translation.
Truth is they might never be back....we are not a charity and neither are the bands and neither do we have time travel abilities to see how many might turn up next time in the future.
It costs alot of money to travel, play and put on shows now so if it's not cutting the mustard for the bands or venue then you had your chance so to speak. That might have been the chance to see them but although I certainly try to establish bands and give everyone a fair crack to do that just in case it's one of those nights, sometimes you just have to change direction and think of something else
as two of the highest and fastest selling events in the first 6 months haven't been rock orientated events.
Now before every takes the hump and fingers start wagging or pointing especially two fingers at a time -  it even happens with the largest of bands and venues up and down the country.
Why repeat the same mistakes or misjudgements hoping for a different outcome and run flat out to go nowhere ?
Things have to change folks or things will change and you'll be left behind.

A start would be to stop opting to pay on the night when you know you are going at small venues that are putting advance tickets out there for the very reason they want you to buy them especially when it's so easy, safe and secure to get a ticket online these days.
I don't think there is enough people who fully appreciate what effect they are having on gigs constantly expecting to do this. You definitely hear alot of them moaning when gigs get postponed or cancelled due to poor advance sales anyway.
We were going to that - we had buses booked and everything.
Ah but did you book a ticket for the gig before or after the bus and hotel rooms ?
Oh you were just going to turn up. Hang on let me check  if there's a ticket category for that on skiddle for telepathic online sales.
Nope that's not listed I'm afraid as an option for us to sell.
That's not made up either for dramatic effect...well apart from the Skiddle bit. That was actually passed on to me.
FYI this week alone I've seen 2 festivals and 4 major events cancelled due to poor advance sales so it's very common place as I've said before and not unique to our club.

SO what if I said if you didn't get a ticket in advance for a TICKET ONLY event you wouldn't get in ?
I can extend the online sales time upto 4 or 5pm on show day now due to new tech we use on the door so surely you'll know you'll be going to the gig two hours before and nip online to buy one ?
Would that make a difference or make you go in a huff and tell me to stick my tickets without lube as you don't know if you'll make it along til 5 minutes before the band are due on stage ?
I know many will sit on ticketmassa, card in hand and not even blink at £100 plus a ticket for events a year in advance to sit 3 miles from the stage and watch it on the big screens or stand in the rain and mud upto your clackers but when you ask for £5, 6 , 8 or dare I say it a tenner a few weeks before a cracking event on their doorstep - the fear of commitment becomes too much for way too many.
I'll wait and see what I'm doing type thing or who else is going.
I know I'm the headmaster but it's not school anymore. If you want to go and defo going  - get a ticket and show you are. What's the worst that will happen - you guarantee your ticket and get to see a great show without stressing last minute if you can get in if it's a busy one or have to turn up early on the night if there is a few tickets left to buy that all your mates got one for weeks before OR NOT AT ALL ?

Anyway we'll leave July to work itself out as in other news this week....
Sadly a small local venue in town closed at the start of July as mounting costs and most likely lower than expected turnouts had a massive effect on their business plans. Shame as it was a great wee place and good people running it trying to make a wee difference to the town.
Many have already said I must be rubbing my hands that a rival venue has closed etc etc.
Truth is I'm not. They tried to do something different to what we do week in week out and bring people into town also offer a choice. That's now gone. Will those people who popped in there still come into town now and continue to add to an already faltering night time economy in Bathgate that incidentally also tended to come along to the Dread nightclub as part of their night out too ?
Who knows - my psychic abilities ran out years ago and my crystal balls are cracked and wrinkled.
All I do know there has to be a change in the apathetic approach that's been growing for a couple of years and pretty soon.

Anyhoo that's the quick review of June so if you would care to click on to the website, mobile app or venture into our many many other gig listings you will find the following coming up in the next month and a bit and some you will NEED a ticket to get into in August ! Just saying !