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Thursday, 31 October 2019

November 2019

Couple of quick News updates :

What an amazing Halloween Party again - many thanks to all who came and made it special.
No luck if you chose to be elsewhere or couldn't make it.

The bar upgrades are coming to an end with the original flooring down and shelving up around the lower level for drinks. Thanks for your patience in the last wee while. It takes a wee bit time to do this when balancing income against spending on projects like this I'm afraid with most of the work done in house to keep costs down along with everything else that has to go on behind the scenes to keep the rocking every weekend. Contrary to rumours we aren't millionaires with limitless funds and have armies of people working behind the scenes.
The new layout has certainly proved popular and definitely helps the live experience at the only place that features live BANDS every weekend of the year in West Lothian.

A wee reminder to download our FREE MOBILE PHONE APP to keep upto date with everything. Another investment put in to make the Dread experience better than anywhere else and from my checks probably the only Live Music and Nightclub to have it's own mobile App.

ONE VERY IMPORTANT bit of news we need to share to those who use the smoking area regularly is to keep the noise down when outside in the area.
We have put up polite reminder notices to be considerate to our neighbours also to respect our noise policy so would ask them to be respected.
Anyone who can't be considerate and continue to shout, scream or not able to hold a conversation at a considerate volume like an adult will be asked to leave the area and possibly the club as it may bring noise complaints against the club and that's not on I'm afraid so will be nipped in the bud by doorstaff or management so if you are warned don't be a dick about it just keep it down please.

So to the months ahead :
There are alot of cracking TICKET ONLY EVENTS coming up and would ask if you are planning on going to please grab an advance ticket.
FYI there has been one or two gigs in that period we have been in the balance of postponing or cancelling due to lack of sales despite loads of folk saying they are coming or "will be there".
Bands, venues and promoters don't have a crystal balls I'm afraid nor are they clairvoyant so unless you actually buy a ticket no one knows if you are coming or not.
I'm afraid this seems to be happening more and more up and down the country with not only gigs being cancelled actual venues closing due to the apathy I've mentioned on more than one occasion. 
I'm not getting at anyone and if it's not something you are interested in or can make it along to then that's cool but the only way to show you are going and guarantee your entry is to get a ticket in advance if you are defo coming along which will generally be at a lesser cost than deciding to pay on the night. A wee bit commitment goes a long long way.

1 Nov - Spiders on Mars - A tribute to David Bowie at DreadnoughtLIVE - Ticket Link £10 in adv online and printed.
2 Nov - Nightfly at DreadnoughtLIVE - Pay £3@door
8 Nov - Alma Fiera at DreadnoughtLIVE - Pay £3@door
9 Nov - Straighten OOT at DreadnoughtLIVE - Ticket Link £10 in advance online and printed -
15 Nov - The Mighty Grande at Dreadnoughtlive - Pay £3@door
16 Nov - Gordon's Alive at DreadnoughtLIVE - Pay at the door £3
22 Nov - Pygmy Twylyte perform the music of Frank Zappa - Dreadnoughtrock - Ticket Link £5 in adv online only
23 Nov Bryan McAdams - Bryan Adams Tribute at DreadnoughtLIVE - Tickets £8 in adv.
29 Nov - Luke La Volpe at Dreadnought Rock - Tickets £9 in advance online and printed.
30 Nov - The Sex Pistols Experience at Dreadnoughtrock Bathgate - Tickets £12 in adv online and printed
Full details at, via our MOBILE APP and Facebook Events and Ticket Sales section.