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Thursday, 16 January 2020

EMAIL or NOT EMAIL - That is the Question ? Is it ?

Happy New Year and the first Blog of 2020. What you actually have a blog still running ? Well Aye ! I'll be looking at a few things from 2019 and also a few things in 2020 in future for posts but for now strap in as it could be a bumpy ride on a few topics coming up from back stage : Something struck me recently that many haven't possibly thought really about is the future knock on effect when deciding not to receive an email or marketing as it's also known as from us or skiddle about forthcoming gigs, where they now have to decide to in advance to get an email in the future when buying tickets. Before you got the odd email automatically afterwards and if you felt it was just too much had to say please don't send me anymore which is fair enough or had to add it to your spam inbox. I had a feeling many would go safe or panic with all the GDPR stuff in 2018/2019 and say "nope your not sending me anything via email anymore that I can easily delete, spam or choose not to open once a week that I might still be interested in". So those who didn't opt in start to lose touch possibly to what's on in their local rock club and will now have to go and look themselves or hope to be reminded by social media.....if they see that in their feed that is. Only reason I mention this today is the amount that have been commenting or messaging in last good while about gigs they've missed or didn't know they were on along the lines of whens Mason Hill playing in January or when is that Johnny Cash tribute playing to find its past and missed it, or know something is coming up but get the dates wrong. The list has been endless to be honest. It's not as if the raft of things we have and use to get that info out isn't there....that's if you are looking that is ! Anyway It got me thinking more and more why ?.... and that can be dangerous let me tell ye. Possibly a regular wee reminder in your mail box would have helped many keep you in the loop, which lets be honest isn't a hardship or the end of the world to just delete or ignore an email if you are still not interested. So I wondered how many still get emails ? That answer took the wind out my sails. I didn't think the percentage of those opted in or out in the last year would be so vast until I ran a few examples this morning. 10's of thousands of tickets have been bought over the years with our ticket partner Skiddle for show at Dreadnoughtrock BUT On average out of ALL gigs attended in 2019 only 15% of those who bought a ticket online have opted in to get an email or two mentioning what's coming up in the future from Skiddle customised to what you might be interested in. Wow. No wonder my fingers are sore battering away on social media to get the message out to the other 85%....yes a wee bit violin music would be nice at this point. I appreciate it might just be one factor on why folk forget what's coming up or don't know what's on soon enough so I'll leave that with you and decide what to do as too many have missed out on some top bands in 2019. As we can't afford full page adverts in the paper or be on the telly constantly have to work with what we have financially to let you know what's on, possibly simply seeing a wee email might help more than you realise without any real privacy invasion. You can still nip into your skiddle account you made when buying a ticket and change your preference and start seeing emails again or we'll just leave it to you to keep tabs as often as you can looking at the barrage of social media reminders, website info, mobile app, events listings even simply googling it that I feel has to be done more than ever to make up for the GDPR hysteria that has had such an effect on small companies marketing ability without anyone even realising or batting an eye lid to. Well, until they start missing out on things they would have liked to see and be at that is. Thanks for reading this war and peace edition Thursday Info post.