Thursday, 14 May 2020

Ongoing Pandemic at Dreadnoughtrock May 2020

We hope you are all doing well and staying safe out there. 

Unfortunately we have missed some epic nights and live events since having to close on 20th March 2020.
Strange days. Time to reflect on what you just took for granted that you could go to the Dread when you wanted......but now you can't.

Even more frustrating we will have to remain closed until instructed and with no exact details we will have to postpone and re-arrange things as we go in an orderly fashion for as long as it takes.

Any postponements will flag up on our Social Media, Skiddle events pages and will keep the blog open with updates too.

As its stands ALL APRIL and MAY 2020 events have been postponed or cancelled. 

Plans are already drawn up for June 2020 events but as the current lockdown period runs to end of May the chances of any the bands being properly gig ready will be slim also the possibility we will be ALLOWED to open are even slimmer by the reports and info we get in.

ALL THE REVISED DATES are now set up for all the March, April and May events. 

Image may contain: possible text that says 'We are temporarily PAUSING ALL LIVE EVENTS and NIGHTCLUB OPERATIONS PAUSE We are aiming to re-open when Instructed, safe and prudent to do so. Keep and on social media and for more updates. Please keep your tickets online. Please remember IF anything postpones or cancels Skiddle will REFUND your ticket or move it to the re scheduled date. Thanks for your understanding and business in this difficult time. DREADNOUGHIROCK 14-16 King Street Bathgate'

All tickets postponed will automatically be moved over to the new date by skiddle after 7 days but given the current circumstances could be upto 14 days. So hopefully the new date will suit and you want to support the club / event. You don't have to do anything as your ticket will be valid for the new date automatically same as a printed ticket would be.
IF however you cannot attend the new date you can request a refund for the FACE VALUE of the ticket via the email Skiddle will send. Anyone with a printed ticket will have to wait until the lockdown ends and outlets re-open I'm afraid and for a 14 day period after they re-open.
Any event that is cancelled outright will have refunds for the face value of the ticket to be issued within 7 days. Again anyone with printed tickets will get their cashback from point of purchase when they re-open without any issue or time restrictions.
We don't hold any of the online ticket money, that's all held by skiddle and we only get the face value of the ticket value after the event takes place.

PLEASE keep checking in on the site and info for updates. 
We hope events later in the year will go ahead as planned so please grab a ticket where you can. 

GOOD NEWS : We set up an online sore to move thro some stocks that are surplus or now getting short dated. 
So if you fancy something click thro to

Stay Safe and hope to see all you Rocking with us when we get the Green Light to do so.