Friday, 26 June 2020

26 June 2020 News Update

At long last some Great News to bring that after what feels like years rather than months we now have a date to work with and begin to RE-OPEN !

Now before you all lose control of your bodily functions please note that it is still subject to the nod and wink from Scot Gov for all Scottish pubs to re-open on 15 July. A Wednesday ?. ....??

We won't be opening up on a Wednesday !

We can hold of another day or day if you can and plan to re-open with what will be a REVISED working plan in PUB MODE either on Thu 16 July or Friday 17 July.
Why say either a Thursday or Friday ?
Well, after all the years of trying to make a Thursday viable a decade ago where there just wasn't enough support to make it pay enough or have enough people come in unless there was a special event on it got to the point of why open if no one wanted or did come out to play.
The long and short of it is we are still undecided but given the current situation will give it another go for the short term anyway. If there is enough support then we can keep it going, you never know it might come back into fashion going out for a few hours on a Thursday night.
If not well you know the rest.
We are also considering a SUNDAY SESH as well - late afternoon to early evening so not to kick the arse out of things. Again this will be subject to change and dependant on support/attendance.

WHAT WON'T be subject to change is the ROCKING EVERY FRIDAY and SATURDAY will be back !!

Quite strange when you look back how many things were taken for granted, but things have changed so dramatically in the last three months, also how we will be able to work and for sure will be different for another wee while anyway.

SO what is PUB MODE ?
Well going on current guidance from the Scot Gov the nightclub side of things is still to be reviewed as is the live music so won't be operational right away.
We can open as a pub, and although it's not what we normally do and have become know for in the last decade - it has to happen in order to kick start things at the club that has always been there for you, and slowly build things back up so when the shackles come off we will be ready to fire on all cylinders.
We can and will still have music/videos playing for you to enjoy (at a level where you don't have to shout) and although can't have live performers on the stage just yet we have a massive back catalogue of acts and bands all recorded that will be re-played for you until we can restart the live music and pump up the music levels once more. Something you won't get anywhere else for sure.

As we have a very large capacity venue compared to many others in town we have the space to socially distance very well over BOTH LEVELS. Granted we can't allow the hundreds in initially that would come to a packed out gig or night in the Rock Club we will plan to use every inch at our disposal while providing a safe and enjoyable night out as we have done for decades before.

IT WILL BE DIFFERENT - We know that and hopefully you can take in the changes that have to happen in the short term in order to re-open also what will be asked of you.
We appreciate not everyone will know what to do or want to come out but if you have any questions at all don't just shoot it out on social media - ask us direct. You will get a direct answer.

That's all for now folks as I have a manuscript to prepare that will be our revised Risk Assessment and Guidance for all staff and customers as well as prepare for the day we can see all your smiley/crabbit* faces back at the only place that ROCKS EVERY WEEKEND (*delete where appropriate)

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