Thursday, 11 June 2020

June 2020 General News

Hi Folks.
We hope you are all well and safe at this time.

Into June we go and nearly 3 months since our last live event and nightclub action.
Bet many are wishing they made the most of coming to see the bands at the start of March now.
Strange how things change and what you took for granted.

Many thanks again to all who are still keeping in touch with us, also those who are being very patient and understanding with tickets purchases for events that have had to be postponed or cancelled.

Here are a few updates for June at the Club. 

Skiddle have introduced a booking fee credit recently which is a fantastic positive in these negative times - you can read all about it on a Special page over by CLICKING HERE.

We still await guidance as the whole industry are on what will be required to make the club Covid Safe.
One thing for sure it's not going to be how it was before the lockdown.
What will be required and what will be allowed or when will take alot of work also understanding from you guys too but at the end of the day no matter what way you look at things it will all boil down to what you think will be safe or actually want to go out. We can't make that decision for you.
There is only so much any company can do to reduce the risk of transmission or infection.
While we will do everything that is possible and affordable to make for a safe, clean and enjoyable environment as we always have it will be a new and different way of rocking for us all.
We are working away on possible scenarios and outline details but until we all know what is likely to happen have to sit tight at the moment.
The venue has been deep cleaned, painted and scrubbed top to bottom in the last few months in preparation for the day we can re-open. Some of which you might notice and appreciate the hard work that has gone in to get rocking once more.

Forthcoming Events :
Until we know the new landscape and timescales of re-opening we will have to continue to review in line with the lockdown 3 weekly roadmap or phases from the Governments our forthcoming events.
Alternative plans are being discussed with all bands constantly so when we get to a point we know that the event just can't go ahead then the alternative arrangements are announced whether it be postponed to a new date or cancelled outright.
One thing I would like to mention now and also mentioned in the Skiddle Booking Credit Blog is that we hope you continue to purchase tickets for forthcoming events. They still need to be supported in order to happen. I know many are desperate to go but still holding off, however there will come a point you will have to decide what to do and buy a ticket. Leaving it to the last minute might not be an option for many events in the future.
Already some events outlook is not looking good so we still may have to postpone or cancel due to lack of sales just as before lockdown.
I get the uncertainty and reluctance but as I mentioned in the Skiddle Booking Blog what's the worst that will happen ?
You get your money back, a full credit on your booking fee from Skiddle that no one else is doing or a new date to attend in the future. Support what you long to return to and grab your tickets.

Vip/Loyalty Cards :
All Loyalty Cards expire at the start of July each year.
Just about now we would be looking to renew them for those who have used them and expire cards that haven't been used enough.
During the shut down I have been thinking alot about the future of the scheme and in particular the last year where there was a split between nightclub and live music users. What worked, who was using them and what didn't work. Although well received and used for those who attend the most over the years allowing us to give something back to alot of people over the years who appreciated it with free entry to the nightclub worth upto £500 per year or free and discounted gig entry/tickets it's time I'm afraid to bring it to an end and the up front instant discount or free entry on the hope you attend well enough in the future that the card holders received.
It's ran it's course for nearly a decade with hundreds having been a card holder.
As we subsidised and absorbed ALL the free entry or discounts on tickets, going forward when we are allowed to re-open it simply won't be affordable any more in it's current form or can be factored in to our new operational budgets and structures.
It's something we prided ourselves on that no-one else in the Lothian's did for our most loyal of customers. Many thanks to all who took advantage of it and wanted to be part of the Vip clan.

HOWEVER, after much thought we would still like and want to reward those who still come week after week, many who didn't want or get full use of their Loyalty card.

So a much simplified Rewards Card Program will be made available for anyone in the very near future.
On re-opening normal entry costs and gig ticket pricing will be applicable for all to pay but with your rewards card you will be able build up points to use in the future every-time you come along to a gig or to the nightclub.
So for example one paid entry will give you one point.
Just get your card (that now won't expire) scanned in at the paybooth when you pay.
Build up enough points and you can exchange them in the future for free nightclub entry, a gig ticket, a drink or whatever rewards we can build in and afford. We might even get partners and businesses come on board who want to offer something too.  There also may be a regular special night that all rewards card holders get an instant freebie entry to the club or gig so will be well worth getting one.
Something again that NO other club or venue offers in the Lothian's.
You might get enough points in a few weeks, months or a year even to redeem. 
That will be down to you and how often you attend also how and what you spend your points on.
It won't cost anything to have a rewards card and will be open to all to have one.
Full details on how to get registered for one will follow but will be done ONLY online as making out the scribbles and email addresses on the old vip probationary cards method was getting impossible to make out and just wasn't working latterly.
More info to follow on all that in the coming weeks hopefully while balancing everything else to be done in order to get back Rocking.

That's it for now folks.

Stay Safe and really look forward to get going very soon.

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