Thursday, 18 June 2020

June Lockdown Review feedback with July gig updates.

Hi Folks a wee bit of feedback on the lockdown review and some July gig News/Updates

We all awaited with baited breath this afternoon on the news from Scot Gov regarding entering phase 2 and the possibility of Pubs being able to open a very limited beer garden service outside. A wee glimmer of hope the trade can function once more.

Prior to the announcement of this happening or what turned out to be the lack there of we had already heard thro trade sources that it's not as straightforward as many would think of turning up round the back of the pub, planking themselves down on a bench and the beer fairies would appear.

News came thro that you wouldn't actually be allowed inside a pub so would have to be waited on outside.
Awesome many would think.....well until they need a PEE or to wash their hands as we are all encouraged to do.
Not allowed inside means just that no access to the toilet from what I was hearing. So that's possibly one of the "ah - we never thought of that" moments that has sparked a wee rethink and delay.
That's still all academic and up in the air as it's not happening for now, and we STILL await guidance on what businesses like ourselves need to do in order to prepare to reopen and when, even roughly that might be.

The only news out of today is that there is no change on the cards until start of July and at that is still a review still to decide what can or will happen.

So as a result we will have to continue to re-arrange most likely another full month of live events at the club.
As of last week and today the following shows are now postponed and cancelled.

3 July - P!nk tribute - Pretty as P!nk.
When this was re-arranged from May there was a bit of optimism that everything was moving on to relax the lockdown. Both the band and ourselves were thinking this could be the start we all need but as the weeks have ticked past it was becoming clear we needed to re-plan things again. Apologies but there is no way the band will be able to rehearse together even with the slightly relaxed guidance today and as a venue no chance we will get any guidance, advice or indeed permission to be able to open in time for this event.
A follow up date was already in the Calendar so will simply Postpone the July one til then.
We really hope you can stick with us and hold on to the tickets for it.

ALL TICKETS will remain valid for the December date.
Skiddle will email you and ask if you wish your tickets to be carried forward.
You can reply requesting a refund for the face value of the ticket back to the card you purchased on ALONG with the new booking fee credit onto your skiddle account to re-use for future tickets at the club that no other ticket agent is offering.
We would ask all ticket holders to move to the new date to support the club and band as well as providing a stonking night of live music when the time comes.

Arranged a long long time ago to bring the lads back to Bathgate was awesome. When this Pandemic hit in March we saw a massive drop in ticket sales and even then the worry was this might not be able to go ahead due to poor sales which remained the case until cancelled 2 weeks ago now. It simply wasn't going to be viable in the current climate. Ultimately it would have suffered the same fate as 3rd July gig as well on timescales etc.
Unfortunately due to the bands 2020 and 2021 commitments and schedule getting a new date has been discussed exhaustively by Market Town and just couldn't get anything re-arranged for now I'm afraid. We don't want like other places to have ticket holders hanging on for months to see if anything can be done so reluctantly cancelled. As you will get a refunds also a booking fee credit to use on another gig in the next 12 months please fee free to use that on another coming up.

11 July - Harsh.
As the lads are from France the additional restrictions of quarantine for two weeks condemned this event and just wouldn't be viable to go ahead regardless of what Scot Gov came up with. Nothing more I can say other than it's been re-arranged for 2021 and already showing in the event listings. Please please check the lads out and grab a ticket for them coming back over.

More advice and guidance will follow very soon regarding the remainder of July events from us but as you can imagine despite being ready to rock at a moments notice we will have to be guided by yet to be produced information and provided with dates still be agreed on when that will be allowed.

We really appreciate your patience, understanding and continued ticket purchasing in this difficult and challenging time for all the industry and Scotland's Longest Running Rock Club.

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