Thursday, 11 June 2020

June News - Skiddle Booking Fee Credit.

News - Booking Fee Credit has launched from Skiddle

In these very uncertain times and mass postponements of events a great bit of news has come out from our Ticket Agent that hopefully will help kick start ticket purchasing again for future events as there is a wee light at the end of the tunnel emerging.

As you may or not know, it is industry standard amongst ticket agents to retain booking fees when events are cancelled partly due to the costs/time involved in processing booking refunds also as the costs of staff, developing and maintaining the system has to be covered somehow in running their superb platform from a very small booking fee.
Skiddle was one of the very few ticket agents to have refunded booking fees in full in the past and one of the reasons we made them our ticket partner nearly a decade ago. The very odd and rare cancellation costs of events could be absorbed. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, they have been forced to rethink this policy for cash flow reasons, so it’s fantastic they have instead now developed a Booking Fee Credit system for ticket customers and as far as we are aware the only ticket agent to offer credit on booking fees out there.

Great news - Better still, this credit process will be also be backdated right to March where all the cancellations began.

It’s a straightforward process for your Dreadnoughtrock Bookings.

So - When your ticket(s) is refunded via skiddle due to us unfortunately having to cancel an event as no new date can be set with the band or you opted for a refund due to a postponement and can’t make the new date, you will now get the option to claim your full booking fee as a credit.
The Face Value of the ticket will go back on your card/ into your bank as it normally would but the booking fee credit will be stored on your skiddle account to use on your next order for another gig at the club. This is fantastic news and hopefully give you a wee bit peace of mind when you might have been holding off knowing the booking fee worth upto a couple of quid per ticket would be lost as only your face value of the ticket would have been refunded.

If this could help make your mind up to commit to a ticket for an event in the future now you know that in essence you will not be out of pocket as there is a high chance you’ll be at a gig in the next 12 months with us then it will help us greatly.

Your support in re-start still buying tickets is still very much needed especially now as we begin to prepare and be ready to re-start live shows when we are allowed to do so.
I have always appreciated from March to now (June 2020) no one would be keen to buy a ticket for something that there was a high chance of being cancelled and throw away cash and appreciate at today’s date we still await full guidance and timescales to be issued from the government but hopefully this become clearer in the weeks ahead as things seem to be going in the right direction with businesses now being allowed to restart gradually.

What’s the worst that will happen ? We move the gig, postpone or cancel as it's still not time to rock yet.
You will get your ticket moved to a revised date or your ticket money back quickly with a credit on the booking fee to use in the next year.
What’s the Catch ? Well the Booking fee credit can only be redeemed on any event with us within the next 12 months. That’s it. All you need to do is click tick to apply the credit to your order when completing the payment process at the checkout for your next gig.

So if you asked for a refund or we had to cancel the event since Covid hit have a wee look on your skiddle account for the credit then have a wee look at what’s coming up at the Club in 2020 to use your credit on one of many cracking events we are hopeful to host at

Stay Safe and Keep Rocking from all the Rock Crew.

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