Monday, 29 June 2020


Hopefully the news of the club being able to RE-OPEN on 17 July will have sunk in announced on 26 June with you all. It's fantastic news and look forward to the first step in the club returning to normal operations. If you missed it we will be allowed to open in PUB ONLY MODE.
ALL pubs and clubs will not be allowed live or loud music until instructed or updated by Scot Gov on in the 9 July review (hopefully) and as they have stated already will not be allowed until 23 July at the very earliest.
It still may well be later than that before we see a restricted return to hosting live music. So prepare for more adjustments as we go.

It will be different for a wee while for us all as social distancing will apply to all pubs no matter what you have been doing, what you think or whatever the distance will be (currently at 2m at time of writing) or adjustments that come in the near future. 

As a result of these expected restrictions more events, in particular those that have sold out or sold alot of tickets in advance prior or during the pandemic may still have to be postponed (even into August and beyond dependant on the guidance we are yet to have).
It would be reckless to say to hell with it - we are open and let hundreds attend an event that could and should be moved for everyone's well being and safety (possibly for a second time).
Better to prepare you and be upfront. Trying to plan round anything just now is like trying to heard cats. You get a hold of one, three others escape so have to start all over.

We do hope to get live music rocking again as soon as possible at a level of attendance that is safe, enjoyable and financially viable.
Many won't know or possibly care about the financial deals put in place with bands, but as many rely on good attendance for the band fee to be covered or for the band to be paid for their services it's a major factor moving forward in-conjunction with everyone's safety that will also now come into play.
Just cutting levels of attendance back for the sake of getting the gig to happen would hurt the club further at a very delicate time of having zero income in the last 3 months that cannot be afforded if the original deal with the band would still have to stand.
Similarly the bands and artists who although desperate to be back performing would potentially also have to take away alot less than planned so please don't assume it's fair to ask them as these guys haven't' been able to earn a penny either.
It's another double whammy for the live side of things.
A triple whammy factoring in all those who want to attend gigs again but can't.

SO as we have done through all this uncertainty we would ask to be patient with us and the bands while all these factors are overcome which take time. 

We will get gigs on that suit the budget and attendance levels allowable, be safe and as ever enjoyable.

Keep checking in here on the NEWS PAGE of the website as well as social media for updates as it's going to be an ever evolving process from Mid July I'm afraid.
With your help and support will be worth it.

UPDATE on Gig's due to have happened on 17 & 18 July featuring The Lewis Hamilton Band and McFleetwood. 
for the reasons explained above about live music not being permitted just yet and review process still to be announced fully we have no option to postpone both events to 2021. 
A new date will be set for Lewis and the lads. 
A new date of Sat 6 March 2021 has been announced at the time of writing this for McFLEETWOOD. 
ALL tickets purchased WILL BE VALID for the new date or refundable if you so wish. Emails from Skiddle are already on their way to ALL TICKET HOLDERS. 

NR ROCKS 2020 scheduled for 22 August and XSLF scheduled on 12 September have also been posted for technical, travel and financial reasons. 
New date for NR ROCKS being arranged soon.
XSLF now 22 May 2021. 
These have been moved for all the reasons above but with the added complication of lack of advance sales despite the guarantee of  a refund/booking fee credit many and understandably have been holding off to see what unfolds. 
Unfortunately some events cannot wait for ever on the support they deserve so an early decision for travel and technical reasons have been made. 

Please support the club and future events folks.  What's the worst that will happen ? 
The date gets re-arranged, you get a refund and a full credit for the booking fee. 
Not the end of the world. 
The alternative is events still having to be cancelled or postponed as they won't be financially viable where neither the club or bands can now afford to make a loss after having zero income for nearly 4 or more months. 

Stay Safe - The Rock Crew.

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