Thursday, 30 July 2020



Following today's Scot Gov announcement this afternoon my gut feeling of August events not being able to proceed as planned or be heavily disrupted wasn't far wrong.
Although good to have a provisional date for live music to return indoors to Scotland after 14 Sept it is still PROVISIONAL and will no doubt have some kind of restrictions or guidance in place still to be digested by us and updated in coming weeks. That in turn will also have a knock on effect on capacity allowed, financial viability of the gigs soon after or even the ability to still host them if the number of tickets sold exceed the new working limit. Add in the ongoing uncertainty where many are still not committing to buying a ticket even tho you won't really be out of pocket if anything is rescheduled putting the event at risk even if it is allowed to go ahead as not enough sales come in. I hope you can understand as I do it's far from ideal for us all who want to come and want to have gigs back. If I can suggest you still keep buying your tickets for future events as the support is needed more than ever.
I dare say we will be able to get up and running in some form if allowed and if viable after the 14 Sept but just to be upfront there will still be alot of restructuring and gig juggling still to come so please be patient and understanding with the club and the bands.
So today unfortunately I have already started the postponement of all dates upto 14 Sept and seeking out alternative dates all of which will be updated in the coming days and week hopefully. Nae weekend aff for me then.

The 18 and 19 Sept would have been two massive gigs for us welcoming back the The Quireboys - This Is Rock And Roll full electric and Guns Or Roses - UK GNR Tribute.
Unfortunately still due to the uncertainty IF that weekend will be allowed to go ahead but more so the likely restrictions BOTH events will be rescheduled to 2021 too.
New dates are being considered and will be fully updated via our news section of the website, on this page and by courier pigeon if needs be.

Thanks for your continued support and fantastic amount of patience during this as we have had to juggle 6 months worth of events in impossible to predict circumstances to try and get the live side up and running as soon as it is safe to do so.

As ever if you are unsure about anything, have questions etc give me a wee message or email and once I've had 10 mins in a dark corner will get back to you.

Thursday, 23 July 2020

Pub Mode Re-Opening and Live Music Update 23 July 2020

Can I start this news update by saying a massive thank you to all who came to the club over the weekend to commence PUB MODE, many for the very first time and especially Cameron A who made it all the over by car and plane from Germany to be part of it along with some regulars. Bravo to you all. If you were waiting thinking it would be busy so held off then please share your clairvoyance abilities to see what the future holds. I need it. 
It's a simple first come basis so if you come early the chances are really good you will get in and a seat just as everyone did over the opening weekend - come later then who knows what will be available. 

If you are still unsure or anxious about coming/going out then that is still perfectly understandable so don't feel like you have to. Come when you are ready or for a flying visit to see for yourself even. It's free entry anyway. 

A second big thank you to all who in the main without any assistance were able to go along with the measures, guidance and distancing at tables we had to put in place to re-open. Some had to get a few reminders about certain things which is understandable given the new way of having to operate also having to put in a one system for the internal main stairs case and exits. Well done again. You'll get the hang of it. 
Sadly some didn't even make it over the first hurdle not wanting to give details on entry or even happy with the electronic method we are employing for track and trace /test and protect. 
Can I just mention that this is mandatory also for your privacy as we feel a name in a book method for the way we want to operate is just not an option, plus I've seen many of your handwriting in the past. 
Can I also re-mention every club and pub will have their own way of doing things based on their own circumstances, layout and how they want to operate and stick to the guidelines laid out by the Scottish Government. 
As I mentioned in my video we are going full out to manage the risks posed to us by spacing tables and stools as far as possible, having the minimum of people go to the bar for service and having door staff to manage numbers coming in for example to build confidence where others may not have that luxury. 
We want you to feel safe about coming to the Dread in these very different set of circumstances as in the past. 
It certainly should not be the same hitting a few bars then thinking you are coming for a dance thro til 3am as many thought it would be - that's just not what's happening for the foreseeable future so please come early as its first come for us - no bookings and no slot times to stay so as like last weekend many stayed for the majority of the night. Last entry is a strict midnight for us now FYI. Full customer guidance is available to view and download via our website. 

Sadly due to the ongoing Pandemic and still no updates on when Live Music can safely return we will have to postpone more future events for now into August at least. 
Reading between the lines priority from Scot Gov is to get the Schools back mid August first before allowing any other phase 3 lockdown restrictions to re-open as alluded to in FM statement on 22/7/20 that businesses and sectors still to re-open will have be a wee bit more patient which is understandable also to see what impact many other sectors just re-opening are having on transmission rates in Scotland. 
The Live music sector is one of the hardest to satisfy not only social distancing but to also balancing whether venues can safely have enough customers seated or otherwise in to make it viable in the early days. 
We are well placed, prepared and have taken so many extra steps in pub mode with one eye on live music returning but there will still be a limit similar to pub mode on how many can get in which will shape and determine what gigs can go ahead safely and be financially viable. Hence why some of the events already are being altered that have either sold out / close to selling out so way over where the safe NEW limit may well be or logistically impossible to have one gig on when others have cancelled on a tour etc. The variable are just a nightmare so please be patient. 

As Guidance is yet to be fully detailed on WHEN we will be allowed to take the first baby step in bring live performances on stage and the logistics required to make it happen we will have to keep doing what we are doing and look ahead a month at a time and based on the feeling and information at that time make decisions to cancel, postpone and move events around. 
Once again many thanks for your understanding and continued support. 

IF things are updated further on next lockdown progress report on 30 July 2020 we can go from there. 


Friday, 17 July 2020


Here is a quick re-cap of the current situation and a run thro of the events that have sadly had to be postponed this week coming up with us.

If you don't follow the Scot Gov guidance we are in phase 3 of lockdown easing which has meant various parts of the economy are allowed to re-start. Great new progress is happening but like Scot Gov would like to re-iterate for everyone to continue to act responsibly.

We took the decision, although known as the premier live music venue in West Lothian and Scotland's longest running Rock nightclub to re-open on Friday 17 July BUT only in PUB MODE as we call it.
Sadly that does mean no live music on the stage or Rock Club action upstairs with a host of measures to keep everyone safe who comes along and make it as enjoyable as it has been for nearly 50 years !

Part of Phase 3 did mention that Live Music in and outdoors will re-open BUT as yet and understandably certain things such as live music indoors could still be a wee bit down the line.
When that will be ? We all have to wait updated by Scot Gov and guidance issued around that.
So please be patient with us a wee bit longer.
What form that will take, what restrictions on capacity based on social distancing are still all unknown at the time of writing this update, so again until guidance comes it's still a waiting game.

With that possible prolonged timescale which is unknown we are responsibly moving any large events that financially are not viable or that have already sold a massive amount of tickets which would most likely exceed any responsible limit into the future. We are taking our time to re-arrange things a wee bit at a time and as we have done through the last months keep you upto date and posting updates like this.

SO today I can confirm since the last LIVE UPDATE that :

Fuz Caldrin Event will be postponed to a yet set date but looking at something that will work with the lads and our hectic and mental schedule.

LOST DOGS on 25 July has been moved to 4th Sept 2020. Hopefully by then we will have guidance and a better idea when live music can operate.

HEAVY TRAFFIC on 31 July. We feel the event will most likely be postponed BUT as the lads are mad keen to play will stay pending at this time. This will be reviewed constantly and if any updates come from Scot gov that allows this to happen it will. HOWEVER be aware the chance are slim at best.

DSS plus support due to have taken place on Sat 1 Aug has been moved to 20 Feb 2021.
This was SOLD OUT so unless tickets are available thro refunds no tickets are on sale for new date.

GAGE from South Africa due to play on 7 Aug have been cancelled.

Black Celebration on Sat 8 August has been moved to Sat 27 Feb 2021.
Limited tickets available.

NORTH EAST INVASION on 29 August has been cancelled at this time due to logistics and financial implications to all involved coupled to the ongoing uncertainty.

KID KLUMSY 2 October has been cancelled. The lads, promoters over the multi date tour are finding it increasingly difficult to juggle what venues can open, when can open etc etc which will have a major effect on everyones finances so best to cancel the tour for now and re-group later in the year for a run at 2021.

EVERYTHING ELSE is constantly being reviewed that still remains on the schedule so please be patient as we try to heard up chickens and juggle many plates.


Sunday, 12 July 2020

Re-Opening in PUB ONLY MODE from Friday 17 July 2020 !!

We are re-opening in PUB ONLY MODE from Friday 17th July. 

Open Friday and Saturday only to begin with before any additional nights are added.
Open 7pm -1am (last entry midnight) Free entry.

No Booking Required - First come basis only. Please note : Access and numbers will be very restricted to approx 80-90 people to begin with then one out - one in.

Background Music, Videos and past Live gigs recorded will be played to keep you entertained at a safe and reduced volume that conforms to latest Scot Gov guidance.

Track and Trace / Test and Protect Log in is mandatory when entering the club.

It’s going to be a restricted service compared to how we normally rock and pre-lockdown but we will rock as well as we can given the continuing Covid19 Pandemic and instructions/guidance from the Scottish Government for everyone's well being while trying to provide a safe and enjoyable place to come as we have done for the last four decades.

Click/Open/Download and Please read thro the important information carefully before you come to the club. (Link will be live before Friday 17 July)

It may be different in many ways but hopeful the same atmosphere will be retained so we will require your continued consideration and support in the effective restart of the business many have grown up and old with.
We hope to see you soon at Scotland’s Longest Running and Covid Secure Rock Club.
Please keep checking in on the news page and social media streams to keep you upto date on things as they are set to change as we are advised.