Thursday, 30 July 2020



Following today's Scot Gov announcement this afternoon my gut feeling of August events not being able to proceed as planned or be heavily disrupted wasn't far wrong.
Although good to have a provisional date for live music to return indoors to Scotland after 14 Sept it is still PROVISIONAL and will no doubt have some kind of restrictions or guidance in place still to be digested by us and updated in coming weeks. That in turn will also have a knock on effect on capacity allowed, financial viability of the gigs soon after or even the ability to still host them if the number of tickets sold exceed the new working limit. Add in the ongoing uncertainty where many are still not committing to buying a ticket even tho you won't really be out of pocket if anything is rescheduled putting the event at risk even if it is allowed to go ahead as not enough sales come in. I hope you can understand as I do it's far from ideal for us all who want to come and want to have gigs back. If I can suggest you still keep buying your tickets for future events as the support is needed more than ever.
I dare say we will be able to get up and running in some form if allowed and if viable after the 14 Sept but just to be upfront there will still be alot of restructuring and gig juggling still to come so please be patient and understanding with the club and the bands.
So today unfortunately I have already started the postponement of all dates upto 14 Sept and seeking out alternative dates all of which will be updated in the coming days and week hopefully. Nae weekend aff for me then.

The 18 and 19 Sept would have been two massive gigs for us welcoming back the The Quireboys - This Is Rock And Roll full electric and Guns Or Roses - UK GNR Tribute.
Unfortunately still due to the uncertainty IF that weekend will be allowed to go ahead but more so the likely restrictions BOTH events will be rescheduled to 2021 too.
New dates are being considered and will be fully updated via our news section of the website, on this page and by courier pigeon if needs be.

Thanks for your continued support and fantastic amount of patience during this as we have had to juggle 6 months worth of events in impossible to predict circumstances to try and get the live side up and running as soon as it is safe to do so.

As ever if you are unsure about anything, have questions etc give me a wee message or email and once I've had 10 mins in a dark corner will get back to you.

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