Tuesday, 22 December 2020

December News & Updates

Well who would have thought where we would still be in December from the start of the year eh ? 

Its' still quite surreal to find ourselves still to be closed in the run up to Santa's time to empty his sack and as we welcome in a New Year Dreadnought style.  

With the rollercoaster of a year many have faced we are just grateful that we are in a decent position that we could weather the last couple of months of uncertainty and what now looks like a rocky month ahead for sure. Earlier in the year it looked like it could be the end of the road. 

Determination from the Rock Crew and shear will to ensure the music won't be stopping anytime soon along with some fantastic support and funding has been the key in the last 6 months to our survival. Again thanks to all who have helped. It has been an almighty achievement. 

Keep your spirits up whether it's Vodka or Jack Daniels as we will be back in 2021. 

On behalf of ALL THE ROCK CREW we wish you and your families a great Christmas and a Happy New Year however you are spending it. 

There is a few bit of news to spread as well : 

Club Merch - ALL orders have been shipped and picked up now in time for the Festive Break. The online store will remain open and if we have the size, colour and design in stock will arrange a shipping. Picking up at the club can only happen when lockdoon 3 has ended in mid January so please bear that in mind. We will inform you it's in or out of stock when an order comes in. IF it's out of stock then please be patient as our supplier is facing the same issues of being closed in tier 4 restrictions. 

Many thanks to all who have purchased something. Every penny and pound of income from this helps keep the bills paid. 

Future Events - Guidance has been published now from Scot Gov that gives us an idea of what restrictions and limitations will need to be adhered to when we get to TIER 1. As we have mentioned all thro the year when we can and are allowed to re-open the live side of things certain gigs will be do-able and sadly there will be events that cannot work if restrictions are still in place over numbers and distancing. IF we were allowed to open next week for example we would have to set tables up for groups to a max of 6 with a 2m distance to another group/table. This will give us the ability to seat approx 50-60 people at a gig downstairs. The band would also have to be able to socially distance from each other on stage if they are not a professional outfit in their own bubble. 

Just these two things as you might now start to see are going to dictate what can be done, never mind the remainder or guidance we will have to ask you to follow. It's not going to be an easy one but in time these restrictions hopefully will recede and we will be back to something that resembles some normality when ever that will be. So as per 2020 we will look at each event coming up and look what can be done. 

Some events may well be able to go ahead as planned while others will be postponed further into 2021. With one event already moved into 2022 we would still urge you to consider buying a ticket. I know that's a big ask but we are still trying to stay positive that things will get going again. As in the past apathy and reluctance to commit in advance to things will be equally impactful to the live sector as covid has been, so the time to support your local venue will soon be here and very much required. 

SAVE OUR VENUES T-SHIRTS - I know the campaign T-Shirts are already out there to people who asked for one during our campaign. It's not something we can keep track of directly as they are coming direct from The Music Venue Trust supplier so would ask if you are still to see yours please drop us a wee message in the New Year to chase it up for you. 

That's it for 2020 folks. Lets hope 2021 is a wee bit better for us all.