Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Covid Passports - 9 Sept 2021

Many have been in touch regarding the headline news of last week that all nightclubs and live music indoors over 500 capacity will have to do apply this legally. 

Firstly its just been voted on with no real specifics on how it will apply other than some headline grabbers, who it will apply to unless anyone knows what an Analogous venue is, what even a night club actually is. I know you couldn't make it up but still voted thro with so many unanswered questions across a broad spectrum of businesses from National Football games, Large scale events and down to oor wee venue. 

Secondly the technology to do all this doesn't exist yet. We don't have a scanner or app to scan anyone's QR code, also no one can get a digital record other than a paper copy with a Qr code, which we can't scan anyway. That will take by Scot Govs own admission to end of the month leaving YOU days or less to download it ready for 1st October. I even read an article from the Danish company asked to develop the app similar to the Danish Governments own that they haven't been given the go ahead yet. 

So please take a breath and await the information when it comes out also how it will really work. As we've said in the past numerous times the DEVIL is in THE DETAIL. We don't know yet but when we do will as we have throughout the pandemic let you know what's going on and take it from there but no doubt some will be effected and some will be unhappy. None of which is our fault to apply this fairly. 

Our capacity is just over 400 over two levels. As it stands live events indoors under 500 DON'T need the PROPOSED covid passport. 

As we host approx 150-220 capacity events downstairs it wouldn't apply. 

However as we are also possibly and most likely classed as a nightclub AFTER the live shows we don't know yet what we might have to do, as both levels flow into each other during the course of the night as it has been for over a decade. Those at a gig can if they wish stay on to 3am and some do. Some come later to catch last bit of the live session with the intent to stay onto 3am. Many come purely for the Nightclub but can use the lower level after the gig is wrapped up as a late lounge. Many scenarios are being looked at but some are not viable and workable to simply split things up. It may mean we have to adopt passports for entry to the whole night BUT still to work through things carefully WHEN we know all the facts so please don't assume this is what is happening as there are alot of information needed first to make an informed decision.  

Either way it's an impossible situation placed upon us to remain open and fully operational. We will find a solution as we have thro this pandemic and keep rocking but have to admit it's getting pretty hard to keep all the plates spinning at the moment as we get hit from all sides with one thing or another. 

What we do know and appreciate it's already causing division, doubt and more uncertainty which is already having an effect with the amount of calls and messages also a drop in sales for some events that should be well on their way to selling out. It just never ends. 

Thanks for your continued support and understanding over the months. 

Hope to see you at a gig and club night as we continue to Rock in September with some amazing events right on your doorstep also Scotland's Longest running Rock Club. 

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