Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Ticket update for Maiden Scotland, Quireboys and Black Celebrations gigs. 1st Sept 2021.

Ticket UPDATE for : 

Maiden Scotland (4 Sept), The Quireboys (Full Electric) with Twister (17 Sept) and Black Celebration - Depeche Mode Tribute (18 Sept) events are now all WAITING LIST as ticket allocations are now all sold to our safe gig limit to allow a fraction more space then we normally could go upto. 

Hopefully this helps anyone a wee bit unsure in current climate. It will be busy but not jammed in for the sake of a few extra quid. 

Three events all getting there in the period of a couple of weeks is superb. Many thanks to all who got a ticket in advance, rolled them on from previous dates. It is very much appreciated in the very turbulent times. 

Re:Sell is active for any ticket holder that can no longer make it as is the waiting list for anyone who has left it too late.

I hope those sitting on the fence or still thinking about coming for other cracking events in September, October and November get a click on and make sure you get your tickets sorted asap. The only way to guarantee your entry is to buy in advance !

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