Friday, 29 October 2021

The last weekend of Rocktober

What a month its been. Filled with highs and lows. Full of positives and negatives and not just lat flow tests. 

I'll tell ye its hard going, but the loonies that we are we battle, grind it out and fight for everything and every night. 

Pretty frustrating in bits too with sensational artists playing and some decided the couch was a better bet only to ask how it went. Even better if more showed up would be a blunt answer. Again I can't thanks those enough that did come and rock and boy how you were rewarded. 

We see out the rest of the month with a triple nighter all of which can be found on the website 

No real news updates this week that haven't been covered on masks, track and trace, covid passports and where to find all that info, yup on the website. 

Loads of new gigs are getting set up all the time so we'll worth keeping a weekly eye on the listings. 

November kicks off next week - check it all out and nab those all important tickets. 

Hope to see ye this week. 

Friday, 15 October 2021

The last weekend of the Grace Period on covid Passports for nightclub entry.


Hi everyone.

This week’s news UPDATE - Sorry it’s also a biggie in length. OOooeer Mrs.

Firstly, a massive thanks to all who have been into any gig since the start of July also more recently when the shackles were released a bit more where we got back to full capacity. Also, to those who chose to come along and rock to 3am once again. You guys are helping keep the lights on. Bravo to you all and to all the bands who for the first time in hundreds and hundreds of days came back and played. It’s been hard fought and utterly brilliant.

We have more superb events coming up before the end of the month in shape of LED ASTRAY, UK/DC, GREIG TAYLOR BAND, ANCHOR LANE, AIRFORCE, MEDUSA TOUCH, PETTY HEARTBREAKERS and NIGHTFLY at HALLOWEEN. Some are selling really well and others really need that wee bit extra effort if coming along to nab a ticket noo or even just share the event on to someone who might fancy it if you don’t.

It’s still mega important to show you are coming for future shows, more now than ever before and still to buy an advance ticket. It helps work out staff, stock (which is a pain in the nuts getting) and even if an event will be viable enough for a band that may have to travel hundreds of miles to be with us rather than a hope and prayer that people will come.

Next is a wee reminder again that all the news, updates, gig listings, event info, tickets and customer guidance is all on the WEBSITE 24/7. If there are tickets available, they will be there to buy. If they have ran oot then a waiting list to get first dibs on will appear. What time we are open to, what’s the stage times……..etc etc etc. I make sure that all the info is all there to assist and answer all these questions in advance. So if I could ask it for it to be the first port of call for info you need that would be appreciated. There is a high probability it’s there somewhere.

The website also has a customer guidance download to help explain things such as TRACK and TRACE and the WEARING OF FACE COVERINGS to help reduce the risk of transmission to both you and STAFF - without whom we wouldn't be able to open properly. So when asked please wear one especially when going to the bar. For those persistently and blatantly refusing to pop a mask on we can refuse service. 

As the website is now 17 years old kinda thought that would be the automatic choice over social media where many things can be easily missed….mibbey including this update………

Now to the problem child that’s been annoying us since early September. The elephant in the room. The doomsday device, yup - Covid Passports, Vaccine Status or whatever you want to call them. For us it’s mainly words with loads of swearing.

As I’ve mentioned many times, we ain’t happy with it and still think it’s unfair not only to those who have chosen not to take the vaccine coming in to the club IF THEY WISH, to those who can’t get the vaccine due to medial reasons but to everyone who had been single or double jagged already needing to get their status all sorted after stepping up to do their bit to look after themselves now to prove they have had 2 jags, to others and reduce but not completely stop the risk of transmission.

It’s no big deal many will argue. You are correct, it isn’t. But many still aren’t, won’t or can’t get their status and that’s the issue we face as we need to see proof from 18th October to allow entry from 10pm to the NIGHTCLUB.

So this weekend of 15 and 16th Oct is the last weekend of the grace period so won't be refused entry. 

Please bear with me while I explain further and potentially catastrophic in the very near future.

First of all, the main point Scot Gov made for introducing this was to drive up vaccine uptake, but no mention to what level. We are currently at 85% (3.8 million people) double and 90% (over 4 million people) single jagged. So when the singles catch up to as near as damn 90%, possibly a fraction more of the Scottish adult population will be fully vaccinated according to reports and information widely available. That’s a lot. 9 out of 10 people are fully vaccinated. But will that be plenty ? Some will have had a booster as well in weeks ahead so now triple jagged.

No one can answer it or when the need for showing you are fully vaccinated diminishes to just going overseas and not for any domestic setting no matter what season we are in. I would say we are already there as you will never get 100% for a voluntary vaccine but as according to another report I read only 700,000 people away from that. For the record I’m fully vaccinated and have all three proofs.  There was also a mention that this will allow nightclubs to remain open in the winter period ?  Well, I have to say when I tell you our worries that doesn’t really come into it as we will be lucky to get thro the next period with this in place without a lot of assistance in more ways than one.

For you see from start of October when this became mandatory to check on entry, we luckily have had a grace period where we wouldn’t be legally obliged to refuse entry to anyone who didn’t have their status yet, know they needed it or couldn’t get a copy of their vaccine status yet thro the fully and rigorously tested app that came out with hours to spare to the deadline or simply for the postie bringing it to you.  

As going to the Dread can be spontaneous, few beers with mates and group of friends – lets go to the Dread. Ring any bells. Magic times but hang on has everyone pre-planned their night with military precision now. Thought every detail thro and checked everyone else they might bump into when out has too ? Has everyone got their covid status. Probably naw. So what then ? Probably every one not coming in that group? That's only something you can answer.

The checks we carried out in the last two weeks would only allow about 25% of those who came to get in as they had their status with them. So worryingly 75% of those we know will most likely be double jagged would have got turned away or we would be prosecuted or fined or indeed dragged thro the streets behind a horse like in the olden days for letting you in. Either way this will be catastrophic to business through no fault of our own if these levels remain. Take away all the political nonsense, the lack of actual reason and proof this will work, the simple numbers mean it will cripple an industry that has barely been open 5-6 weeks after being closed for a very long time.  

More so when I read that approx half a million had managed to get the app to work to date and about the same again have paper or downloaded their status. So that’s a million give or take. Even with some rough Blackburn maths that’s only about a quarter of the nearly 4 million that should be double jagged soon.  As we are being asked to check 100% of those who enter after 10pm for entry to the nightclub you will now see why being able to stay open doesn’t come into it. Woo hoo we can stay open to turn away the vast majority of our customers. That’s magic. Getting dragged down the street behind a hoard of anything sounds like a decent option now.

So when we say it’s unfair it applies to all of us and just the tip of the iceberg. Those who canny get in because they can’t prove they are fully vaccinated but we know they are with simple probability (see you should have listened in Maths at school now) and those who would love to who also canny as they decided not to take the vaccine as is their choice.

So… yeah I know another “so” ………as it stands after 18th October when we are legally enforced to refuse entry to anyone without proof of vaccination or proof of exemption that are being sent direct to those who clinically are unable to get a vaccine then, we in no uncertain terms will be humped UNLESS way more get their status sorted asap that intend coming along to rock with us in the nightclub and also from 7pm at our Halloween Party and beyond.

Thankfully this carry on still won’t apply to our gigs on the lower level as the live music wraps up before the midnight deadline set out in the amazing set of parameters that details when a vaccine status check have to be done. The Link to the guidance is down a wee bit FYI. 

We have also asked and had confirmed by our local environmental dept on a wee grey issue we came up with where anyone who stays on after the gig to talk to the band, buy Merch or have a beer with them which passes midnight is ok as it’s happens a fair amount with people enjoying themselves a wee bit longer….but as long as you don’t go upstairs. Will you turn into a gremlin if you do….no we need to check your passport but staying downstairs we don’t.

This only applies to those who came to the gig btw, not for those coming to the nightclub from 10pm. Still with me ? Good. It’s because downstairs doesn’t have a designated dance floor or area before you ask and no you can’t just opt to stay downstairs when coming in after 10pm. We checked.. No we can’t say upstairs doesn’t have a designated dance floor either btw.

So now you know where our worries are coming from.  

We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.


Now to end on a cheery note we are still working away (very hard) on the new ladies loos downstairs. Many won’t have a fooking clue what we are on about so let me recap quickly. We are re-locating the ladies and accessible loos away from the stage downstairs to make the live experience another bit better, make stage a wee bit bigger, easier for the girls to get to the loo instead of having to nip upstairs at busy nights also assist on stage logistics and set up.

Where will they be ? Into the car park…..well not quite but close. Something we have been planning before the pesky covid came along and sadly has been slow going since start of this year to get everything going. We aren’t putting a completion date on it and not entirely sure how we christen them……not with champagne anyway as it’s not a boat. When done you’ll know but getting there now.

So… I know….so if you could help where you can in next period it would be greatly appreciated.

Whether you can share a social media post about a gig, buy a ticket, wear your mask to go to the bar or make sure you get your vaccine status sorted to come out then you will help keep us rocking into 2022 and 50 years of the Dread.

Oh talking of which Hogmanay details coming soon and festive openings.

As you can tell it’s been a little busy lately.



Thursday, 7 October 2021

This weeks News 7 October

Just a quick news update this week to say please refer to the website for latest customer guidance and covid vacc status checks also any relevant gig info for stage times, last entry to nightclub etc etc. 

It's all on there so please check before messaging as I'm sure will cover 99% of queries. 

LAST WEEKS NEWS UPDATE is worth going back to if you click here. 

Also the news past and present is via THE NEWS TAB of the website. Just in case you missed something including what the low down is on Covid Passports and especially MASKS that are still mandatory to wear just about anywhere you go and we are no exception. The excuses are getting a bit thin, next it'll be the dog ate it. 

Only major update this week regards the live event on 16th October. 

At the start of the week we learned that one of the VOLTS AC/DC guitarists was really struggling to play due due to extreme pain on the same hand he had major reconstructive surgery on in 2020. All avenues were explored to get a stand-in etc. Sadly the only option was for Volts to drop off the show as simply limping thro the event for the sake of it wasn't an option either. 

With alot of soul searching, discussions not to let the AC/DC fans down that night and with the blessing of the lads we looked for another AC/DC tribute to step in on the night. Something we would never do normally. With a small amount of luck the lads from UK/DC have agreed to motor up from Newcastle to bring the DC classics to you instead. 

Emails have been sent via skiddle as well as social media updates to inform those coming along that all tickets will remain valid so no need to do anything if you still want to come along. IF not please drop me an email to sort things out for you. 

Volts will return in Feb 2022. A new event has been set up but please note tickets from 16th October will not carry over to the new date. 

Thanks again for your continued support and attending the club in a very uncertain period for the whole industry. It's very much needed and appreciated.