Thursday, 7 October 2021

This weeks News 7 October

Just a quick news update this week to say please refer to the website for latest customer guidance and covid vacc status checks also any relevant gig info for stage times, last entry to nightclub etc etc. 

It's all on there so please check before messaging as I'm sure will cover 99% of queries. 

LAST WEEKS NEWS UPDATE is worth going back to if you click here. 

Also the news past and present is via THE NEWS TAB of the website. Just in case you missed something including what the low down is on Covid Passports and especially MASKS that are still mandatory to wear just about anywhere you go and we are no exception. The excuses are getting a bit thin, next it'll be the dog ate it. 

Only major update this week regards the live event on 16th October. 

At the start of the week we learned that one of the VOLTS AC/DC guitarists was really struggling to play due due to extreme pain on the same hand he had major reconstructive surgery on in 2020. All avenues were explored to get a stand-in etc. Sadly the only option was for Volts to drop off the show as simply limping thro the event for the sake of it wasn't an option either. 

With alot of soul searching, discussions not to let the AC/DC fans down that night and with the blessing of the lads we looked for another AC/DC tribute to step in on the night. Something we would never do normally. With a small amount of luck the lads from UK/DC have agreed to motor up from Newcastle to bring the DC classics to you instead. 

Emails have been sent via skiddle as well as social media updates to inform those coming along that all tickets will remain valid so no need to do anything if you still want to come along. IF not please drop me an email to sort things out for you. 

Volts will return in Feb 2022. A new event has been set up but please note tickets from 16th October will not carry over to the new date. 

Thanks again for your continued support and attending the club in a very uncertain period for the whole industry. It's very much needed and appreciated. 

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