Thursday, 29 July 2021

The New Normal ?

As a precursor to the long awaited Scot Gov update on Tuesday 3rd August and the proposed move away from level zero that should allow more relaxations many have been asking when are we re-opening so thought I would jot a few things down for you, as until we hear that announcement we actually don't know when the nightclub will re-open, when we can drop distancing and many other things that will also effect the live side of things. 

Yes its frustrating and always last minute but that's why I'm going grey quick. Too Quick.  

Despite an upto date website, regular news updates on this page and of course sharing it via social media it would seem many haven't been interacting the same in the past, missing things or just out of practice as it's been a while.

Mibbey they've missed the fact we are actually open and doing socially distanced gigs to get all staff, customers and bands back to a wee bit of normality as we step towards the day the restrictions will end and then becomes all our responsibility including you on the next steps of opening and going out. 

All I can say is please check in regularly with the WEBSITE then Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc

Here is the only place the news is logged FIRST before it hits the other places. 

There will be alot of updates to come in the next week(s) and what we expect a staggered approach to the new normal of opening.  

Please don't just think BOOM we are back in the room - open and as it was when we closed. 

It will take time to get back there either by still being restricted by Scot Gov in one way or another or by us ramping things back up over a period of weeks as all staff and you guys will have to re-adjust to a later night opening than has been allowed lately. 

Please be patient as no one has been in the nightclub for a good part of year and half - two years, mibbey even longer. We don't know yet who will be confident to step back out and in for a damn good rocking or what measures may still have to be looked at to boost confidence about being out again. We know it's not going to be easy or instant. You might take minutes to decide to go back out but equally could take months or not at all. I'm afraid that will be your responsibility and decision. 

One thing that will remain in place from us is good hand hygiene thro the winter. 

Wash yer mits and sanitising won't be hard to do - will it ?  

In the meantime please have a wee check in more regularly - once a week should catch you up on the news page via the website and go there first.  

TO BE week. 

OH before you go some actual NEWS !

We have for many years teamed up with an APP platform to have our own app which isn't free BTW.

A very well used app and dead handy for many to look up and book up, check the news that eventually took you here etc etc etc.  Anyhoo for the last year tech support and various things haven't been happening or updated which has been out of our hands. 

Things like the app not now showing on the Google Play store, some important links to be able to find the app, NO app pings or notifications and as I said zero tech support in last year to resolve has brought us to a painful decision to break ties with that app platform and no longer pay for it.  

You might not even notice any issues until you change your phone and can't download it again - we actually don't know what will happen when we stop paying to use the platform as that doesn't work either and no one can advise us of it. Great fun this Tech gizmotronical stuff and yup more grey hairs.