Tuesday, 4 August 2020

August Kick Off.......4/8/20

As many will be aware there is a LOT of rescheduling going on in the Live Music Sector at the moment including our own. Many events may still have to be altered in 2020 so please keep an eye on the event info and updates I put out weekly.
Many thanks for the understanding thus far.

Those GIGS later in the year (that hopefully will be a more like normal gig) and in 2021 STILL need your support more than ever so please click over and thro all the scheduled events and show that you are coming and buy a ticket ONLINE via our APP, WEBSITE or LINKS in the FACEBOOK EVENT. At this time our outlets although open have restrictions on entry but as many of our printed tickets have not been updated/showing old dates or have been removed would leave purchasing from them for now until things settle down a wee bit more and brought upto date please.

On the hopeful restart in Mid/End Sept just to give everyone a heads up it won't be how it was pre-lockdown.
There will be limitations and restrictions that will need to be adhered to just the same as pub mode.
We feel it can be done with certain types of events and with certain bands/acts some of which as you can imagine might result in a short notice announcement/postponements as I'm not counting any chickens when will be allowed to get going until confirmed on 10 Sept Lock down review and exact guidance we will need to work to.
However the planning is underway on what may have to be in place and what could work. It's not going to be an easy one.
I understand and appreciate it won't suit some at this time but those like us that are keen to get rocking again safely please stay tuned for updates as we go thro August.

TO give you an example :
One thing that may have to be looked it is pure advance ticket purchases online only - certainly for the restart and possibly beyond. No more just rocking up on the night.
Despite this never really being an issue for us as the vast majority always book in advance some may have to come round to this way of doing things. It is safe and secure.
Not only does it book and guarantee your spot it confirms you are actually coming.
We will allow sales right upto 30mins before the doors open at 7pm so even for the most last minute of people that should be plenty time to decide they are coming and buy a ticket. This is for many reasons but mainly to keep a tight cap on numbers for everyone's safety and enjoyment, help on the track and trace (as we will have your details in advance via your secure ticket purchase) also will help stagger entry times to avoid any build ups at the door and when inside.
The same may even have to apply to free entry ticket gigs being controlled and allocated also.

This is just one of many things burling about in my heid just to let you know.....with the occasional monkey hitting cymbals lol.

Thanks again for your continued support and patience. Al.