Wednesday, 22 September 2021

COVID PASSPORTS.....part 2 - 22/9/21

At last some detail from the FM on Tuesday about all this....Well not quite.  

Only some more brief details that will we be left to deal with in a week but ALSO for everyone looking just to go out for a good night to get organised....with what. An App that's due out the day this goes live or send off for your papers. Sorry it's not going to work. 

We STILL await the WRITTEN details no doubt that will be published with just a week to go and expect nightclub businesses already hit hard just being opened for a matter of weeks to take this hammer blow on the chin, smile and accept it's for the best then make it all magically work in days when everyone in the industry knows its just not workable or likely to make much difference also just make it super complicated and confusing for you our customers who just want to come out for a good time as is your choice. 

Anyhoo, The Scottish Government consultations seemed to have went well with the industry bodies. As of Wednesday this week they have taken Scot Gov to court over all this so await to see what happens now. 

Meanwhile back in Gotham Bathgate we are sat here still answering tons of questions from people who simply want to book up a GIG ticket in advance especially for Halloween 2021. 

So just to let you know we don't require to ask for passports for any live event coming up as we fall under the 500 limit previously published. So won't be. 

Our shows wrap up approx 11pm and while you can stay on to chat to the bands or each other afterwards as before doesn't constitute a nightclub scenario now laid out by Scot Gov for our live level. 

We will await the outcome of the Legal challenge and see the written information from Scot Gov to see what happens next for the Nightclub side of things then come up with some form of plan IF this is still to go ahead or even if it can in it's current state that we are still very much opposed to. 

On the Halloween Party don't panic as there's a bit time in hand to see what develops from all this last minute carry on as that many are asking about. 

As we have been asked to use common sense in the matter we might just do that, as all that matters is you can come to a safe place just the same as it's always been if you choose to do so, rock out with us and come back and do it again in the weeks, months and years that might still come. Showing your papers to get in won't change that simple fact. 

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode.