Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Club Update 22 Sept 2020

After today's Scot Gov announcements (22 Sept) we are PAUSING PUB MODE for a wee while.

We have from the outset made every effort at great cost to have the safest environment for you all to come and enjoy yourself also helping support Scotland's Longest Running Rock Club.
As far as I'm aware the only place to have the level of doorstaff and floorstaff anywhere to manage upto 100 people at nearly a 2m safe distance between tables.

Thank you all that has came out to support us but the time has come to take a short pause.

In recent weeks but mainly since the ban on background music that came into effect back in August ripping the heart out of what we are about has seen one more restriction after another that has most likely shaken your confidence to come out and support us, also made things harder for all staff to look after you which ultimately also made things harder for you guys to follow despite having as much guidance as we possibly could over the months where many didn't care.

It has now got to a point that opening at 7pm then closing for 10pm makes it nearly impossible to be viable and remain open until the restrictions wind back off.
It's been extremely challenging to get people to come along at 7 or 8pm consistently since opening in pub mode as many still treated us as the last stop instead of the first stop so opening earlier on a Saturday for example as many have suggested would mean many having to change the habit of a lifetime. Not to say that might have to happen but for now we have no option really to hit the pause button again and batten down the hatches on the ship for what we are hoping will be a short period of time until pub mode or live music can return.

Once again thanks to all who drank out to help out at Dreadnoughtrock.

We aim to be back as soon as possible.

The Rock Crew.