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Thursday, 16 August 2018

TICKET UPDATES for Ticket Events coming up at Dreadnoughtrock. August 16th 2018

PLEASE NOTE from now on the full allocation of tickets will be ALL out to sell in advance for ALL Forthcoming gigs. No tickets are being planned to be kept back to sell on the night.
Only those advertised gigs and preset before this change will still have the option to buy on the night. 
ONLY if any tickets remain unsold will they be made available on the night. 
Don't gamble - Get your tickets sorted. 
Four Local Outlets and a cracking online service means there's no real excuse not to. 
Tickets are available generally right upto the gig but watch out for ticket warnings when they get low. 

Sat 18 Aug -  NORDOFF ROBBINS CHARITY EVENT with live music from KANE'D, BLACK KING COBRA and CAMPBELLS WILD. Tickets are £10 with ALL PROFITS going to the Charity. Full details at our website and mobile App.

Full running order :
8.30pm approx CAMPBELLS WILD
9.15pm approx BLACK KING COBRA
10.10pm KANE'D
Live music wraps up approx 11pm then Rock Club Action thro till 3m

PLEASE ENSURE YOU GET A TICKET FOR THIS ONE IN ADVANCE !! Three Awesome bands not to be missed.

Fri 24 August - IKARI and SHE BURNS RED - £5 OTD or ONLINE
Sat 25 Aug - BLACK ROSE Thin Lizzy Tribute - £3@door

Fri 31 August - MacMUSE and RADIOHEED - £10 ONLINE and from outlets in ADVANCE !
Online allocation on 16/8/18 was down to just 9 !! 
So the ticket Juggling begins....Make sure you get yours in plenty time as I don't know how many will be left or how it looks until show day. Just saying as ALL Tickets are now set to sell in advance for ALL Out gigs.

Sat 8 SEPT - STORM BREAKERS BATTLE of the BANDS to win a slot at WINTERSTORM 2018.
Tickets £7.50 in advance from ALL OUTLETS and ONLINE

Fri 14 Sept - XSLF and Buzzbomb - Tickets £10 online and from ALL Outlets now.
Tickets still ok level wise but would highly recommend getting one in advance !

Sat 15 Sept - WALKWAY and EDENTHORN - Tickets £7.50 ONLINE and from ALL OUTLETS

Sat 22 Sept - MAIDEN SCOTLAND - Tickets £8 ONLINE and from ALL OUTLETS
Last years gig SOLD OUT so don't fart about or wait too long to get yours this year. Sales are WELL advanced at all outlets and online.

August Rocks the Place that never stops Rockin.......

We are at the midway point of Awesome August after a superb start to the months featuring some great local and nationally recognised originals bands along with some great tributes/covers bands.
A sold out gig from THE KING LOT to kick off the month.
It was a braw night and thankfully no drummers taking a wee turn during the set this time. We love you Chris.
Some nights should have been busier with the standard of musicianship so high but frustratingly again they weren't.
The list of reasons why it wasn't continue to grow by the week.
One day everyone will wonder why is there no live music left in all the clubs and small venues up and down the UK. I know what the answer is right now but you need to suss it out yourself.

Cracking on........ with more Un-Missable Live events at the Place that Rocks EVERY WEEKEND...

Friday 17th Aug - Jojocoke are one of only a handful of bands who have played every year since our new adventure began - why ? That's easy - they are bloody good. If you've not caught them then make this the one ! DOORS 7pm - £3@door (Free b4 8.30pm) - Lads on stage approx 8.45-11pm then the Rock continues upstairs at Scotland's Longest Running Rock Club til 3am. Something you won't and don't get anywhere else. Sat 18th Aug - NR ROCKS - Nordoff Robbins Scotland Charity Event. It is a true privilege to host this music based charity event, but to host it for the FOURTH year on the trot is something quite special as music truly changes lives for those benefiting from a wonderful charity. Your £10 ticket not only gives you one shit hot line up of Rock bands that have included the likes of Gun, The King Lot and Anchor Lane to just name three in the past it also helps the charity no end with FOUR Figure sums of money going there and doing some good for people who deserve it. This year is no exception on quality and we would urge you to grab an advance ticket asap for it as we have all the way fro Wales Kane'd, Glasgow Black King Cobra and Edinburgh Campbell's Wild. It's a great line up not to be missed ! Direct link and info at
Ticket levels are still ok at all outlets and online at 16/8/18. Actually a wee bit better than couple of years ago but still a wee bit below where we thought it would be for such a great line up. 
A small allocation of tickets will be made available on the door at £12 for those who can't grab an advance ticket for one reason or another in next few days. As ever if you are going go grab a ticket today and guarantee your entry plus support an excellent night of live music. 
Some fantastic RAFFLE PRIZES coming in that you can ONLY WIN IF YOU ARE IN !

Fri 24th Aug - IKARI and She Burns Red hit the Dread. Some well kent faces in both line ups as they would say and pretty damn sure it'll be a busy one so why not treat yourself to an advance ticket online or go old skool and pay £5 on the door. Either way - be thar. 
Tickets online at
Doors 7pm - Approx Stage Times from 8.30pm for She Burns Red. 

 Sat 25th Aug. Last year Eddie Steedman decided Black Rose (Thin Lizzy Tribute) had run it's course and that was that. Thankfully after a wee bit thought and tons of support a new line up is together and set to turn back the Rock Clock with us with another superb night of Classic Lizzy. I know it's nuts but this is £3@door and Free b4 8.30pm so come on be early ! 

 Fri 31 Aug - The Last gig of August. Why not do something completely different - something unexpected ! Mmmm ?? How about MacMuse and Radioheed at Dreadnoughtrock Bathgate ? Two Scottish based tributes head along the M8 to give you a gig many are interested in so like many other gigs you get a ticket for - go get a ticket for this one at an outlet or online and guarantee your entry. Tickets are £10 !

Ticket update - 16/8/18 for MacMUSE on 31 Aug that you can also get on our TICKET Blog.
Online Tickets are very low to the point they will require a top up. Please Note this means printed tickets will be removed round the outlets SO if you are getting yours this weekend go get them quickly as the run has begun and who knows how many will be left and where in the run up to this one.

That's August at the Dread on the LIVE LEVEL but remember SCOTLANDS LONGEST RUNNING ROCK ROCK still continues after the live music from approx 11pm to 3am EVERY FRIDAY and SATURDAY NIGHTS. Something you just don't and won't get anywhere else !!

September features another packed schedule with more top notch bands that will be hard to find ANYWHERE else so why not look up the schedule or pop in one night.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018


July is done and dusted as is the period advertised and stated to pop in and see about your VIP Card as they ALL Expired on 1st July.
The Bulk of Vippers have been and done that however as expected....sigh, there are a few stragglers who haven't been in and the inevitable one or two who have been in that didn't check in - thus having their card swiped and or asking to get their new card. Double sigh !
Sadly quite a few didn't make the 6 visits in the last year so once again we are sorry to say your card won't be renewed but you are welcome to pick up a probationary card at the paybooth anytime.
I'll be running over who is still to get theirs this week and reminding them via social media for the last time.

Please Note tho after THIS weekend the 3rd and 4th of August - One month after your card expired you might be chapping - old domino expression there but sure if you google it you'll get the point.

So if you haven't already been in during July it's now LAST CHANCE SALOON to get in and swap cards please.