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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The Final feels like it sometimes !

After an excellent couple of nights Live music from Lonehead and Straight Shooter to a lower than expected turnouts - which is sometimes a little hard to take especially with the calibre of what was on offer for £5 entry, constantly promoted and pushed by yours truly thro every medium that's cost effective - hey it is a business after all and no we canny afford to advertise on the telly.......
We dust ourselves off tho and gear up for another cracking weekend not to be missed. 
I know I always say that but it's true ! 

So to the remaining gigs of June 2018 at Dreadnoughtrock.

FRIDAY 22 JUNE - STONEFACE and SAINTS of ARCADIA. This is a rescheduled gig from the Beast from the East scuppered this excellent show from happening.
Stoneface from Glasgow have appeared a good few times and just get better and more dynamic each time. If you haven't yet caught the guys then getting 45 mins of these guys is worth the fiver alone.
Saints of Arcadia are simply amazing at what they do. Original materialso intense and technical you are left dazed and amazed all in one. They've played to crowds as large as 50,000 people supporting some top top bands across the globe with some songs even popping up in Sega Games.
Again for £5 you would be a mug to pass up the chance to see these guys knock out some might fine tunes.

SATURDAY 23 JUNE - regarded as one if not THE top tribute to Bryan Adams are coming to Dreadnoughtrock we had to reschedule this one as well as some guy called Bryan from Canada decided to play the same night originally as Bryan McAdams were set to play in Glasgow in May !! What a cheek and never even checked our schedule.
Tickets are still available at our outlets and online in the run up to this one. The set is close to 2 and a half hours so at £10 a ticket amazing value even more so when that includes entry to the rock club that costs £5 after 11pm.
So what ye waiting on - GO get a ticket.
Full info at

FRIDAY 29 JUNE - Dirty Betty has been rockin nearly as long as we have playing some mighty fine Rock, Roll, RnB.
Now featuring Glyn Holloway on lead vox your in for a wee treat with a band making their Dread debut. £3@door as well ! I know its just mental sometimes.

SATURDAY 30 JUNE - The Rockfiend Scotland 50th Bash. 
Mrs Rockfiend - Suzy turns 50 and it's a pleasure to host a night of Rock tunage for her and the Rockfiend team who have been reviewing, writing and snapping about many an epic night at Dreadnoughtrock and elsewhere.
Live music from the Voice of The King Lot - Mr Jason Sweeney along with VICE from Manchester who will tone it doon a wee bit from their hard hitting Rock Originals and play some covers as well.
Its open to ALL and just £5 to come along and join in the LAST GIG of June at Scotlands Longest Running Rock Club.
Hope to see you there. If I don't I'll hire Liam Neeson and he'll no be long in finding you and get you in rocking with us.