Sunday, 8 January 2023


 Apologies for lack of news updates via our new page since Late 2022 but due to lack of response and readership verses the amount of effort put into updates resources were spread elsewhere in run up to end of year. 

Sporadic updates will still be published but only for major news updates in 2023. 

All events will roll out as normal as advertised in events listings.

We will be rocking every Friday and Saturday 7pm-3am with odd Thursday or Sunday special. 

We appreciate things are tight right now for many just the same as it is for us with massive hikes in our electricity bills, supplier costs, even oor loo rolls have gone up in price and haven't passed a penny of this on in 2022 hoping that will also continue into 2023 as far as we can afford. 

Support the events - support your venue. 

One third of nightclubs in the UK closed during 2022.