Wednesday, 24 November 2021

NEWS ? 24 Nov 2021


No change to the ongoing covid plan from Scot Gov this week which for a minute thought was going to bring the roof down on things again. 

So could have been much worse so why not make the most of it while it lasts with some epic live nights ahead and the chance to rock upstairs afterwards ? After all the ongoing mitigations seem to be working for us as we kind insist you wear a mask and ask for good hand hygiene etc etc that's been going for a long while so nothing new. 

Semi good news too that Lateral Flow Tests can also be accepted from 6th Dec as an alternative to covid vaccine proof to enter the nightclub or go upstairs after a live show especially for those who wanted to come along to the likes of our HOGMANAY PARTY. We would rather the vaccine checks were scrapped altogether with nearly 90% of over 18's being fully vaccinated but nae point keep banging on about percentages, risk factors, statistics and of course no available data that covid passports are producing a difference as stated by both Scottish and Welsh governments thus far. 

A wee reminder they (covid passports) are not required for entry to our live shows as we are both under 500 specified capacity and wrap up live shows before midnight. Covid vaccine status checks or Lateral Flow only apply to enter upstairs. 

Hope to see you at the club and take in one of many excellent shows in the weeks and months ahead. 

Try to get a ticket in advance as it shows you are actually coming, as using my crystal ball is getting a wee bit frustrating again. 

Stay safe and keep Rocking.