Thursday, 3 June 2021

June 3rd Update

First of all - Hip Hip for the Galad........wait that's not on this year again. Damn it, my new trainers will have to stay in the box a bit longer. 

Thanks to all who read the monster, informative and very important update from our point of view about the lack of re-opening for now anyway. Well all 41 of you which is a little underwhelming considering 1000's viewed previous smaller updates on facebook previously.......or so Facebook says which I always had my doubts but anyhoo it would be really good and important you had a guid read at that before moving on with this one. 

So if you haven't yet read about my from last week then click over now to it then come back to this one.  

All caught up ? Apologies I know it was a big one. 

So we are now at level 1 then from this weekend. 

Another step in the right direction in West Lothian for sure in the game of Covid Pontoon to get to Zero and more normality after that. 

Thanks again for a guid few messages in this week after the drop to tier one from folk saying is that us open again. 

Sadly nothing really has changed in the last week dropping from tier 2 to tier 1 I'm afraid. 

Tier one only gives an extra whopping 30min later opening which is not a game changer for anyone tbh but ALL the restrictions and 2m distancing ALL remain in place that I rambled on about in the last blog are still all applicable and still need/wait on the promised social distancing review to see what can be done in the weeks ahead. Until we know that and responses to some key questions from our local environmental dept who are doing their best to wade through all the guidance with us which takes time -  it's still a wait and see. Sorry we know you want back rocking as much as we do but a wee bit more patience which will build up a wee bit more confidence is still the way for June by the looks of it. 

We are hopeful at some point in the very near future which may be now July that we will be back with you and have alot pencilled in ready to go if it's viable and enjoyable to do so. IF anything changes you will be the first to ken

Stay safe and be ready to rock at a moments notice. Over and Out.