Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Club Update 15 Dec 2021 following the FM announcement on 14 December and the current Scot Gov messaging.

Club Update 15 Dec 2021 following the FM announcement on 14 December and the current Scot Gov messaging.
Hi all and hope you are well in the run up to the festive period.
Unfortunately we stand at the crossroads yet again.
A near impossible position to deal with or work out as our core activities both involve a fair amount of social interaction that in the last week health officials and now Scot Gov have been asking you to avoid.
We have since and throughout re-opening in July tried our very best to offer a safe, well ventilated space to enjoy live events and rock along upstairs. Nothing has changed on that.
Building confidence has been our main mission along with bringing back some well-deserved live music and nights out at Scotland’s longest running rock club after a lengthy lay off. The necessary checks at the door, track and trace, asking and insisting on masks to come in or get served have all been small parts of our overall risk protocols along with a mile long list of other things we had to do in order to get rocking again.
Despite the hammer blow of covid passports in October we just got on with it even though it caused more mayhem than it should have that ultimately just caused a downturn in footfall as folk were just confused or upset by it all defaulting to not bothering going out in some occasions. The last thing we needed though.
We’ve always known it wasn’t going to be easy but with massive efforts from the rock crew, some superb well attended shows and decent turnout to the nightclub it has been good enough in business terms recently and have to say was going in the right direction with confidence returning too. However over the last few weeks we have seen events with large sales in advance see an increase in drop off to attendance mirrored up and down the country.
After the info from the Heath officials dropped on Thursday and announcement from FM on Friday set most of the hospitality and events sector into freefall.
We saw that first hand ourselves with a large no-show on Saturday which was a hard one to take after all the effort from the band, preparation and staffing arrangements to make for an epic night.
We have always and will continue to do our best for you our customers and hard working rock crew while balancing the business needs in order to still be rocking in the weeks and months ahead especially as 50 years approaches.
We appreciate the impossible balance many households are facing now too both financially and health wise in the run up to Christmas. Although some Government support has been mentioned which we welcome, unfortunately we are back to a great guessing game of who will be coming, what is round the corner for business like ourselves and what’s next is our main concern now.
So for the weeks ahead we will have to see what is coming when it comes then deal with it accordingly. Some things may well be out with our control but for now we do what we do best and hope you will still do it with - rock (obviously in a safe and controlled manner)

So all we can say for now is that we are still very much open for business - as close to normal as we can with all the CURRENT risk mitigations until actual updates or what new legal obligations that have been mentioned come in print to assess.
We will be contacting the bands to suss out their side of things and thoughts. As each event is different from the next on many levels also in financial expectations we will have to assess each one as we go, so bear with us on that please.
As much as we can things will go as planned that hopefully will give you the confidence to plan ahead as we try to.
Some may need to be tweaked, adjusted or postponed due to the structure of arrangements – equally some can go ahead as planned.
Full updates as ever will be provided and hopefully given the circumstances you will understand, much of which will be out of our hands due what many are saying is a stealth lockdown.
We hope to see you in THIS weekend, the festive week and thro the new year also hope you look through the ever growing list of live events that extend to Dec 2022.
If you can and want to attend it would be VERY handy to know by buying an advance ticket or even a simple comment that we are coming along if you can’t commit financially just now.
It helps in yet another uncertain period ahead.
From this weekend we would like everyone attending to do a lateral flow test beforehand regardless of vaccine status and log results on gov site as proof of negative test.
Please also remember to have and wear a facemask as many seem to have forgotten over the weeks. We won’t be supplying anyone who has forgotten theirs any longer which ended up getting silly. We are sorry but that’s on you now to ensure you have one and wear it unless genuinely exempt. No mask will mean you will not be able to come in or get served and given the current circumstances think that is fair to say.
17th December – Following the advice issued by the Scottish government yesterday, the ANCHOR LANE show due to take place on 17th December 2021 is postponed until Saturday 23rd April 2022 and more information will be available for all ticket holders for the rescheduled date via our ticket partner Skiddle shortly. The band want everyone who attends the show to feel confident and safe whilst in a live gigging environment, we respect their decision and agree it is for the best given the current structure of arrangements. As ever, tickets previously purchased will be valid for the new date.
Unfortunately we will have to juggle what to do and under the circumstances feel simply opening 7pm – 1am on downstairs level is best default option for us anyone who wants to rock with us.
As we have been monitoring things closely later on in the evening for some time and given the circumstances this week feel there is not enough desire to open the nightclub on Friday 17th Dec I’m afraid.
It will now be FREE ENTRY as there won’t be any live entertainment in place at this short notice. Please remember that all the mitigations will still be required such as masks, track and trace along with good hand hygiene also please give a wee bit more space to those around you for time being.
18th December - The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience event goes ahead as planned on the live level also we will be opening upstairs after the band to 3am for some rock jockery.
Please remember that all the mitigations will still be required such as masks, track and trace along with good hand hygiene also please give a wee bit more space to those around you for time being.
ALL CURRENT mitigations will be applied to this event and to nightclub entry all of which can be found as they always have been on the home page of our website.
So please grab a ticket and show you are coming.
Capacity has been cut back for this event to allow for wee bit extra distancing around the live area to those who wish it but as yet not seen any details relating to that OR any hospitality updates that we will legally be obliged to deal with. Certainly if that changes we will update things accordingly.
Once we get past this weekend we will assess all the events that lie ahead and nightclub entry but as mentioned want everything to go as planned where possible including Hogmanay.
However If you don’t fancy it – please say that.
If you are up for it – say you are too.
It helps more than you think, especially now …..also saves me looking for my mind reading machine.
MERCH ORDERS can be picked up this Friday and Saturday if you haven’t already done so for xmas !!

In any event all of the Rock Crew would like to wish you all a great Christmas if you aren’t planning on being in before Santa comes to empty his sack and hope to see you for Hogmanay 2021.

Friday, 10 December 2021

News Update 10 December

Following the covid update today from FM there now follows an update...well not really as nothing really changed for us.

As there has been NO actual change to any guidance or measures relating to hospitality or our operations there's no new news to update you on despite an avalanche of calls and messages asking if this weekend is going ahead. 

The simple answer is YES, all events and openings are as advertised as there has been no changes.

Just a re-enforcement of what is already in place that we have been asking for weeks and months, all of which I go the extra mile to produce a try to cover everything in our customer guidance document and place it on the website.

So wear a mask and wash yer hands. It helps and not hard to do. 

Star prize of not getting in to club will go to those who say they don't have a mask or  they've not been asked to wear a mask anywhere else on their pub travels that night. Really ? Oh yes we get it every weekend and let's say gets annoying. 

You shouldn't need asked, its for you to have one, pop it on and more so now or is that too much hassle. 

The only thing extra to our guidance is to ask if you are coming to the club is to test before hand again more so now than in past. 

Thanks again and keep supporting the venue.  

Oh and thanks to the 11 who read the last news update 🙄 

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

NEWS ? 24 Nov 2021


No change to the ongoing covid plan from Scot Gov this week which for a minute thought was going to bring the roof down on things again. 

So could have been much worse so why not make the most of it while it lasts with some epic live nights ahead and the chance to rock upstairs afterwards ? After all the ongoing mitigations seem to be working for us as we kind insist you wear a mask and ask for good hand hygiene etc etc that's been going for a long while so nothing new. 

Semi good news too that Lateral Flow Tests can also be accepted from 6th Dec as an alternative to covid vaccine proof to enter the nightclub or go upstairs after a live show especially for those who wanted to come along to the likes of our HOGMANAY PARTY. We would rather the vaccine checks were scrapped altogether with nearly 90% of over 18's being fully vaccinated but nae point keep banging on about percentages, risk factors, statistics and of course no available data that covid passports are producing a difference as stated by both Scottish and Welsh governments thus far. 

A wee reminder they (covid passports) are not required for entry to our live shows as we are both under 500 specified capacity and wrap up live shows before midnight. Covid vaccine status checks or Lateral Flow only apply to enter upstairs. 

Hope to see you at the club and take in one of many excellent shows in the weeks and months ahead. 

Try to get a ticket in advance as it shows you are actually coming, as using my crystal ball is getting a wee bit frustrating again. 

Stay safe and keep Rocking. 

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

November 16 Blurb.

Well done to all who came along to what was first outings at the club for both bands at the weekend at the club with both proving a massive hit with those who committed to an advance ticket and then showed up on the night. So bravo to KILLER INSTINCT and READY STEADY 60's for some top live entertainment. Much appreciated as ever also to those who rocked along and danced the night away upstairs too.

We have more of the same great mix of live music and rock club action heading your way week after week still to come that looks like are going to be more epic nights in the run to the festive period. Everything is listed on the website 24/7 where you can get all the info and buy a ticket.

To this weekend and we kick off THURSDAY night this weekend with some INTERNATIONAL GRADE musicians.

KYLE HUGHES - The Young Newcastle Drummer has already made an impact in the world of music performing on the same stage as Jools Holland, Simple Minds, Scouting for Girls, Texas, Adam Ant, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N Roses) and The Jacksons. Kyle still continues to tour all around the world with various bands and artists, Bumblefoot (Sons of Apollo, Guns N Roses) & Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy) to name a few.


MARCO MENDOZA - who hasn't he played for is probably easier to list but currently with Journey.

Amazing support from BAD ACTRESS as well.
What more could you want on a Thursday night !!!???

This might be a one off chance to catch Marco and the lads for a while also it's the LAST night of their current tour for a wee bit so make the most of it and grab a ticket in advance online. Some tickets have been allocated to buy on the door as well from a few who have been asking ---->>>
Please Note this is a downstairs event only. Doors 7pm Bad Actress on stage 8pm

Battalion of Flies, Royal Bloom and Shallow all hit the stage for a Grunge and Rock night. Tickets still available online in advance but have an allocation set up for paying on the night as well for this one ----->>>>
Doors 7pm. First Band on 8pm

Welcomes back PORK PIE and an amazing night of all the classics from the Ska era. All the big hitters in the set that sold out in record time again. HOWEVER some ticket holders are offering some spare tickets via the event RE:SELL facility so if you left it too late and would still like to come get over to the event and snap them spare ticket up and join us ---->>>
Doors 7pm - Approx Stage times 8.30pm to give plenty time to get in - get a good dancing spot and a couple of drinks ahead of some serious dancing.

NO Covid Passports/Vaccine Status checks required for these live events downstairs.
Only required for nightclub entry upstairs when open.

Full details on all that via website also ongoing requirements such as masks and track and trace.

In other news this week we have announced the cancellation of The Gathering III on 5th Feb 2022 due to very very poor sales. In the last 12 months despite offering early bird deals and the roll over of sales from the postponed Feb 2021 event it had only sold 14 tickets online. A massive amount of folk had taken the time to go onto the event page nearly 10 times the amount of the 2020 event. So why not a better uptake for a great all day line up - who knows but we can't gamble in the next two months triple figures of tickets will move.

Thursday, 4 November 2021

November 2021

Well what can you say about Rocktober 2021. 

Frustrating to amazing all in a weekend. Packed to the rafters and not so packed to the rafters. It's difficult to explain to be honest as we rounded off the month by another amazing Halloween Party. 

Thanks again to all who made it happen. 

You can get a wee glimpse of that here on our photo section. 

One constant thro' the uncertainty is we are still moving heaven and earth to bring you top live music and rock club action EVERY weekend that you just won't get anywhere else in the Lothian's as we rock on and be there for nights like Halloween. Just wish that level of commitment could be made on many other nights if I'm honest as it's just as safe on all our other nights too.

We also stood on the edge of the cliff a couple of times in October with a couple of events in the month that should have been postponed due to poor sales but we held firm for those who committed to a ticket and to the bands travelling from far and wide. Soooo glad we did as they didn't disappoint on stage. We thank those for showing up and supporting some excellent artists also to all the bands who supported the situation at some cost to them also. No explanation to it I'm afraid but as I keep saying it's the very last resort for us to cancel and unless going to really hurt financially will carry on best we can which we are glad went ahead. We hope you can understand that taking the plunge early to get tickets and not leave it to the very last minute to see if it will go ahead which is a wee bit backwards in thinking if I'm blunt, helps massively. If everyone held off then nothing would go ahead now would it ?? or Is it busy ? - ach I'll no bother then. How will it ever get busy if everyone did that too ? Or later in the night it does get busy and you've missed out big time. 

A wee bit of faith and confidence goes along way just now. 

Frustrating - you bet, especially when the those who do come pick their jaws aff the floor on what they are seeing for the money. They are the ones asking us where is everyone or look what they are missing at the quieter nights, then at the other extreme complimenting us on the ones that run perfectly to a capacity audiences. We hear it constantly. Also if this venue was in .....Edinburgh, Glasgow, London or generally where the people who have travelled for hours to make an event saying they would be here every week or be jammed packed if this closer to them or was in...........fill in the blank place.  

The simple fact is it isn't anywhere else and right here on many doorsteps as it has been for decades and sometimes taken for granted that we will always be open for next Halloween or next big gig. We very much plan to be as it'll be 50 years of the club in 2022 !

We get it is still very much a see what happens for you just now but please don't buy into the we are heading for another lockdown or the doom never to go out again - do what you can and be in when you can as your support is appreciated regardless and still very much needed going forward. Even if it's just a simple share on social media or a like as it can make all the difference if not coming out. That's way better than not doing anything or skipping past our reminders and posts.

SO a new re-cap before I run over November.

Covid Passports/ Vaccine status proof are only required to be on the upper Nightclub level. 

So if coming to a general live event downstairs you WON'T REQUIRE to show vaccine proof to be at the show or stay on DOWNSTAIRS after the live event ends at approx 11pm to catch up with pals, the band etc etc etc. ONLY IF you want to be upstairs in the nightclub will you have to show your proof of vaccine on entry from 10pm or going upstairs after the show. Hope that helps a pretty confusing situation as it will vary from venue to venue and gig to gig as everywhere is different. Something not assisted by Scot Gov to be honest and lack of information or clarity over the last month as many still don't have a clue it's now law and been in place since 1st October. 

The bottom line is 88% of the over 18's are double jagged but you have to prove it say Scot Gov to get into the nightclub. We don't agree at all with it but there ye go. We can be prosecuted if we don't ask to see the proof or refuse entry to those without it even though statistically we know that nearly 9 out of 10 people will be fully vaccinated at the door. It's bonkers so please take that up with your local MSP on why you need to prove it but in the meantime please make the effort to get your proof posted out, on your phone or via the app. For now we need to see it as do all nightclubs and many other places in Scotland. 

Track and Trace is built into your live event tickets so only required to check in manually if coming along to the nightclub. 

MASKS have still to be worn to enter, move about and being served at the bar. We have refused service to a good few over the past wee while that have entered with a mask to then say they didn't need one. You do and the staff aren't zipped up the back so pop on your mask, get served and enjoy your night. I know this might come as a shock but our patience is a little thin now so a wee bit assistance with something so simple yet effective to reduce the risk of transmission would be appreciated. I've not been asked for it elsewhere or don't have one will only get a death stare. 


Can I jump in here and take you to Thursday 18th Oct and say that opportunities to have the likes of MARCO MENDOZA come to play are few and far between so when the call comes no matter what night of the week it falls on you have to sometimes take the plunge and risk that like many other gigs similar we get a packed venue to welcome artists like this. Marco has played with many awesome bands over the years also tours regularly all over the world himself and with some talented musicians. So are you in or out ? 

We kick off the month with local lads BLACK DOG DAYS who are no strangers to the club that always pack the place out so if you've not already got a ticket time is running out or gamble and rock up on the night as many have done in the past. 

McFleetwood join us for the first time with good mate John Clelland on the drums. We tried over the years to grab a date with these guys so at long last after a few covid postponements the night is finally here at the start of November. Tickets are all but sold out so join the waiting list for a last hope of getting in on 6th. 

Killer Instinct have a local connection to Bathgate and as we are always looking to widen the appeal of the venue chuffed the lads are finally playing bringing a superb tribute to THE KILLERS to town for you. Tickets are well advanced so don't leave it too late. 

Ready Steady 60's brings exactly what it says on the tin to town with a roll back in time to bring some classics to the stage. The lads involved in this fairly new band are top notch as is their experience. With a wide range of songs - all of which are listed in the event via the website then this is one for you. 

Marco Mendoza the current bass jedi for JOURNEY joins us on his world tour with Gun's Tommy Gentry and Kyle Hughes from Bumblefoot. I could go on but it's put up or shut up time. Want to see some world class talent a few feet away from you then get a ticket. If not please sit on the fence. The young rockers Bad Actress are back with us who won Stormbreakers also making a big buzz in the industry just now and a brilliant opening act for Marco. 

Battalion of Flies are some well kent faces and back in the groove. Despite many covid postponements its awesome to have former King Lot drummer Chris and Craig the Angus from Volts back with us supported by two superb bands. For the ticket price it's another what are ye waiting for ! get in and see three superb bands for the cost of a fish supper. 

Pork Pie are back and a complete departure from rock. Bring all the SKA classics to the stage again that sold out in record time pre-covid and many holding onto those tickets for dear life proves a something a wee bit different works wonders. Canny wait to be honest to what is always a brilliant fun night. Oh did I mention its STILL SOLD OUT !!

To the last weekend of the month and TWO more epic nights ahead. 

FOREIGNERS JOURNEY are back playing tribute to two of the most iconic bands of all time that always pack the place out. So again don't hold back or you won't get in. 

THE GIMMES are back - what have I done. New material is rumoured so what the night holds apart from the usual mayhem is always an adventure. Support from Emergency Exit and Mucky Scoundrel. Again for the ticket cost don't let me hold ye back - get in and grab a ticket. 

ALL the INFO, TICKETS, UPDATES all on the website events so get over and get clicking away. 

Covid info and customers guidance ? Yup that's on the website too. 

Opening times and costs ? Yup that's on the website too. 

In fact pretty much everything I could think of that you would need is on the website and simply a click away. So don't let me hold you back any longer - get over there. 

Friday, 29 October 2021

The last weekend of Rocktober

What a month its been. Filled with highs and lows. Full of positives and negatives and not just lat flow tests. 

I'll tell ye its hard going, but the loonies that we are we battle, grind it out and fight for everything and every night. 

Pretty frustrating in bits too with sensational artists playing and some decided the couch was a better bet only to ask how it went. Even better if more showed up would be a blunt answer. Again I can't thanks those enough that did come and rock and boy how you were rewarded. 

We see out the rest of the month with a triple nighter all of which can be found on the website 

No real news updates this week that haven't been covered on masks, track and trace, covid passports and where to find all that info, yup on the website. 

Loads of new gigs are getting set up all the time so we'll worth keeping a weekly eye on the listings. 

November kicks off next week - check it all out and nab those all important tickets. 

Hope to see ye this week. 

Friday, 15 October 2021

The last weekend of the Grace Period on covid Passports for nightclub entry.


Hi everyone.

This week’s news UPDATE - Sorry it’s also a biggie in length. OOooeer Mrs.

Firstly, a massive thanks to all who have been into any gig since the start of July also more recently when the shackles were released a bit more where we got back to full capacity. Also, to those who chose to come along and rock to 3am once again. You guys are helping keep the lights on. Bravo to you all and to all the bands who for the first time in hundreds and hundreds of days came back and played. It’s been hard fought and utterly brilliant.

We have more superb events coming up before the end of the month in shape of LED ASTRAY, UK/DC, GREIG TAYLOR BAND, ANCHOR LANE, AIRFORCE, MEDUSA TOUCH, PETTY HEARTBREAKERS and NIGHTFLY at HALLOWEEN. Some are selling really well and others really need that wee bit extra effort if coming along to nab a ticket noo or even just share the event on to someone who might fancy it if you don’t.

It’s still mega important to show you are coming for future shows, more now than ever before and still to buy an advance ticket. It helps work out staff, stock (which is a pain in the nuts getting) and even if an event will be viable enough for a band that may have to travel hundreds of miles to be with us rather than a hope and prayer that people will come.

Next is a wee reminder again that all the news, updates, gig listings, event info, tickets and customer guidance is all on the WEBSITE 24/7. If there are tickets available, they will be there to buy. If they have ran oot then a waiting list to get first dibs on will appear. What time we are open to, what’s the stage times……..etc etc etc. I make sure that all the info is all there to assist and answer all these questions in advance. So if I could ask it for it to be the first port of call for info you need that would be appreciated. There is a high probability it’s there somewhere.

The website also has a customer guidance download to help explain things such as TRACK and TRACE and the WEARING OF FACE COVERINGS to help reduce the risk of transmission to both you and STAFF - without whom we wouldn't be able to open properly. So when asked please wear one especially when going to the bar. For those persistently and blatantly refusing to pop a mask on we can refuse service. 

As the website is now 17 years old kinda thought that would be the automatic choice over social media where many things can be easily missed….mibbey including this update………

Now to the problem child that’s been annoying us since early September. The elephant in the room. The doomsday device, yup - Covid Passports, Vaccine Status or whatever you want to call them. For us it’s mainly words with loads of swearing.

As I’ve mentioned many times, we ain’t happy with it and still think it’s unfair not only to those who have chosen not to take the vaccine coming in to the club IF THEY WISH, to those who can’t get the vaccine due to medial reasons but to everyone who had been single or double jagged already needing to get their status all sorted after stepping up to do their bit to look after themselves now to prove they have had 2 jags, to others and reduce but not completely stop the risk of transmission.

It’s no big deal many will argue. You are correct, it isn’t. But many still aren’t, won’t or can’t get their status and that’s the issue we face as we need to see proof from 18th October to allow entry from 10pm to the NIGHTCLUB.

So this weekend of 15 and 16th Oct is the last weekend of the grace period so won't be refused entry. 

Please bear with me while I explain further and potentially catastrophic in the very near future.

First of all, the main point Scot Gov made for introducing this was to drive up vaccine uptake, but no mention to what level. We are currently at 85% (3.8 million people) double and 90% (over 4 million people) single jagged. So when the singles catch up to as near as damn 90%, possibly a fraction more of the Scottish adult population will be fully vaccinated according to reports and information widely available. That’s a lot. 9 out of 10 people are fully vaccinated. But will that be plenty ? Some will have had a booster as well in weeks ahead so now triple jagged.

No one can answer it or when the need for showing you are fully vaccinated diminishes to just going overseas and not for any domestic setting no matter what season we are in. I would say we are already there as you will never get 100% for a voluntary vaccine but as according to another report I read only 700,000 people away from that. For the record I’m fully vaccinated and have all three proofs.  There was also a mention that this will allow nightclubs to remain open in the winter period ?  Well, I have to say when I tell you our worries that doesn’t really come into it as we will be lucky to get thro the next period with this in place without a lot of assistance in more ways than one.

For you see from start of October when this became mandatory to check on entry, we luckily have had a grace period where we wouldn’t be legally obliged to refuse entry to anyone who didn’t have their status yet, know they needed it or couldn’t get a copy of their vaccine status yet thro the fully and rigorously tested app that came out with hours to spare to the deadline or simply for the postie bringing it to you.  

As going to the Dread can be spontaneous, few beers with mates and group of friends – lets go to the Dread. Ring any bells. Magic times but hang on has everyone pre-planned their night with military precision now. Thought every detail thro and checked everyone else they might bump into when out has too ? Has everyone got their covid status. Probably naw. So what then ? Probably every one not coming in that group? That's only something you can answer.

The checks we carried out in the last two weeks would only allow about 25% of those who came to get in as they had their status with them. So worryingly 75% of those we know will most likely be double jagged would have got turned away or we would be prosecuted or fined or indeed dragged thro the streets behind a horse like in the olden days for letting you in. Either way this will be catastrophic to business through no fault of our own if these levels remain. Take away all the political nonsense, the lack of actual reason and proof this will work, the simple numbers mean it will cripple an industry that has barely been open 5-6 weeks after being closed for a very long time.  

More so when I read that approx half a million had managed to get the app to work to date and about the same again have paper or downloaded their status. So that’s a million give or take. Even with some rough Blackburn maths that’s only about a quarter of the nearly 4 million that should be double jagged soon.  As we are being asked to check 100% of those who enter after 10pm for entry to the nightclub you will now see why being able to stay open doesn’t come into it. Woo hoo we can stay open to turn away the vast majority of our customers. That’s magic. Getting dragged down the street behind a hoard of anything sounds like a decent option now.

So when we say it’s unfair it applies to all of us and just the tip of the iceberg. Those who canny get in because they can’t prove they are fully vaccinated but we know they are with simple probability (see you should have listened in Maths at school now) and those who would love to who also canny as they decided not to take the vaccine as is their choice.

So… yeah I know another “so” ………as it stands after 18th October when we are legally enforced to refuse entry to anyone without proof of vaccination or proof of exemption that are being sent direct to those who clinically are unable to get a vaccine then, we in no uncertain terms will be humped UNLESS way more get their status sorted asap that intend coming along to rock with us in the nightclub and also from 7pm at our Halloween Party and beyond.

Thankfully this carry on still won’t apply to our gigs on the lower level as the live music wraps up before the midnight deadline set out in the amazing set of parameters that details when a vaccine status check have to be done. The Link to the guidance is down a wee bit FYI. 

We have also asked and had confirmed by our local environmental dept on a wee grey issue we came up with where anyone who stays on after the gig to talk to the band, buy Merch or have a beer with them which passes midnight is ok as it’s happens a fair amount with people enjoying themselves a wee bit longer….but as long as you don’t go upstairs. Will you turn into a gremlin if you do….no we need to check your passport but staying downstairs we don’t.

This only applies to those who came to the gig btw, not for those coming to the nightclub from 10pm. Still with me ? Good. It’s because downstairs doesn’t have a designated dance floor or area before you ask and no you can’t just opt to stay downstairs when coming in after 10pm. We checked.. No we can’t say upstairs doesn’t have a designated dance floor either btw.

So now you know where our worries are coming from.  

We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.


Now to end on a cheery note we are still working away (very hard) on the new ladies loos downstairs. Many won’t have a fooking clue what we are on about so let me recap quickly. We are re-locating the ladies and accessible loos away from the stage downstairs to make the live experience another bit better, make stage a wee bit bigger, easier for the girls to get to the loo instead of having to nip upstairs at busy nights also assist on stage logistics and set up.

Where will they be ? Into the car park…..well not quite but close. Something we have been planning before the pesky covid came along and sadly has been slow going since start of this year to get everything going. We aren’t putting a completion date on it and not entirely sure how we christen them……not with champagne anyway as it’s not a boat. When done you’ll know but getting there now.

So… I know….so if you could help where you can in next period it would be greatly appreciated.

Whether you can share a social media post about a gig, buy a ticket, wear your mask to go to the bar or make sure you get your vaccine status sorted to come out then you will help keep us rocking into 2022 and 50 years of the Dread.

Oh talking of which Hogmanay details coming soon and festive openings.

As you can tell it’s been a little busy lately.



Thursday, 7 October 2021

This weeks News 7 October

Just a quick news update this week to say please refer to the website for latest customer guidance and covid vacc status checks also any relevant gig info for stage times, last entry to nightclub etc etc. 

It's all on there so please check before messaging as I'm sure will cover 99% of queries. 

LAST WEEKS NEWS UPDATE is worth going back to if you click here. 

Also the news past and present is via THE NEWS TAB of the website. Just in case you missed something including what the low down is on Covid Passports and especially MASKS that are still mandatory to wear just about anywhere you go and we are no exception. The excuses are getting a bit thin, next it'll be the dog ate it. 

Only major update this week regards the live event on 16th October. 

At the start of the week we learned that one of the VOLTS AC/DC guitarists was really struggling to play due due to extreme pain on the same hand he had major reconstructive surgery on in 2020. All avenues were explored to get a stand-in etc. Sadly the only option was for Volts to drop off the show as simply limping thro the event for the sake of it wasn't an option either. 

With alot of soul searching, discussions not to let the AC/DC fans down that night and with the blessing of the lads we looked for another AC/DC tribute to step in on the night. Something we would never do normally. With a small amount of luck the lads from UK/DC have agreed to motor up from Newcastle to bring the DC classics to you instead. 

Emails have been sent via skiddle as well as social media updates to inform those coming along that all tickets will remain valid so no need to do anything if you still want to come along. IF not please drop me an email to sort things out for you. 

Volts will return in Feb 2022. A new event has been set up but please note tickets from 16th October will not carry over to the new date. 

Thanks again for your continued support and attending the club in a very uncertain period for the whole industry. It's very much needed and appreciated. 

Wednesday, 29 September 2021

OCTOBER or ROCKTOBER as we like to call it....oh and a Covid Passport update.

Another month cometh at the Dreadnought and some mighty nights of live music and nightclub action lie ahead. 

That's all we should be focusing on, promoting events, reminding those yet to do so to grab a ticket as ever BUT the start of this month it looks like all attention surrounds Covid Status or Passports, the ongoing current mandatory factors we already have to deal with as well as overcoming the ongoing uncertainty. It's getting a tad exhausting if I'm honest. I should mibbey take up brain surgery, rocket science or quantum realm theory as its got to be way easier than running a venue just now. 

SO this news update will run over some CURRENT factors we are asking to be adhered to and then the impending Covid Passport

SO a quick RECAP :

On entry to the club for live events your track and trace is build into the ticket purchase. The relevant details, guests names etc are all there so there is no need to use the NHS track and Trace system as well. For entry to the club for anything else you have to use the NHS Track and Trace system which everyone is happy to do as it's widely used across the nation and in town by many other venues. 

MASKS - Still a mandatory requirement unless you have a genuine medical reason not to wear one for ENTRY, MOVING ABOUT and DEFINATELY GOING TO THE BAR which should apply to all bars, venues, restaurants across Scotland. 

However we seem to get more and more  "A've no been asked anywhere else the night to wear one" "A've no got one" "A've lost it". 

Now can I be blunt and say this isn't new, it's been a requirement for nearly a year in ALL hospitality settings. So please don't be offended when we are and will be very blunt when you come out with any of that at the door when you try to enter. Only those with genuine exemptions will be allowed in without a mask so please take this on board as it's getting a bit thin. Thankfully this is perfectly fine for the vast majority but just trying to nip this in the bud so to speak. 

We have always tried as hard as possible to take as much risk of transmission away we can with all the measures that we have put in place. Masks are just one thing and why we ask not only for YOUR BENEFIT but ALL OUR STAFF without whom we will not be able to operate or open.

When asked at the bar please don't come up with the same excuses you did at the door again as the bar staff know in order to get in you had a mask on. Just pop it on please. 

So if you feel you can't go along with this please don't come. Simple as that. 

LATERAL FLOW TESTS - They are not a requirement for entry to the club or live events. We would ask you on a personal level to test before you come but no need to show or bring them with you. 


Contrary to some information and press reports it STILL comes into effect from 1st October BUT WE won't legally ENFORCED to uphold checks and refuse entry to anyone that doesn't have their covid status arranged yet until 18 October to the NIGHTCLUB but still need to ask for it from Friday 1st at 10pm. Only those who are in the exemption categories won’t have to show proof of vaccinations. (At time of publishing this still to have more precise details other than those who have a medical reason, staff, performers and those on vaccine trials. For a full list please refer to Scot Gov)

Thankfully We have been given a GRACE period to start checks, ask to see your QR codes on your phone or in paper form and remind you that it is actually now in force WITHOUT REFUSING ENTRY AT THIS TIME. This is also a period for you to get organised for the weeks ahead. Basically so we can all sort our shit out and come up with a compliance plan. 

The main message for now is get your covid status app or downloads sorted asap as it looks very much like Scot Gov are forging ahead with this and we will have no choice legally to check and refuse entry after 18 October.


We know it is still a very hot topic and causing massive uncertainty with days or hours to go before the introduction which we are very opposed to for the very same reasons the Night Time Industry Association are lodging legal proceedings this week. Sadly the legal challenge failed so have no choice to introduce it to PART of our night within the club as I said above.

One way or another it will just hurt a very fragile industry and business also cause more division despite cases falling just as quick as they went up.

It certainly doesn’t help the new app to have your status on your phone was or may still be causing problems and also requires identification verification thro a driving license or passport. After several attempts this on Thursday night and early Friday I have managed to set it up. So be patient if you can but far from ideal so thank fekk for the grace period. 

Over 3.8 million Scots have had two doses of the vaccine and a very high percentage of the population 18 plus (nearly 85%), HOWEVER we got some interesting info that approx only 600,000 had downloaded a copy of their original vaccine status so far or had it posted out OR in my case both. Lets err on the side of safety and say it's a million. So without the use of a calculator that's a fekking massive amount of folk needing to wait on the postman for Friday 1st October or possibly waiting on the untested covid status app on Thursday working. Granted not all of the 2 or 3 million will be all going to the fitba, theatres, large events and even to our humble wee club but I'm not quite seeing it working. Can you ? Also no mention yet exactly who can be exempt from this and how it will be managed for them. It's simply unfair and not proportional. 

So to what we actually know from the information published on Thur 23rd Sept and more details on Tues 28th that we constantly have to go hunting for by the way. We don't get told it's published we have to go check for these things fyi. 

Based on the publications as of 28/9/21 :

FOR LIVE EVENT NO COVID STATUS will be requested for ANY of our live shows on the lower level. However there is always a kick in the nuts that I'll get to in a second that comes in the form of a time limit. Yup another bonkers time limit forced upon the industry. 

Our live shows are under 500 capacity (the whole venue capacity is under that btw) also that the conclude before MIDNIGHT which according to the published guidance will be fine: 

For venues that meet these criteria, the person responsible for operating the premises will be under a legal obligation to take all reasonable measures to ensure that, after midnight, only customers who are fully vaccinated or exempt are on the premises.

SO with most leaving after the gig we would only have to reasonably take measures to ensure that after the live show only customers that are fully vaccinated or exempt are on premises at the stroke of midnight UPSTAIRS which technically meets all of the criteria of being a nightclub - sorry late night venue that has drink, dancing and open late or as we call it somewhere to enjoy themselves. 

We will have to come up with a compliance plan to remind you at midnight what you need to do. I'm afraid that it looks like after the gig IF you want to go upstairs for a wee bit you can but only to midnight if you cannot show vaccine status then potentially leave. Please don't shoot the messenger we don't make the rules and the last thing we want as it’s been part of our set up for over a decade. 

FOR ENTRY from 10pm for NIGHTCLUB ENTRY APPLICABLE TO BOTH LEVELS via main or side entrance (dependant on live event). 

From 1st Oct we will start checking visually, and asking you to show we might even attempt to use the useless scanner app also reminding you all that Covid Passports are NOW REQUIRED BUT won't be refusing you entry just yet as we get used to this mayhem. 

From 18 October as it stands we will require covid status to be show for entry to the NIGHTCLUB from 10pm. If you don't have it arranged to be viewed or scanned or are exempt then you will be refused entry I'm afraid which is the very last thing we need or want. 

Now for what we would normally be doing and let you know about some cracking events coming up also our HALLOWEEN 2021 PARTY. 


2nd - GUNS or ROSES


9th - SIMPLE MINDED - Simple Minds Tribute

15th - LED ASTRAY - Led Zeppelin Tribute

16th - VOLTS - AC/DC Tribute


23th - ANCHOR LANE plus support

28th - AIRFORCE, MEDUSA TOUCH plus support

29th - THE PETTY HEARTBREAKERS - Tom Petty Tribute


As mentioned earlier all our live events do not require covid status to be show BUT due to the nature of our Halloween Party we will require it to be shown and checked from 7pm I'm afraid as it would just be unworkable otherwise as we know that majority of those attending the early part of the night are likely still to be partying past midnight. 

We have sold the FIRST allocation of tickets out in good time but knew this passport status could have an effect so IF ANYONE cannot provide their status by 30th October please get in touch as we will refund your tickets. 

As I said we don't want this but looks like we have no option. 

I would say to hang on to 18th October to see how the legal challenges etc all work out before emailing the 

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

COVID PASSPORTS.....part 2 - 22/9/21

At last some detail from the FM on Tuesday about all this....Well not quite.  

Only some more brief details that will we be left to deal with in a week but ALSO for everyone looking just to go out for a good night to get organised....with what. An App that's due out the day this goes live or send off for your papers. Sorry it's not going to work. 

We STILL await the WRITTEN details no doubt that will be published with just a week to go and expect nightclub businesses already hit hard just being opened for a matter of weeks to take this hammer blow on the chin, smile and accept it's for the best then make it all magically work in days when everyone in the industry knows its just not workable or likely to make much difference also just make it super complicated and confusing for you our customers who just want to come out for a good time as is your choice. 

Anyhoo, The Scottish Government consultations seemed to have went well with the industry bodies. As of Wednesday this week they have taken Scot Gov to court over all this so await to see what happens now. 

Meanwhile back in Gotham Bathgate we are sat here still answering tons of questions from people who simply want to book up a GIG ticket in advance especially for Halloween 2021. 

So just to let you know we don't require to ask for passports for any live event coming up as we fall under the 500 limit previously published. So won't be. 

Our shows wrap up approx 11pm and while you can stay on to chat to the bands or each other afterwards as before doesn't constitute a nightclub scenario now laid out by Scot Gov for our live level. 

We will await the outcome of the Legal challenge and see the written information from Scot Gov to see what happens next for the Nightclub side of things then come up with some form of plan IF this is still to go ahead or even if it can in it's current state that we are still very much opposed to. 

On the Halloween Party don't panic as there's a bit time in hand to see what develops from all this last minute carry on as that many are asking about. 

As we have been asked to use common sense in the matter we might just do that, as all that matters is you can come to a safe place just the same as it's always been if you choose to do so, rock out with us and come back and do it again in the weeks, months and years that might still come. Showing your papers to get in won't change that simple fact. 

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode. 

Thursday, 16 September 2021

News update....ish 16 Sept 2021

Hi all

First of all a continued thank you to all coming in to rock with us during these slightly strange times we still try to work through. Its certainly challenging, exhausting and strangely satisfying that we are still able to bring some top bands to our stage and rock on upstairs despite all that is being thrown at us. 

This weekend is completely sold out of spare tickets for The Quireboys and Black Celebration events. Some are appearing on RESELL via skiddle so always worth joining the waiting list in case someone has tickets they are looking to sell via skiddles resell function. 

Next week sadly the Thursday special we had lined up had to be cancelled as did all Scottish tour dates for Fullhouse. 

Its still leaves a three nighter to round off September tho and return of PYGMY TWYLTE the finest purveyors of Frank Zappa on Friday 24 Sept. 

MacTallica make an extremely overdue debut at the club due to postponements on Sat 25th Sept.

We round off the month and final night of the Final Chuck and George Big Weekend with a cracker. Sadly another one of our local musicians on same standing as Chuck and George lost his battle to cancer this week so the weekender has been retitled The Chuck, George and Mikey's Big Weekend to celebrate Mikey Wynne too. 

Tickets for all three events online via the website. 

We then rock into Rocktober. Always a massive month for us and have a full month of top live events for you all of which require a ticket to get in and hopefully you can commit in advance to let us know you are coming along. 

FYI At the time of wring this there has been NO more updates from Scot Gov to the sector on covid passports. Can I just say that its the last thing we need right now and not happy about it either. Putting that aside and if you watch the news or read the briefings it seems like we will have little choice to adopt it. As its been made out its the only alternative or the sector closes. Some choice. 

However discussions are said to be on going to try and make a pretty unworkable solution work so when we know what is going on then will cross that bridge when we get to it. Many have expressed their views directly, some are even going to the extreme to boycott venues that adopt it - As if we want this. I appreciate your views but kindly keep them that - yours. We have enough to be getting on with at this time and keep all the plates spinning while juggling chainsaws. 

We are still trying to ensure you adhere to all the current covid measures that are still in place to make the venue as safe as possible. 

Ventilation is on start to finish of nights - asking for masks to be worn as they should, track and trace and double figure amounts of hand sanitiser stations thro the club. We are even taking more of a hit by capping numbers even on sold out shows to provide a wee bit more room in the venue also in the nightclub, hopefully to boost confidence at a time that it's very much needed. 

Sharing things on Facebook, twitter or Instagram. Grabbing a ticket in advance to some top events to let us know you are coming as our mind reading abilities are pretty much exhausted just now. 

Thanks again and hope to see you soon. 

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Covid Passports - 9 Sept 2021

Many have been in touch regarding the headline news of last week that all nightclubs and live music indoors over 500 capacity will have to do apply this legally. 

Firstly its just been voted on with no real specifics on how it will apply other than some headline grabbers, who it will apply to unless anyone knows what an Analogous venue is, what even a night club actually is. I know you couldn't make it up but still voted thro with so many unanswered questions across a broad spectrum of businesses from National Football games, Large scale events and down to oor wee venue. 

Secondly the technology to do all this doesn't exist yet. We don't have a scanner or app to scan anyone's QR code, also no one can get a digital record other than a paper copy with a Qr code, which we can't scan anyway. That will take by Scot Govs own admission to end of the month leaving YOU days or less to download it ready for 1st October. I even read an article from the Danish company asked to develop the app similar to the Danish Governments own that they haven't been given the go ahead yet. 

So please take a breath and await the information when it comes out also how it will really work. As we've said in the past numerous times the DEVIL is in THE DETAIL. We don't know yet but when we do will as we have throughout the pandemic let you know what's going on and take it from there but no doubt some will be effected and some will be unhappy. None of which is our fault to apply this fairly. 

Our capacity is just over 400 over two levels. As it stands live events indoors under 500 DON'T need the PROPOSED covid passport. 

As we host approx 150-220 capacity events downstairs it wouldn't apply. 

However as we are also possibly and most likely classed as a nightclub AFTER the live shows we don't know yet what we might have to do, as both levels flow into each other during the course of the night as it has been for over a decade. Those at a gig can if they wish stay on to 3am and some do. Some come later to catch last bit of the live session with the intent to stay onto 3am. Many come purely for the Nightclub but can use the lower level after the gig is wrapped up as a late lounge. Many scenarios are being looked at but some are not viable and workable to simply split things up. It may mean we have to adopt passports for entry to the whole night BUT still to work through things carefully WHEN we know all the facts so please don't assume this is what is happening as there are alot of information needed first to make an informed decision.  

Either way it's an impossible situation placed upon us to remain open and fully operational. We will find a solution as we have thro this pandemic and keep rocking but have to admit it's getting pretty hard to keep all the plates spinning at the moment as we get hit from all sides with one thing or another. 

What we do know and appreciate it's already causing division, doubt and more uncertainty which is already having an effect with the amount of calls and messages also a drop in sales for some events that should be well on their way to selling out. It just never ends. 

Thanks for your continued support and understanding over the months. 

Hope to see you at a gig and club night as we continue to Rock in September with some amazing events right on your doorstep also Scotland's Longest running Rock Club. 

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Ticket update for Maiden Scotland, Quireboys and Black Celebrations gigs. 1st Sept 2021.

Ticket UPDATE for : 

Maiden Scotland (4 Sept), The Quireboys (Full Electric) with Twister (17 Sept) and Black Celebration - Depeche Mode Tribute (18 Sept) events are now all WAITING LIST as ticket allocations are now all sold to our safe gig limit to allow a fraction more space then we normally could go upto. 

Hopefully this helps anyone a wee bit unsure in current climate. It will be busy but not jammed in for the sake of a few extra quid. 

Three events all getting there in the period of a couple of weeks is superb. Many thanks to all who got a ticket in advance, rolled them on from previous dates. It is very much appreciated in the very turbulent times. 

Re:Sell is active for any ticket holder that can no longer make it as is the waiting list for anyone who has left it too late.

I hope those sitting on the fence or still thinking about coming for other cracking events in September, October and November get a click on and make sure you get your tickets sorted asap. The only way to guarantee your entry is to buy in advance !

All the gigs, all the info and all the new news as it happens at

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

UPDATE 31 August 2021

Well that's August done and dusted. 

What a very challenging, frustrating end it was with some sensational moments and some fantastic live events in between. I'll not dwell on it but some aspects of the last couple of weeks after a huge amount of work to get to this point after 18 months was a little underwhelming in return.  

We know the challenges won't just stop as we move ahead in September and to our planned return to 7pm- 3am opening, and neither will the need for some basic mitigations from everyone to continue too by the looks of things. 

We know what's going on elsewhere, we are not daft, blind or stupid and would be easy to say stuff it, but we will still be asking you to track and trace on entry also for masks to be used when coming in, moving about, going to the loo, GOING TO THE BAR and leaving at the end of the night. It's simply the right thing to do. 

When you are stood or sat drinking and watching any of the live shows or upstairs in the rock club you won't be required to wear a mask or when dancing which for many will be the vast majority of the night. 

Not too much of a hardship for a few minutes here and there during the night when moving about to pop a mask on so if it helps even a small amount reduce the risk of transmission then we will continually ask you to do it when at the Dread. Oh and there is the small point of it still being law across Scotland to do both. 

SO 3am closing time is back from 3rd September. Hope you can handle it. 

We also have some superb LIVE events coming your way that you are well advised to grab a ticket for in advance during September and kick off with SHE BURNS RED and FALLEN MAFIA

Then THE BEAST is BACK....sssssshhhh don't tell everyone but not many tickets left. 

Some top internationally renowned bands, local legends and everything in between ALSO heading your way to go along with a damn good rocking upstairs EVERY FRIDAY and SATURDAY NIGHT. 

One stand out event that many might scan past is FULLHOUSE play Frankie Miller. Frankie was a true Scottish legend and his music lives on thro some fantastic musicians who played with Frankie during the decades. Yes parts of the original FULLHOUSE will be with us for a show then onto the Barrowlands no less. With the likes of Ray Minhinnett, former UFO drummer Clive Edwards, former Bad Company guitarist DAVE Cowell joining in the fun and superb vocals from Gregor McGregor its not one to let go past as it may never happen again with this line up. 

Get a ticket

ALSO with one of our top gigs ALREADY SOLD OUT from THE QUIREBOYS many more are also heading that way too would say to Grab a ticket, support live music at Dreadnoughtrock and the bands you might never get a chance to see elsewhere.  

FULL details about each and every gig is on the WEBSITE

Monday, 23 August 2021

27 and 28 August 2021

The last weeeeeekend of AUGUST ! Already !

Well I can truly say it was epic to see upstairs rocking once again. A tentative start but epic none the less so look forward to the weeks ahead. 

Our decision to cap the closing time to 2am for the time being seems to have been the right thing to do with many feeling the pace of rocking that long catching up with them as the night wore on so ending on a bit of a high instead of drifting away is always the best way to do it. 

I've seen a few comments saying they will hang back til we go back to 3am ? Not sure why as all you need to do is come in an hour earlier - poss catch the live show then head on upstairs. For decades 2am was the norm anyway but will review this next week for going forward. Keep ye posted on that. 

So to this weekend. 

FRIDAY 27 AUGUST - PROPOSAL are back in with us for a fine evening of covers that range from Rock to more mainstream songs which are just superb. 

You can catch a wee bit of how they do it -

DOORS 7pm - £5 in advance online and £6 at door. On stage approx 8.30-11pm with a break then the Rock Jockery commences straight after upstairs to 2am. Entry to the live gig allows you to stay on to rock with us as ever that you just don't get anywhere else. Nightclub entry STILL just £5. 


FOUR bands come from all over the UK to shoot it out for a place at this years WINTERSTORM FESTIVAL and a whole host of music business support too headlined by rising stars THE BRINK. 


FIRST BAND ON at 7.30 - 8pm
SECOND BAND at 8.15-8.45pm
THIRD BAND at 9.00-9.30pm
FOURTH BAND 9.45-10.15pm
Judges will retire to discuss the performance 
THE BRINK 10.30-11pm
We will announce the winners straight after the BRINK finish their set. 

TICKETS are available for this one in advance at £10 - please note this may well be £13 on the door SO would be grabbing an advance ticket. 

NIGHTCLUB ONLY ENTRY from 10pm - £5 at paybooth as normal then entry via side door until live event wraps up. 

As ever all the links and event info for these and ALL forthcoming events at

Get a click on and continue to support live music right on your doorstep. 

As per last few weekends a REMINDER that track and trace is required to enter. Tickets Purchased via skiddle platform will have relevant info we need for track and trace but anyone entering as a pay and come in will be required to use NHS Scotland platform. 

MASKS are still mandatory so again would REMIND everyone that entering, leaving, moving about and more importantly going to THE BARS that masks MUST be worn. When you are seated or standing drinking watching a gig upstairs or dancing you don't require a mask. Bars are for service only so when served please move back to where you were standing or seated. 
We have the right to refuse service to anyone blatantly disregarding this simple request. 

Friday, 20 August 2021


The weekend is here and time to rock once more OVER TWO LEVELS for the first time in 523 days to link up the live session with Rock Club action upstairs. 

Still time to grab an advance gig ticket that ALSO includes your entry upstairs after the sessions wrap up - you can also pay on the door for the live sessions and nightclub entry. 

£6 in advance online - £7@door for Fridays gig then £5 for nightclub entry. 

£5 in advance online - £6@door for Saturdays gig then £5 for nightclub entry. 

Please note - it's CASH ONLY at the door. 

To break everyone in gently including all staff we are open to 2am. It's been a while so don't moan just come earlier ! After all we do open at 7pm and bar prices are comparable to any bar in town. 

Final wee reminder and it's important - TRACK and TRACE is still required. Those who have an advance gig ticket you have already entered the required info so won't need to use the NHS check in service. 

For everyone else that's just rocking up you will have to ensure YOU have enough DATA and BATTERY in your phone to use the NHS Check in service at the door. If you don't then you might not get in or will have to use a mates phone. If you can't work your phone because you've had a few too many then it's mibbey time to head home anyway.

Save yourself alot of time and grief -  DOWNLOAD the Check in App which makes it super simple when you come in. It's used Scotland wide !

Q&A - Everyone has to do it - not just one in the group, No we don't have a bit of paper to write your details down as it's not compliant with GDPR (Privacy Laws), No you just can't come in and do it later...............

FINALLY - Masks are required to come in, move around and go to the BARS. You don't have to wear a mask when drinking (at a table or standing) or dancing which for many will be the vast majority of the night. Be considerate and have a great night as It's been a long hard fight to get here.

Hope to see you back rocking this weekend. 

Wednesday, 11 August 2021




After what has been a very very long while we have managed to fire up the old engines and are ready to rock over both levels again from Friday 20th August. It's been a challenge to get here so hope to see you dance and drink the night away.

The live events return to full capacity this weekend (13th and 14) just in case you missed all that with a limited opening on LOWER LEVEL ONLY to 1am with tickets left ONLY for Friday night.
Saturday 14th is sold out completely I'm afraid.

Friday 20th Stormchaser and The Jason Sweeney Band followed by ROCK CLUB action to late o'clock £6 entry online.
Sat 21st The Cosmic Trip Advisors at ALSO followed by more ROCK CLUB Action to late o'clock. £5 entry online.
Friday 27th - A superb covers band - PROPOSAL £5 entry online.
Sat 28th - A FIVE BAND night with the UK final for STORMBREAKERS (£10 entry but again includes entry to the nightclub just like ANY of our gig tickets)

After all it's what you have all been missing for nearly 17 months.

TICKETS for gigs are first come basis online and just like the olden days allowed you to stay on after the gig upstairs or down just in case you forgot - probably the only place that does.

We'll take it easy on ye for first couple of weekends and just go to 2am seeing it's been a while.
SO come early - IN FACT get booked up to the gigs as they are just £6 and £5 and make a night of it being back rocking with us on the opening weekend.

Entry price to nightclub unchanged from the last decade ! Mind it's cash only to pay and come in.

HOPE to see you back at Scotland's Longest running Rock Club very soon.

We have our own handy guidance listed on the website for you and ask you to have a wee squinty at it but for now TRACK and TRACE still applies to all and MASKS have still to be worn when coming in, moving around the club, GOING TO THE BARS and leaving.
YOU DON'T HAVE TO WEAR A MASK TO DANCE or DRINK where you are standing in the live event, at a seated area or where you are standing.

PLEASE remember our bars are STILL ONLY for service only so once served PLEASE move back to where you were standing or sitting (then take your mask off). Please don't block the bars up for others. We know its been a while but really need your help in this.