Monday, 23 August 2021

27 and 28 August 2021

The last weeeeeekend of AUGUST ! Already !

Well I can truly say it was epic to see upstairs rocking once again. A tentative start but epic none the less so look forward to the weeks ahead. 

Our decision to cap the closing time to 2am for the time being seems to have been the right thing to do with many feeling the pace of rocking that long catching up with them as the night wore on so ending on a bit of a high instead of drifting away is always the best way to do it. 

I've seen a few comments saying they will hang back til we go back to 3am ? Not sure why as all you need to do is come in an hour earlier - poss catch the live show then head on upstairs. For decades 2am was the norm anyway but will review this next week for going forward. Keep ye posted on that. 

So to this weekend. 

FRIDAY 27 AUGUST - PROPOSAL are back in with us for a fine evening of covers that range from Rock to more mainstream songs which are just superb. 

You can catch a wee bit of how they do it -

DOORS 7pm - £5 in advance online and £6 at door. On stage approx 8.30-11pm with a break then the Rock Jockery commences straight after upstairs to 2am. Entry to the live gig allows you to stay on to rock with us as ever that you just don't get anywhere else. Nightclub entry STILL just £5. 


FOUR bands come from all over the UK to shoot it out for a place at this years WINTERSTORM FESTIVAL and a whole host of music business support too headlined by rising stars THE BRINK. 


FIRST BAND ON at 7.30 - 8pm
SECOND BAND at 8.15-8.45pm
THIRD BAND at 9.00-9.30pm
FOURTH BAND 9.45-10.15pm
Judges will retire to discuss the performance 
THE BRINK 10.30-11pm
We will announce the winners straight after the BRINK finish their set. 

TICKETS are available for this one in advance at £10 - please note this may well be £13 on the door SO would be grabbing an advance ticket. 

NIGHTCLUB ONLY ENTRY from 10pm - £5 at paybooth as normal then entry via side door until live event wraps up. 

As ever all the links and event info for these and ALL forthcoming events at

Get a click on and continue to support live music right on your doorstep. 

As per last few weekends a REMINDER that track and trace is required to enter. Tickets Purchased via skiddle platform will have relevant info we need for track and trace but anyone entering as a pay and come in will be required to use NHS Scotland platform. 

MASKS are still mandatory so again would REMIND everyone that entering, leaving, moving about and more importantly going to THE BARS that masks MUST be worn. When you are seated or standing drinking watching a gig upstairs or dancing you don't require a mask. Bars are for service only so when served please move back to where you were standing or seated. 
We have the right to refuse service to anyone blatantly disregarding this simple request.