Wednesday, 29 September 2021

OCTOBER or ROCKTOBER as we like to call it....oh and a Covid Passport update.

Another month cometh at the Dreadnought and some mighty nights of live music and nightclub action lie ahead. 

That's all we should be focusing on, promoting events, reminding those yet to do so to grab a ticket as ever BUT the start of this month it looks like all attention surrounds Covid Status or Passports, the ongoing current mandatory factors we already have to deal with as well as overcoming the ongoing uncertainty. It's getting a tad exhausting if I'm honest. I should mibbey take up brain surgery, rocket science or quantum realm theory as its got to be way easier than running a venue just now. 

SO this news update will run over some CURRENT factors we are asking to be adhered to and then the impending Covid Passport

SO a quick RECAP :

On entry to the club for live events your track and trace is build into the ticket purchase. The relevant details, guests names etc are all there so there is no need to use the NHS track and Trace system as well. For entry to the club for anything else you have to use the NHS Track and Trace system which everyone is happy to do as it's widely used across the nation and in town by many other venues. 

MASKS - Still a mandatory requirement unless you have a genuine medical reason not to wear one for ENTRY, MOVING ABOUT and DEFINATELY GOING TO THE BAR which should apply to all bars, venues, restaurants across Scotland. 

However we seem to get more and more  "A've no been asked anywhere else the night to wear one" "A've no got one" "A've lost it". 

Now can I be blunt and say this isn't new, it's been a requirement for nearly a year in ALL hospitality settings. So please don't be offended when we are and will be very blunt when you come out with any of that at the door when you try to enter. Only those with genuine exemptions will be allowed in without a mask so please take this on board as it's getting a bit thin. Thankfully this is perfectly fine for the vast majority but just trying to nip this in the bud so to speak. 

We have always tried as hard as possible to take as much risk of transmission away we can with all the measures that we have put in place. Masks are just one thing and why we ask not only for YOUR BENEFIT but ALL OUR STAFF without whom we will not be able to operate or open.

When asked at the bar please don't come up with the same excuses you did at the door again as the bar staff know in order to get in you had a mask on. Just pop it on please. 

So if you feel you can't go along with this please don't come. Simple as that. 

LATERAL FLOW TESTS - They are not a requirement for entry to the club or live events. We would ask you on a personal level to test before you come but no need to show or bring them with you. 


Contrary to some information and press reports it STILL comes into effect from 1st October BUT WE won't legally ENFORCED to uphold checks and refuse entry to anyone that doesn't have their covid status arranged yet until 18 October to the NIGHTCLUB but still need to ask for it from Friday 1st at 10pm. Only those who are in the exemption categories won’t have to show proof of vaccinations. (At time of publishing this still to have more precise details other than those who have a medical reason, staff, performers and those on vaccine trials. For a full list please refer to Scot Gov)

Thankfully We have been given a GRACE period to start checks, ask to see your QR codes on your phone or in paper form and remind you that it is actually now in force WITHOUT REFUSING ENTRY AT THIS TIME. This is also a period for you to get organised for the weeks ahead. Basically so we can all sort our shit out and come up with a compliance plan. 

The main message for now is get your covid status app or downloads sorted asap as it looks very much like Scot Gov are forging ahead with this and we will have no choice legally to check and refuse entry after 18 October.


We know it is still a very hot topic and causing massive uncertainty with days or hours to go before the introduction which we are very opposed to for the very same reasons the Night Time Industry Association are lodging legal proceedings this week. Sadly the legal challenge failed so have no choice to introduce it to PART of our night within the club as I said above.

One way or another it will just hurt a very fragile industry and business also cause more division despite cases falling just as quick as they went up.

It certainly doesn’t help the new app to have your status on your phone was or may still be causing problems and also requires identification verification thro a driving license or passport. After several attempts this on Thursday night and early Friday I have managed to set it up. So be patient if you can but far from ideal so thank fekk for the grace period. 

Over 3.8 million Scots have had two doses of the vaccine and a very high percentage of the population 18 plus (nearly 85%), HOWEVER we got some interesting info that approx only 600,000 had downloaded a copy of their original vaccine status so far or had it posted out OR in my case both. Lets err on the side of safety and say it's a million. So without the use of a calculator that's a fekking massive amount of folk needing to wait on the postman for Friday 1st October or possibly waiting on the untested covid status app on Thursday working. Granted not all of the 2 or 3 million will be all going to the fitba, theatres, large events and even to our humble wee club but I'm not quite seeing it working. Can you ? Also no mention yet exactly who can be exempt from this and how it will be managed for them. It's simply unfair and not proportional. 

So to what we actually know from the information published on Thur 23rd Sept and more details on Tues 28th that we constantly have to go hunting for by the way. We don't get told it's published we have to go check for these things fyi. 

Based on the publications as of 28/9/21 :

FOR LIVE EVENT NO COVID STATUS will be requested for ANY of our live shows on the lower level. However there is always a kick in the nuts that I'll get to in a second that comes in the form of a time limit. Yup another bonkers time limit forced upon the industry. 

Our live shows are under 500 capacity (the whole venue capacity is under that btw) also that the conclude before MIDNIGHT which according to the published guidance will be fine: 

For venues that meet these criteria, the person responsible for operating the premises will be under a legal obligation to take all reasonable measures to ensure that, after midnight, only customers who are fully vaccinated or exempt are on the premises.

SO with most leaving after the gig we would only have to reasonably take measures to ensure that after the live show only customers that are fully vaccinated or exempt are on premises at the stroke of midnight UPSTAIRS which technically meets all of the criteria of being a nightclub - sorry late night venue that has drink, dancing and open late or as we call it somewhere to enjoy themselves. 

We will have to come up with a compliance plan to remind you at midnight what you need to do. I'm afraid that it looks like after the gig IF you want to go upstairs for a wee bit you can but only to midnight if you cannot show vaccine status then potentially leave. Please don't shoot the messenger we don't make the rules and the last thing we want as it’s been part of our set up for over a decade. 

FOR ENTRY from 10pm for NIGHTCLUB ENTRY APPLICABLE TO BOTH LEVELS via main or side entrance (dependant on live event). 

From 1st Oct we will start checking visually, and asking you to show we might even attempt to use the useless scanner app also reminding you all that Covid Passports are NOW REQUIRED BUT won't be refusing you entry just yet as we get used to this mayhem. 

From 18 October as it stands we will require covid status to be show for entry to the NIGHTCLUB from 10pm. If you don't have it arranged to be viewed or scanned or are exempt then you will be refused entry I'm afraid which is the very last thing we need or want. 

Now for what we would normally be doing and let you know about some cracking events coming up also our HALLOWEEN 2021 PARTY. 


2nd - GUNS or ROSES


9th - SIMPLE MINDED - Simple Minds Tribute

15th - LED ASTRAY - Led Zeppelin Tribute

16th - VOLTS - AC/DC Tribute


23th - ANCHOR LANE plus support

28th - AIRFORCE, MEDUSA TOUCH plus support

29th - THE PETTY HEARTBREAKERS - Tom Petty Tribute


As mentioned earlier all our live events do not require covid status to be show BUT due to the nature of our Halloween Party we will require it to be shown and checked from 7pm I'm afraid as it would just be unworkable otherwise as we know that majority of those attending the early part of the night are likely still to be partying past midnight. 

We have sold the FIRST allocation of tickets out in good time but knew this passport status could have an effect so IF ANYONE cannot provide their status by 30th October please get in touch as we will refund your tickets. 

As I said we don't want this but looks like we have no option. 

I would say to hang on to 18th October to see how the legal challenges etc all work out before emailing the 

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

COVID PASSPORTS.....part 2 - 22/9/21

At last some detail from the FM on Tuesday about all this....Well not quite.  

Only some more brief details that will we be left to deal with in a week but ALSO for everyone looking just to go out for a good night to get organised....with what. An App that's due out the day this goes live or send off for your papers. Sorry it's not going to work. 

We STILL await the WRITTEN details no doubt that will be published with just a week to go and expect nightclub businesses already hit hard just being opened for a matter of weeks to take this hammer blow on the chin, smile and accept it's for the best then make it all magically work in days when everyone in the industry knows its just not workable or likely to make much difference also just make it super complicated and confusing for you our customers who just want to come out for a good time as is your choice. 

Anyhoo, The Scottish Government consultations seemed to have went well with the industry bodies. As of Wednesday this week they have taken Scot Gov to court over all this so await to see what happens now. 

Meanwhile back in Gotham Bathgate we are sat here still answering tons of questions from people who simply want to book up a GIG ticket in advance especially for Halloween 2021. 

So just to let you know we don't require to ask for passports for any live event coming up as we fall under the 500 limit previously published. So won't be. 

Our shows wrap up approx 11pm and while you can stay on to chat to the bands or each other afterwards as before doesn't constitute a nightclub scenario now laid out by Scot Gov for our live level. 

We will await the outcome of the Legal challenge and see the written information from Scot Gov to see what happens next for the Nightclub side of things then come up with some form of plan IF this is still to go ahead or even if it can in it's current state that we are still very much opposed to. 

On the Halloween Party don't panic as there's a bit time in hand to see what develops from all this last minute carry on as that many are asking about. 

As we have been asked to use common sense in the matter we might just do that, as all that matters is you can come to a safe place just the same as it's always been if you choose to do so, rock out with us and come back and do it again in the weeks, months and years that might still come. Showing your papers to get in won't change that simple fact. 

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode. 

Thursday, 16 September 2021

News update....ish 16 Sept 2021

Hi all

First of all a continued thank you to all coming in to rock with us during these slightly strange times we still try to work through. Its certainly challenging, exhausting and strangely satisfying that we are still able to bring some top bands to our stage and rock on upstairs despite all that is being thrown at us. 

This weekend is completely sold out of spare tickets for The Quireboys and Black Celebration events. Some are appearing on RESELL via skiddle so always worth joining the waiting list in case someone has tickets they are looking to sell via skiddles resell function. 

Next week sadly the Thursday special we had lined up had to be cancelled as did all Scottish tour dates for Fullhouse. 

Its still leaves a three nighter to round off September tho and return of PYGMY TWYLTE the finest purveyors of Frank Zappa on Friday 24 Sept. 

MacTallica make an extremely overdue debut at the club due to postponements on Sat 25th Sept.

We round off the month and final night of the Final Chuck and George Big Weekend with a cracker. Sadly another one of our local musicians on same standing as Chuck and George lost his battle to cancer this week so the weekender has been retitled The Chuck, George and Mikey's Big Weekend to celebrate Mikey Wynne too. 

Tickets for all three events online via the website. 

We then rock into Rocktober. Always a massive month for us and have a full month of top live events for you all of which require a ticket to get in and hopefully you can commit in advance to let us know you are coming along. 

FYI At the time of wring this there has been NO more updates from Scot Gov to the sector on covid passports. Can I just say that its the last thing we need right now and not happy about it either. Putting that aside and if you watch the news or read the briefings it seems like we will have little choice to adopt it. As its been made out its the only alternative or the sector closes. Some choice. 

However discussions are said to be on going to try and make a pretty unworkable solution work so when we know what is going on then will cross that bridge when we get to it. Many have expressed their views directly, some are even going to the extreme to boycott venues that adopt it - As if we want this. I appreciate your views but kindly keep them that - yours. We have enough to be getting on with at this time and keep all the plates spinning while juggling chainsaws. 

We are still trying to ensure you adhere to all the current covid measures that are still in place to make the venue as safe as possible. 

Ventilation is on start to finish of nights - asking for masks to be worn as they should, track and trace and double figure amounts of hand sanitiser stations thro the club. We are even taking more of a hit by capping numbers even on sold out shows to provide a wee bit more room in the venue also in the nightclub, hopefully to boost confidence at a time that it's very much needed. 

Sharing things on Facebook, twitter or Instagram. Grabbing a ticket in advance to some top events to let us know you are coming as our mind reading abilities are pretty much exhausted just now. 

Thanks again and hope to see you soon. 

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Covid Passports - 9 Sept 2021

Many have been in touch regarding the headline news of last week that all nightclubs and live music indoors over 500 capacity will have to do apply this legally. 

Firstly its just been voted on with no real specifics on how it will apply other than some headline grabbers, who it will apply to unless anyone knows what an Analogous venue is, what even a night club actually is. I know you couldn't make it up but still voted thro with so many unanswered questions across a broad spectrum of businesses from National Football games, Large scale events and down to oor wee venue. 

Secondly the technology to do all this doesn't exist yet. We don't have a scanner or app to scan anyone's QR code, also no one can get a digital record other than a paper copy with a Qr code, which we can't scan anyway. That will take by Scot Govs own admission to end of the month leaving YOU days or less to download it ready for 1st October. I even read an article from the Danish company asked to develop the app similar to the Danish Governments own that they haven't been given the go ahead yet. 

So please take a breath and await the information when it comes out also how it will really work. As we've said in the past numerous times the DEVIL is in THE DETAIL. We don't know yet but when we do will as we have throughout the pandemic let you know what's going on and take it from there but no doubt some will be effected and some will be unhappy. None of which is our fault to apply this fairly. 

Our capacity is just over 400 over two levels. As it stands live events indoors under 500 DON'T need the PROPOSED covid passport. 

As we host approx 150-220 capacity events downstairs it wouldn't apply. 

However as we are also possibly and most likely classed as a nightclub AFTER the live shows we don't know yet what we might have to do, as both levels flow into each other during the course of the night as it has been for over a decade. Those at a gig can if they wish stay on to 3am and some do. Some come later to catch last bit of the live session with the intent to stay onto 3am. Many come purely for the Nightclub but can use the lower level after the gig is wrapped up as a late lounge. Many scenarios are being looked at but some are not viable and workable to simply split things up. It may mean we have to adopt passports for entry to the whole night BUT still to work through things carefully WHEN we know all the facts so please don't assume this is what is happening as there are alot of information needed first to make an informed decision.  

Either way it's an impossible situation placed upon us to remain open and fully operational. We will find a solution as we have thro this pandemic and keep rocking but have to admit it's getting pretty hard to keep all the plates spinning at the moment as we get hit from all sides with one thing or another. 

What we do know and appreciate it's already causing division, doubt and more uncertainty which is already having an effect with the amount of calls and messages also a drop in sales for some events that should be well on their way to selling out. It just never ends. 

Thanks for your continued support and understanding over the months. 

Hope to see you at a gig and club night as we continue to Rock in September with some amazing events right on your doorstep also Scotland's Longest running Rock Club. 

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Ticket update for Maiden Scotland, Quireboys and Black Celebrations gigs. 1st Sept 2021.

Ticket UPDATE for : 

Maiden Scotland (4 Sept), The Quireboys (Full Electric) with Twister (17 Sept) and Black Celebration - Depeche Mode Tribute (18 Sept) events are now all WAITING LIST as ticket allocations are now all sold to our safe gig limit to allow a fraction more space then we normally could go upto. 

Hopefully this helps anyone a wee bit unsure in current climate. It will be busy but not jammed in for the sake of a few extra quid. 

Three events all getting there in the period of a couple of weeks is superb. Many thanks to all who got a ticket in advance, rolled them on from previous dates. It is very much appreciated in the very turbulent times. 

Re:Sell is active for any ticket holder that can no longer make it as is the waiting list for anyone who has left it too late.

I hope those sitting on the fence or still thinking about coming for other cracking events in September, October and November get a click on and make sure you get your tickets sorted asap. The only way to guarantee your entry is to buy in advance !

All the gigs, all the info and all the new news as it happens at