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Thursday, 16 August 2018

TICKET UPDATES for Ticket Events coming up at Dreadnoughtrock. 23 October 2018

PLEASE NOTE from now on the full allocation of tickets will be ALL out to sell in advance for ALL Forthcoming TICKET ONLY gigs. 

No tickets are being planned to be kept back to sell on the night any longer.
ONLY if any tickets REMAIN unsold come show day will they be made available on the night. 

Those advertised gigs and preset before this change will still have the option to buy on the night so please read the event info carefully. It's all mentioned. 

So please don't gamble - Get your tickets sorted if you are going. 
Four Local Outlets and a cracking online service means there's no real excuse not to. 

You can also pay for PRINTED TICKETS at the DREADNOUGHT PAYBOOTH via our Card Machine now too saving any booking fee and we don't charge a payment surcharge. 

From 12 Sept 2018 I will no longer be issuing exact ticket remaining updates for events online or in printed form thro social media or web news/blog.
I've always thought it to be helpful and informative to guide you along saying there was only two here or 5 there to spur you on to go and get what's left instead of turning up to find there are none left or not enough at a particular outlet especially in printed form especially after you making the effort.
I felt most of the updates and info was being ignored anyway from the feedback and stats I can access.
However the main reason I'm stopping the detailed updates is without really knowing it which I'm kicking myself for, is when I DON'T issue a ticket update or warning for one of many other events for one reason or another people are then guessing or assuming it's not selling fast enough to warrant going to get a ticket then opting to pay on the door despite continually being reminding to go get a ticket or worse still saying I'll no bother - it might not be busy !
How they get to this is beyond any rational thought unless they have the ability to see into the future.  I know this is happening. I've seen and heard it first hand.

The knock on effect of this might have made been making advance sales sluggish or poor which is worrying for all involved. Bands and Club.
Then the major knock on effect of that potentially that many don't even bother to think about, is if sales are so poor it may result in the event being cancelled all together which is happening more and more at other festivals and events in the UK.
Fortunately we've not had to and had blind faith of a good walk up but there's been a few recently that based on advance sales should have been pulled. Would that have sent a warning to those who now don't bother buying in advance to change your ways for the future, I doubt it but would hope it might.
So all I'm going to say is go get a ticket if you are going - it's that simple.
If there are tickets remaining in run up to the event they will be out there or online to purchase.
If any remain on show night they will simply be made available on the night - again there will be no mention of exact numbers as there's been many examples of folk assuming the 10, 20 or 30 will last till they get there many hours after doors open.
It's first come on the night so coming early is advisable......
There will be a simple mention of that on the main skiddle event info on show day, or if it is stated to be a pay on the door night as some are right from announcing the event.

I would really love to go back to when we first started this and make all ticket only events NO ticket - NO entry on the night, and believe me it may well be coming back in a bid to stop this worrying trend and apathy of not bothering to book a ticket even given the chance to get one on the same day of the event online hours before the doors open at the cheaper value as well.

So some general statements will appear online or on the facebook events from today.
Skiddle may add some info such as tickets selling fast or running low.

Friday 26 October - SIMPLE MINDED and DEACON BLUES - Tickets £10

Sat 27 October - HALLOWEEN 2018 Tickets £5 and £7
Some allocations have already sold out so be quick.

2nd - Luke La Volpe - Band have the remainder of our printed stock so KILT SUDIO, PAYBOOTH and BARBERS allocation are gone !
Try the band, West Lothian Guitar Services or ONLINE -

3rd - JERICHO HILL - Johnny Cash tribute
Sales progressing at all outlets and online.

9th - PYGMY TWLYTE - Frank Zappa Tribute -
10th ROCK for TEAM JAK - Live Music from WHITE DOVES
A superb charity night not to be missed

16th - LONEHEAD - Originals and Covers night
17th - STRAIGHTEN OUT - Stranglers Tribute

23rd - Future World Moves
24th - The Signs

1st Dec - Dr FEELGUID

Bottom line folks if you are planning on going please get a ticket in advance just the same as any live event you plan on going to. Yeah we might not be the Hydro but the principles are the same and you get a ticket for there in advance.