Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Crowdfunder launched 29/9/2020

We embark on something that I truly never thought we would have to do and set up a crowdfunder to help stabilise Scotland's longest running rock clubs and West Lothian's premier Live music venue. 

We have asked so much of all those who have came along in the past 4 decades to be at gigs, the nightclub and be there for us just the same as we have for you. This feels different in so many ways as we didn't have a beer, vodka, gig or a damn good rocking to offer in return so asking for direct help is alien to how we have always worked but I'm afraid we have to ask. 

Although we were told of emergency funding for Grassroots Live music venues in July with the promise of added support in September for nightclubs we set out our funding applications for the Live music side of things in late August to only cover the live side of the business. 
The unfortunately delay in this process meant we would have to wait to 22 Sept for a decision. Thankfully we received news some funding from that was allocated along with many other venues around Scotland from a very over subscribed fund which would be with us by end of September. 
When the guidance was laid out for nightclub support on 17 September we found out that if we were successful in gaining vital stabilisation funding for the Live side of things we would not be able to enter into the funding applications for nightclub support. 
We either had to withdraw from the Live music fund that was fought for by The Music Venue Trust then effectively gamble all that on an application to a fund that would approximately be taking £100 million in applications with only £15million allocated to those successful. 
You can imagine after being told we can get something now that would help plug the gaps of the last six months, we took it even though it would potentially leave a gap in funding plans in the future regardless if a very limited live music service could be brought back online as there is little to no chance of nightclubs being back open under the current situation this year so would have to stretch every penny out even more. 

With so many pleading to start a crowdfunder back in April or as they didn't or couldn't come to support us in pub mode along with now this funding shortfall lead us to set it up. At the time of writing this just a few hours in we have exceeded 6% of the whole target which is truly humbling. This very large ask will help us ride out whatever is coming weeks and months down the road and be there for you once more. 

Thank you all. https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/dreadnoughtrock