Wednesday, 28 October 2020



A Big Thank You

Hi. Douglas Croft Here (old crew will know me as Dougal)


You don’t hear much from me these days as I tend to take a back seat when Alan is controlling the ship, HMS Dreadnought.

I just had to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters over the last 8 testing months.

The response to our crowdfunding appeal has been overwhelming and the comments left were heart-warming and encouraging to say the least. They made me realise just how much the Dreadnought Rock club has meant to so many of you over the years and how it has affected people’s lives, myself included.

Thank you all so much, although as I have said I am now in the back seat with the well-known Headmaster Alan Russell running the show. This being said, I still have a great deal of input and love being part of our club and to continue my involvement after all these years.

I have been there for over 48 years (I know hard to believe when I look so young) and was responsible for renaming the club Dreadnought Rock after we took over from Studio 4 Discotheques back in 1972.

A lot has happened since. 

Over the last 10 years or so The Dreadnought has become a nationally famous live music venue solely down to the hard work of all our staff but mainly due to the input and dedication of one man,  Alan Russell without whom The Dreadnought Rock Club as we know it would have floundered and closed years ago.

Alan and myself plus all the long serving and dedicated DJs, Dougie & Bar Staff ,Door Security ,Sound Engineers ,Bands /Artists, and of course the Cleaners have done so much to keep this such a fantastic music venue.

Hopefully with all the help and support we have had and are still receiving we will get through this pandemic and come out the other side even better than before.

I Know I speak for all of us when I say I can’t wait for the day we get back to presenting some live music and a wee bit of dancing.

(Even if it is to Billys set)

We are heading towards our 50th Anniversary and I am sure we will be back on course to give you a mega party night plus lots and lots of great events on the run up to 2022.

Almost forgot.

My thanks also goes out to:-

The Music Venue Trust.

The Crowdfunding Scheme.

The Scottish & UK Governments.

All or patient Suppliers and especially our property landlord Keith. All of which have helped us greatly.

Somehow the cost of being closed is almost as much as being open.

Hopefully, this will support us sufficiently to survive for a while till the restrictions on music venues and nightclubs are set at a level that allows us to open and operate as close to normal as is possible. This may take some time.  But we will be Back!

Looking forward to having your company for a drink and a chat soon in one of Scotlands longest running and best rock clubs.

Dreadnought Rock.

All the best and stay safe.

Douglas Croft.

PS .Keep buying the Merch   They make great Christmas prezzies.                   



Thursday, 15 October 2020


 Just a quick flying visit on the news this week. 

The website has had a make over and the addition of an online shop to handle the mad idea of doing T-SHIRTS and HOODIES. 

Who's bright idea was that ? My fingers are the sairest they have ever been diving around in the interweb all week. 

Anyhoo get over to for a wee looky. 

PS the LIVE CALENDAR will update in due course when I have finger tips back.