Thursday, 12 November 2020

Mid November updates and news

Well folks it's mid November at the club and although still not able to operate or open there is still plenty happening behind the scenes....there always kinda is. 


To all those who generously donated and opted for a #saveourvenues T-Shirts I'll get an update from MVT on their progress soon as they take care of that side of things and ship direct to those who opted for one. It did state on the crowdfunder to allow upto 35 days for delivery as the MVT team are always flat out behind the scenes protecting the Grass Roots Venues some of which are still in danger. 

Thankfully with your ongoing support and assistance thro the Scottish and UK Government we have stabilised things. 


Wow. I knew it would prove popular but again the level of support and orders you guys have been pumping in via our own website based shopping cart has been just superb. Great to see so many are commenting about the quality thus far and posting up plenty snaps of themselves with their gear on. Many thanks guys. As ever it is very much appreciated as it is now our only source of income. 

We are just about upto date with ALL outstanding orders come this weekend as the demand was unexpected. Thanks for your patience. EMAILS will be sent when ready to pick up at the club each Saturday or your tracking reference via our courier. 

We are looking at some options for kids now but as many might not appreciate the logos and designs all have to be re-worked size wise to fit the wee people. This is been done and just finalising the colour options but looking at black, red and a nice pink. Now before any the big girls say anything we are looking at an option for the ladies too and some new options to keep things upto date also look at discontinue some designs that haven't proven too popular thus far. 

Just a wee final reminder that everything is done to order with very little or no stock held to keep costs down to a bare minimum so please still allow upto 14 days from date of order for production and delivery. 

With Christmas fast approaching we will have to put in a cut off date for anyone looking to get a pressie for someone so no one is running about mental or stressed. 

A PROVISIONAL DATE of 1st December is looking like it will be the cut off which will give us time to get the items done and out to you before Christmas. 


Sadly it now looks like with the TIERED approach and all that is included in those levels we need to be on tier ONE to be able to re-open the live side of things with most likely some kind of restrictions on time and capacity. At the time of writing this and the stubborn levels in West Lothian as Scot Gov put it does have my gut (and yes it's bigger than ever thanks to lockdown) saying that I can't see us being down that low in December to allow any of the pre-planned events to go ahead I'm afraid. 

We are still working on a revised date for MAIDEN SCOTLAND from start of October also SIMPLE MINDED and BEYOND JOVI from November. Many want to get a revised date hence why the refunds aren't issued yet or the events cancelled off but is a tricky one for the bands as they all have a massive balancing act with other dates, venues and other projects. IF anyone has lost patience and wishes a refund I fully understand and is not a problem. Email me and will sort that out without any hassle or issue. Thanks again for the support and patience. 

SYTERIA and P!NK December events have both been postponed to 2021 now, FIRE EXIT is CANCELLED completely due to other factors as well and THE HOT LOVE event is currently under review too.

So what's next ?  Well I'm optimistic we will get down to a level in the near future - when exactly that will be is unknown and when we get there we will have to sit down and plan what can and cannot be done in respect of who can play safely on the stage and how many can attend. We are looking at things weekly just like Scot Gov and trying to guess when to prepare. Just to manage expectations if we were to get told today that we can re-open tomorrow it will still take a good 10-14 days to get everything back up and running, staff organised, promote and sell tickets and let you know what the procedures and plans will be. Not a flick of the switch by any manner or means. 

One thing I do know is we will need everyone to be as positive as they can and support the musicians and venues out there. At the time of writing this it's now been EIGHT MONTHS without a gig at the club. I appreciate many will still be tentative about going out when we can resume live events but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully the train doesn't slow down or stop on the way there this time.  

In the meantime we are looking to some artists to come in and record a short set in a covid secure environment. It's a wee bit different to live streams but its how we are deciding to do it as not everyone will be online at 1.30pm in the afternoon for example when we are shooting it plus we want the best product possible for you to see. 

We have one done and dusted which will go live this Saturday night (14 Nov) at 8pm with a superb musician JASON SWEENEY. It's the first one and behind the scenes glad we took the recording approach as everything that could go wrong or not work as expected - did. 

Our camera system power supplied failed two minutes before starting, My Pc threw the toys out the pram after falling out with the mixing desk and wouldn't talk to each other resulting a PLAN B with DSLR's and Jason nipping home to get some of his recording gear. It was still a laugh and great to just do somethings so hope you enjoy the finished article. 

More News and Updates as they come. In the meantime Stay Safe and Stay Positive. We will be back Rocking before you know it.