Wednesday, 24 February 2021

February 2021 Update.

Hi everyone. We hope you are all well and doing ok through this period of lockdown and pish weather. 
Be great to hear from you in the comments and what you have been upto. 

After yesterdays "update" we still are able to sit tight and wait to see where we go when we get thro to end of March and into April with hopefully more specific detail relating to the live side of things and the club activities. 
Until then no real change juggling things as we have been, thro what is getting close to a year now. 

Updates, rescheduled dates and NEW gigs will appear on the website first via our gig listings so always handy to look there first on a regular basis also grab a ticket in advance to book your spot, guarantee entry, show your continued support to the venue and bands desperate to be back playing again. 

Many thanks again to all who have kept supporting us thro the past year. It still is awesome to see. 
We will be back when we all can and will be great to see ye. 
In the meantime stay safe, keep washing those mits and sticking to the guidance.