Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Getting there but please be patient.

All the best to all the small businesses, bars and restaurants re-opening (Mon 26/4/21) albeit in a limited capacity with restrictions.

Hopefully its the slow start we all look forward to in the coming weeks and months to get rocking again.
Sadly we won't be operating an outside area for drinks in the coming weeks and still reviewing the 17 May provisional date for indoor opening with the guidance to open purely as a bar again with 10.30pm closing time and whole host of other restrictions will all be back in place for that re-opening phase with a few additional things such as table service.

We also still await updated guidance on being able to operate small scale gigs which we would prefer to do, the all important social distancing requirements along with what restrictions and operating times required to see how viable but most importantly how enjoyable it will be for us all.

We know you are all keen to get back in to support us but if you can be patient for a bit longer until all the info we need is made available and we can work out what can be done for re-opening safely and equally important bring back the good times for some live music to begin with.
Things like how to group and seat people also set that up via tickets to ensure a smooth and hassle free entry but still as you will appreciate have as many folk in for the gig as possible safely.
That along with scheduling bands can take a little longer than a flick of the switch and just open.
We still think it will be well into June before that can be done.

We all still have to patiently wait for a change to the level zero allowances when we get there as nightclubs are still listed not to re-open at the end of June. Fingers crossed that's not miles down the road.
We'll get there and with all the past support we can wait a fraction longer if required.
More updates will follow and when we know - you will too.

Stay Safe in the meantime folks.
We will be back.
The Rock Crew