Thursday, 29 July 2021

The New Normal ?

As a precursor to the long awaited Scot Gov update on Tuesday 3rd August and the proposed move away from level zero that should allow more relaxations many have been asking when are we re-opening so thought I would jot a few things down for you, as until we hear that announcement we actually don't know when the nightclub will re-open, when we can drop distancing and many other things that will also effect the live side of things. 

Yes its frustrating and always last minute but that's why I'm going grey quick. Too Quick.  

Despite an upto date website, regular news updates on this page and of course sharing it via social media it would seem many haven't been interacting the same in the past, missing things or just out of practice as it's been a while.

Mibbey they've missed the fact we are actually open and doing socially distanced gigs to get all staff, customers and bands back to a wee bit of normality as we step towards the day the restrictions will end and then becomes all our responsibility including you on the next steps of opening and going out. 

All I can say is please check in regularly with the WEBSITE then Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc

Here is the only place the news is logged FIRST before it hits the other places. 

There will be alot of updates to come in the next week(s) and what we expect a staggered approach to the new normal of opening.  

Please don't just think BOOM we are back in the room - open and as it was when we closed. 

It will take time to get back there either by still being restricted by Scot Gov in one way or another or by us ramping things back up over a period of weeks as all staff and you guys will have to re-adjust to a later night opening than has been allowed lately. 

Please be patient as no one has been in the nightclub for a good part of year and half - two years, mibbey even longer. We don't know yet who will be confident to step back out and in for a damn good rocking or what measures may still have to be looked at to boost confidence about being out again. We know it's not going to be easy or instant. You might take minutes to decide to go back out but equally could take months or not at all. I'm afraid that will be your responsibility and decision. 

One thing that will remain in place from us is good hand hygiene thro the winter. 

Wash yer mits and sanitising won't be hard to do - will it ?  

In the meantime please have a wee check in more regularly - once a week should catch you up on the news page via the website and go there first.  

TO BE week. 

OH before you go some actual NEWS !

We have for many years teamed up with an APP platform to have our own app which isn't free BTW.

A very well used app and dead handy for many to look up and book up, check the news that eventually took you here etc etc etc.  Anyhoo for the last year tech support and various things haven't been happening or updated which has been out of our hands. 

Things like the app not now showing on the Google Play store, some important links to be able to find the app, NO app pings or notifications and as I said zero tech support in last year to resolve has brought us to a painful decision to break ties with that app platform and no longer pay for it.  

You might not even notice any issues until you change your phone and can't download it again - we actually don't know what will happen when we stop paying to use the platform as that doesn't work either and no one can advise us of it. Great fun this Tech gizmotronical stuff and yup more grey hairs. 

Monday, 26 July 2021

The Last weekend of July.

 Well what a weekend 23rd and 24th July was.

Our first at level zero with an extra hour of opening and 10 more seats. Nothing to get too excited about as the socially distanced and restricted events continued at Dreadnoughtrock but Christ the atmosphere generated by those who came along Friday for Dirty Betty and those lucky enough to have a seat for The Stormbreakers Scottish heats was just phenomenal.
All the more impressive were all the bands rocking up for their first gig after 18 months in some cases was a joy to behold.
A massive round of applause first though to the unsung heroes still working flat out to keep you safe, stocked up with beverages and the live music flowing. I'm talking about all our rock crew.
Only 4 weeks in and having to work round many totally different ways of doing things also the complete reverse of what we have done for the last 40 years is just superb. Hopefully just another two weeks of this way of doing things before we really get back to what we do best. Fingers crossed the 3rd Aug updates allow that to happen.
So to the weekend past :
Despite a last minute change to the night Dirty Betty rocked up with two lead vocalists that went down a storm with those who nabbed a table.
Then onto The Stormbreakers and crew who through a lot of last minute changes, different restrictions brought together a new format for this year to have 4 UK heats ahead of the Final back at Dreadnoughtrock at the end of August for those bands who make it thro.
In the case of Saturday Bad Actress topped the score sheets ahead of Bastyon Stormchaser and Victorius
Top performances all round wrapping up a first outing for the all new Jason Sweeney band as the guest headliners.
I heard a rumour they are back soon ?
Finally thanks to all those who came and rocked with us. We hope to see you again in the future.
The weekend to come and last weekend of July already.
Nightfly and Black Rose are primed and ready to bring more top notch live music your way.
However if you are reading this and think that would be good to come to I'm afraid you have left it too late as all seating/tables have all been snapped up. Sorry.
As ever, no matter if it's our socially distanced events or those still to come way into 2022 would say get onto the website more regularly, get clicking thro those events and book a ticket if you are coming along as that is the only place to see what is coming up and the events listed that will contain all the latest info.
Please read the info carefully and update yourself just before the events. I would also highly recommend downloading the SKIDDLE ticket App for your phone and set up an account using the same email you have bought tickets on as it will not only let you also see what's on at the Dread but hold your online tickets for you to scan in on the night and act as track and trace.
Tickets are only available to download and print 24hrs ahead of gigs just now to stop touting, duplication and assist with any last minute changes that could still happen due to covid, and more now with anyone needing to isolate.

Monday, 19 July 2021

The Rocking continues at LEVEL ZERO.

Well that's the first 3 weeks of reopening done and dusted at level 1 restrictions where we have asked so much of you also to adhere to many things we would never need to and book a table of tickets to comply to 2m distancing imposed on us. It wasn't easy but we all got there. 

Can I thank all who did this and supported ourselves and the band during this period. Many making multiple appearances over the weeks. 

It's still quite hard to put into words all the thanks on the way out the door and wee notes left behind. It certainly makes all the effort worthwhile.

A massive thank you to The Intruders, The Signs, Proposal, Gordon's Alive, Heavy Traffic and Too Late to Atone who all performed their first venue gig in over 16 months. All had those wee butterflies as if it was the first ever gig. 

We now move into Level Zero from 23 July where all the restrictions we had before will continue but with a slight relaxation to midnight closing and 1m distancing now allowed in the venue. 

The drop in distancing won't instantly allow double the amount of people we can or want in. 

We intend to continue the baby steps we set out from the outset to provide a safe and enjoyable space to see live music once more.

It's hopefully just the start of a new dawn of live music support and nightclub when it's allowed to re-open. 

We are now off life support, standing on our own two feet and all learning to walk again. 

We are still very much in survival mode though as we take these small steps so still need as much support as possible. 

Even when or if the restrictions fully or partially roll off hopefully in the near future we won't be out the woods yet until attendances come back and possibly more than they were pre-covid. 

Events need supported from now on and I'm afraid we can no longer subsidise any lacking behind hoping it'll be alright on the night. 

So hopefully the bad habits and apathy won't return that plagues small venues across the land. As I said numerous times before we're not mind readers and events may well have to be decided on if presales look poor. 

If you are going please get a ticket in advance more so in the next 3-4 months as it would be hard to take after all that we have came thro to cancel an event due to very low or no sales. 

A wee reminder we don't hold any ticket money - skiddle does and only gets paid after events take place so if it has to be refunded then it's instant if any postponements or cancellations still happen on the rocky road to normality. 

Many have been asking - what do these changes mean. 

Well as I said everything asked of you continues for another 3 weeks anyway. 

The 1m distancing now allows us to offer a wee bit more flexibility on selling tickets and have a whopping two more tables in the space along with some extra single seats for those who have struggled to come along themselves. Those new positions will come online as soon as I can add them which takes time. 

The revised seating options (shown) hopefully will assist to understand how we can now allow a block of seats to be booked at the same table as opposed to a full table. 

We would still urge you to book the full table and organise your gang that you are comfortable being with at your table as before but also need to make you aware that a block of seats across the table may be people you don't know. 

Either way we will be setting up the seating like this so those smaller blocks are 1m across the table and ask everyone to continue to be considerate of this and maintain your distance to others as we ain't out of this yet. 

PLEASE READ THE EVENT INFORMATION you are interested in and TABLE/TICKET OPTIONS CAREFULLY before booking or just ask as many have. 

We look forward to more live music in the next few weekends with some nights already proving very popular with very little tables remaining. Please keep an good eye on the event as I'm constantly having to juggle things round those who are booking. The Skiddle set up is helping but please bear with me as the system was never designed to deal with this and the permutations of who wants to come along so you might see a new block of tickets pop up unannounced. 

Thanks again and look forward to seeing you return to the only place that rocks every weekend.