Wednesday, 24 November 2021

NEWS ? 24 Nov 2021


No change to the ongoing covid plan from Scot Gov this week which for a minute thought was going to bring the roof down on things again. 

So could have been much worse so why not make the most of it while it lasts with some epic live nights ahead and the chance to rock upstairs afterwards ? After all the ongoing mitigations seem to be working for us as we kind insist you wear a mask and ask for good hand hygiene etc etc that's been going for a long while so nothing new. 

Semi good news too that Lateral Flow Tests can also be accepted from 6th Dec as an alternative to covid vaccine proof to enter the nightclub or go upstairs after a live show especially for those who wanted to come along to the likes of our HOGMANAY PARTY. We would rather the vaccine checks were scrapped altogether with nearly 90% of over 18's being fully vaccinated but nae point keep banging on about percentages, risk factors, statistics and of course no available data that covid passports are producing a difference as stated by both Scottish and Welsh governments thus far. 

A wee reminder they (covid passports) are not required for entry to our live shows as we are both under 500 specified capacity and wrap up live shows before midnight. Covid vaccine status checks or Lateral Flow only apply to enter upstairs. 

Hope to see you at the club and take in one of many excellent shows in the weeks and months ahead. 

Try to get a ticket in advance as it shows you are actually coming, as using my crystal ball is getting a wee bit frustrating again. 

Stay safe and keep Rocking. 

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

November 16 Blurb.

Well done to all who came along to what was first outings at the club for both bands at the weekend at the club with both proving a massive hit with those who committed to an advance ticket and then showed up on the night. So bravo to KILLER INSTINCT and READY STEADY 60's for some top live entertainment. Much appreciated as ever also to those who rocked along and danced the night away upstairs too.

We have more of the same great mix of live music and rock club action heading your way week after week still to come that looks like are going to be more epic nights in the run to the festive period. Everything is listed on the website 24/7 where you can get all the info and buy a ticket.

To this weekend and we kick off THURSDAY night this weekend with some INTERNATIONAL GRADE musicians.

KYLE HUGHES - The Young Newcastle Drummer has already made an impact in the world of music performing on the same stage as Jools Holland, Simple Minds, Scouting for Girls, Texas, Adam Ant, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N Roses) and The Jacksons. Kyle still continues to tour all around the world with various bands and artists, Bumblefoot (Sons of Apollo, Guns N Roses) & Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy) to name a few.


MARCO MENDOZA - who hasn't he played for is probably easier to list but currently with Journey.

Amazing support from BAD ACTRESS as well.
What more could you want on a Thursday night !!!???

This might be a one off chance to catch Marco and the lads for a while also it's the LAST night of their current tour for a wee bit so make the most of it and grab a ticket in advance online. Some tickets have been allocated to buy on the door as well from a few who have been asking ---->>>
Please Note this is a downstairs event only. Doors 7pm Bad Actress on stage 8pm

Battalion of Flies, Royal Bloom and Shallow all hit the stage for a Grunge and Rock night. Tickets still available online in advance but have an allocation set up for paying on the night as well for this one ----->>>>
Doors 7pm. First Band on 8pm

Welcomes back PORK PIE and an amazing night of all the classics from the Ska era. All the big hitters in the set that sold out in record time again. HOWEVER some ticket holders are offering some spare tickets via the event RE:SELL facility so if you left it too late and would still like to come get over to the event and snap them spare ticket up and join us ---->>>
Doors 7pm - Approx Stage times 8.30pm to give plenty time to get in - get a good dancing spot and a couple of drinks ahead of some serious dancing.

NO Covid Passports/Vaccine Status checks required for these live events downstairs.
Only required for nightclub entry upstairs when open.

Full details on all that via website also ongoing requirements such as masks and track and trace.

In other news this week we have announced the cancellation of The Gathering III on 5th Feb 2022 due to very very poor sales. In the last 12 months despite offering early bird deals and the roll over of sales from the postponed Feb 2021 event it had only sold 14 tickets online. A massive amount of folk had taken the time to go onto the event page nearly 10 times the amount of the 2020 event. So why not a better uptake for a great all day line up - who knows but we can't gamble in the next two months triple figures of tickets will move.

Thursday, 4 November 2021

November 2021

Well what can you say about Rocktober 2021. 

Frustrating to amazing all in a weekend. Packed to the rafters and not so packed to the rafters. It's difficult to explain to be honest as we rounded off the month by another amazing Halloween Party. 

Thanks again to all who made it happen. 

You can get a wee glimpse of that here on our photo section. 

One constant thro' the uncertainty is we are still moving heaven and earth to bring you top live music and rock club action EVERY weekend that you just won't get anywhere else in the Lothian's as we rock on and be there for nights like Halloween. Just wish that level of commitment could be made on many other nights if I'm honest as it's just as safe on all our other nights too.

We also stood on the edge of the cliff a couple of times in October with a couple of events in the month that should have been postponed due to poor sales but we held firm for those who committed to a ticket and to the bands travelling from far and wide. Soooo glad we did as they didn't disappoint on stage. We thank those for showing up and supporting some excellent artists also to all the bands who supported the situation at some cost to them also. No explanation to it I'm afraid but as I keep saying it's the very last resort for us to cancel and unless going to really hurt financially will carry on best we can which we are glad went ahead. We hope you can understand that taking the plunge early to get tickets and not leave it to the very last minute to see if it will go ahead which is a wee bit backwards in thinking if I'm blunt, helps massively. If everyone held off then nothing would go ahead now would it ?? or Is it busy ? - ach I'll no bother then. How will it ever get busy if everyone did that too ? Or later in the night it does get busy and you've missed out big time. 

A wee bit of faith and confidence goes along way just now. 

Frustrating - you bet, especially when the those who do come pick their jaws aff the floor on what they are seeing for the money. They are the ones asking us where is everyone or look what they are missing at the quieter nights, then at the other extreme complimenting us on the ones that run perfectly to a capacity audiences. We hear it constantly. Also if this venue was in .....Edinburgh, Glasgow, London or generally where the people who have travelled for hours to make an event saying they would be here every week or be jammed packed if this closer to them or was in...........fill in the blank place.  

The simple fact is it isn't anywhere else and right here on many doorsteps as it has been for decades and sometimes taken for granted that we will always be open for next Halloween or next big gig. We very much plan to be as it'll be 50 years of the club in 2022 !

We get it is still very much a see what happens for you just now but please don't buy into the we are heading for another lockdown or the doom never to go out again - do what you can and be in when you can as your support is appreciated regardless and still very much needed going forward. Even if it's just a simple share on social media or a like as it can make all the difference if not coming out. That's way better than not doing anything or skipping past our reminders and posts.

SO a new re-cap before I run over November.

Covid Passports/ Vaccine status proof are only required to be on the upper Nightclub level. 

So if coming to a general live event downstairs you WON'T REQUIRE to show vaccine proof to be at the show or stay on DOWNSTAIRS after the live event ends at approx 11pm to catch up with pals, the band etc etc etc. ONLY IF you want to be upstairs in the nightclub will you have to show your proof of vaccine on entry from 10pm or going upstairs after the show. Hope that helps a pretty confusing situation as it will vary from venue to venue and gig to gig as everywhere is different. Something not assisted by Scot Gov to be honest and lack of information or clarity over the last month as many still don't have a clue it's now law and been in place since 1st October. 

The bottom line is 88% of the over 18's are double jagged but you have to prove it say Scot Gov to get into the nightclub. We don't agree at all with it but there ye go. We can be prosecuted if we don't ask to see the proof or refuse entry to those without it even though statistically we know that nearly 9 out of 10 people will be fully vaccinated at the door. It's bonkers so please take that up with your local MSP on why you need to prove it but in the meantime please make the effort to get your proof posted out, on your phone or via the app. For now we need to see it as do all nightclubs and many other places in Scotland. 

Track and Trace is built into your live event tickets so only required to check in manually if coming along to the nightclub. 

MASKS have still to be worn to enter, move about and being served at the bar. We have refused service to a good few over the past wee while that have entered with a mask to then say they didn't need one. You do and the staff aren't zipped up the back so pop on your mask, get served and enjoy your night. I know this might come as a shock but our patience is a little thin now so a wee bit assistance with something so simple yet effective to reduce the risk of transmission would be appreciated. I've not been asked for it elsewhere or don't have one will only get a death stare. 


Can I jump in here and take you to Thursday 18th Oct and say that opportunities to have the likes of MARCO MENDOZA come to play are few and far between so when the call comes no matter what night of the week it falls on you have to sometimes take the plunge and risk that like many other gigs similar we get a packed venue to welcome artists like this. Marco has played with many awesome bands over the years also tours regularly all over the world himself and with some talented musicians. So are you in or out ? 

We kick off the month with local lads BLACK DOG DAYS who are no strangers to the club that always pack the place out so if you've not already got a ticket time is running out or gamble and rock up on the night as many have done in the past. 

McFleetwood join us for the first time with good mate John Clelland on the drums. We tried over the years to grab a date with these guys so at long last after a few covid postponements the night is finally here at the start of November. Tickets are all but sold out so join the waiting list for a last hope of getting in on 6th. 

Killer Instinct have a local connection to Bathgate and as we are always looking to widen the appeal of the venue chuffed the lads are finally playing bringing a superb tribute to THE KILLERS to town for you. Tickets are well advanced so don't leave it too late. 

Ready Steady 60's brings exactly what it says on the tin to town with a roll back in time to bring some classics to the stage. The lads involved in this fairly new band are top notch as is their experience. With a wide range of songs - all of which are listed in the event via the website then this is one for you. 

Marco Mendoza the current bass jedi for JOURNEY joins us on his world tour with Gun's Tommy Gentry and Kyle Hughes from Bumblefoot. I could go on but it's put up or shut up time. Want to see some world class talent a few feet away from you then get a ticket. If not please sit on the fence. The young rockers Bad Actress are back with us who won Stormbreakers also making a big buzz in the industry just now and a brilliant opening act for Marco. 

Battalion of Flies are some well kent faces and back in the groove. Despite many covid postponements its awesome to have former King Lot drummer Chris and Craig the Angus from Volts back with us supported by two superb bands. For the ticket price it's another what are ye waiting for ! get in and see three superb bands for the cost of a fish supper. 

Pork Pie are back and a complete departure from rock. Bring all the SKA classics to the stage again that sold out in record time pre-covid and many holding onto those tickets for dear life proves a something a wee bit different works wonders. Canny wait to be honest to what is always a brilliant fun night. Oh did I mention its STILL SOLD OUT !!

To the last weekend of the month and TWO more epic nights ahead. 

FOREIGNERS JOURNEY are back playing tribute to two of the most iconic bands of all time that always pack the place out. So again don't hold back or you won't get in. 

THE GIMMES are back - what have I done. New material is rumoured so what the night holds apart from the usual mayhem is always an adventure. Support from Emergency Exit and Mucky Scoundrel. Again for the ticket cost don't let me hold ye back - get in and grab a ticket. 

ALL the INFO, TICKETS, UPDATES all on the website events so get over and get clicking away. 

Covid info and customers guidance ? Yup that's on the website too. 

Opening times and costs ? Yup that's on the website too. 

In fact pretty much everything I could think of that you would need is on the website and simply a click away. So don't let me hold you back any longer - get over there.