Thursday, 16 June 2022

Still Rocking on in June.....just.

Hard to explain that a year ago we were starting to gear up to be able to put on live shows again. 

Oh how they were missed and regardless of the conditions, table service and heavily restricted operations they were all welcome back and many thanked us for staying in business and having the courage to put shows like that on that no one else felt were viable. 

Fast forward a year and it's been a rollercoaster ride for sure. Many have new weekend habits and many who so wanted live music back in their lives have still been supportive of what's right on their doorstep every weekend. However it could always be better. 

June is always an unpredictable month with Galadays, Download and many many other festivals many of which haven't been able to go ahead in last two years due to covid. 

Some understandably want to go to them and be involved in them but spare a thought for all the small venues who have fought tooth and nail to remain in business that have always been there providing some great entertainment week in and week out too for you. Without them bringing on the next generation of rock band for download potentially years down the line after all the monsters of rock have hung up their mics it might be a different live picture and hey I'm sure Ed will fill instead of Eddie. 

So if you can make it to one of their wide and varied events coming up it would be very much appreciated also to make sure you pay them a visit early, drink their selection of tasty beverages rather than be elsewhere before the events start that they try their darndest to arrange and ensure go ahead despite many financial challenges these days. It can make all the difference to them being around for years to come. 

In other NEWS the ladies that haven't been in since start of April a wee reminder through all the pandemic we still charged on with venue improvements to enhance the live level and built new loos away from the stage for you along with new accessible loos. 

It's already making all the difference during the live shows - no more walk of shame when the bands are on for you now to the loos or trudging upstairs on one of our busier nights. 

A wee walk thro video might help you see where they are and that we are still very much rocking

Still to come on the live level :  Simply head over to the website

EVERY GIG is listed including many new events EVERY WEEK so always worth looking in and grab a ticket safe and securely when there. 

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